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UPND Youths say they will not allow Police to Arrest HH between now and Elections time in 2021


The United Party for National Development (UPND) Deputy National Youth Chairperson, Gilbert Liswaniso, says the Party will not handover President Hakainde Hichilema to the police between now and general elections.

Mr Liswaniso said UPND members and supporters across the country are aware of all the plans to ensure that HH’s name does not appear on the Ballot Box because he is the people’s choice.

“Police Spokesperson, Esther Mwata-Katongo and Mr Kakoma Kanganja must stop issuing threats against UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema,” said Mr. Liswaniso.

Mr Liswaniso has charged that Ms Katongo’s statement that the Police had the powers to arrest President Hichilema as and when they deemed fit was provocative and insensitive, adding that UPND youths across the country would never allow him (Hichilema) to be summoned to police on any politically motivated charges.

UPND members across the country have vowed to defend their President against any politically motivated and trumped-up charges by the police to arrest and harm him so that his name does not appear on the ballot paper.

“She should be reminded that UPND has records of Police Officers arresting its members on trumped-up charges later released on nolle and acquitted. Worse was the trumped-up treason charge in which her police officer Mpanza Mbita, arrested President HH on a treason charge without investigating the matter”, he said.

UPND across the nation including its members in the diaspora will not in any way tolerate any fake charges just to get HH out of the presidential race to help Edgar Lungu win the presidency.

“He is the people’s choice and his name will appear on the ballot paper,” he said.


  1. Make sure he does not commit any crimes if you don’t want to see him arrested. Advise the naughty boy hh to behave himself. The police only deal with trouble makers. Hh is an election loser so why would anyone want to persecute him.

  2. Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.

  3. I am sensing a very disturbing feeling that there is a drive to drive the country to some boiling point in order that some nonsense is justified. Unfortunately when law and order breaks down even those egging this to happen will not be spared. Please, political leaders, look at the bigger picture and where possible just step aside.

  4. UPND Youths, there’s no one above the law. I am pretty sure even if (though most unlikely) HH had to win ‘erection’ you wouldn’t like lawlessness. Anyone who commits a crime must be dealt with by first the law enforcement agencies and finally by the judiciary. Do not threaten the people of Zambia by your lawlessness. He will be arrested if found with a case to answer.
    Just be reminded bane. Do not dare the peaceful people of Zambia. Are scared of privatisation enquiry? Didn’t you listen to your horse’s mouth when he said, “baleshipula” that is when he store. It is not anyone who said it on your small god’s behalf. It is your small god himself.

  5. The police strategy is to harass opposition leadership and members frivolously then booking them with ambiguously worded charges! Why they do this is because they have to find justification for an action they implement but does not originate from the law that they safeguard! The PF is so scared of losing power and is all out to hinder/block strong popular opposition from participating in the fort coming elections. PF is killing democracy and its time its leadership learns to accept that Zambians and not political parties determine who they choose to occupy state house and those who enter the gates to the halls of parliament building on Manda Hill.

  6. There is the small problem of a rotten economy for PF ……….

    I am 120% certain lungu has been told that arresting HH will ensure riots breakout amogest the hungry unemployed…..even his military style riot suppression vehecehls won’t stop the riots.

    That is why the other day the police backtracked on summoning HH …..

  7. HH is a very nice guy, that’s why every one including to Kampyongo manages to play with his balls. Being nice doesn’t mean being weak like Edgar. HH is a good person, even the deserving Home Affairs minister Davis Mwila respects HH, he never insults him.

    The stage is set for the arrest and trial of Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa at the International Criminal Court at the Hague for genocide and crimes against humanity, it emerged.
    Last-ditch attempts by SADC and the African Union to save Mnangagwa failed dramatically this week after he spurned attempts by Malawian president Lazarus Chakwera to forge negotiations with the president’s accusers, especially members of murdered former leader Robert Mugabe’s exiled family and cabinet.
    Talks with Mnangagwa broke down and Chakwera left Harare in a huff on Thursday, a day earlier than scheduled. Chakwera, who was recently elected to lead SADC from 2021, had been tasked by regional leaders to talk sense…

  9. Tell Under 5 that losing five times should not drive him into causing anarchy. We know ibaba but these are just elections in which people decide, ngatabalekufwaya ni tabalekufwaya.

  10. Learn to fight your own battles young man and let shonongo fight his own. Life is too short to defend others while exposing yourself to harms way.

  11. We will not allow the police to arrest HH between now and 2021?
    And if he happens to hit someone accidentally with his car?
    Disappointed with the caliber of youth leaders in political parties. I see no difference btwn Liswaniso and Amos Chanda.
    If the UPND were to form government, we don’t expect their youths to act civilised and educated.

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