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Put aside political, tribal affiliations and build Zambia – Vice President


Vice President Inonge Wina says Zambia’s nation building is a continuous process that has to be worked for and not handed on a silver platter.

Mrs Wina said Zambians have to put aside their political and tribal affiliations by embracing patriotism and hard work to build a better Zambia as envisaged by the country’s founding fathers and mothers.

The Vice President said this when she graced the occasion of the hoisting of the national flag ceremony on the eve of the country’s 56th independence anniversary at the Lusaka showgrounds.

Leading several Lusaka residents at the ceremony, Mrs Wina said the theme “Zambia at 56, One Land, One Nation, building our future proud and free” was inspiring in that Zambians have remained united and shared destiny despite their different tribal affiliations.

She stated that the founding fathers and freedom fighters laid a strong foundation upon which all Zambians must contribute to promoting unity, peace and development.

The Vice President has since challenged Zambians to respect and honour the national flag as it is a symbol of the Zambian territory and a common heritage which has been hoisted 56 times in the country’s 56 year history.

“Let the Zambian flag remain a common heritage for all of us. Each one of us must, therefore, contribute to mother Zambia by cherishing the freedom struggle” she said.

The Vice President said the national flag should inspire all Zambians to protect the country’s environment in the face of climate change and diligently use the natural resources such as copper and gold to develop the country for the benefit of all.

Mrs Wina noted that while the act of hoisting the Zambian flag at independence remains an indelible mark of freedom, to the country’s freedom fighters, it was a victory that marked a turning point in their history of struggle for self-determination, sovereignty and dignity.

“This ceremony is, therefore, a reminder to the nation that freedom had to be fought for in all the corners of Zambia, thereby becoming a strong force that crushed oppressive rule”, said Mrs Wina.

“This ceremony also serves as a reminder that many people lost their lives for mother Zambia, we will do well to still make them our heroes and heroines in life and death because they sacrificed their lives for current and future generations” she added.

Mrs Wina said the government has embarked on an economic recovery plan in order to build prosperity for the benefit of all Zambians.

The Vice President, who was accompanied by Minister of Home Affairs Steven Kampyongo, First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Mugala, senior ranking officials of the security wings, and senior party and government officials, and scores of Lusaka residents, were treated to some spectacular dancing and singing, military drills, and fireworks in the cross over to independence day.


  1. @rowdy You don’t have to write the entire word out. Mumbwa mumbwa Haha. It is simply LOL. You are the type of people who say the words out loud (LOL) instead of laughing

  2. If actions could speak louder than words that could be better.

    These hypocrites in PF today they hold a Bible in the hand tomorrow fists, pangas and guns in the air.

    PF must go!

  3. Those calling for PF to go don’t read political direction in the country, there is no wind of change in Zambia not until 2034

  4. Yes Lungu needs this message. He has been one of the poorest leaders we have ever had. He seems to zip his mouth whenever there’s an opportunity for him to unite Zambians. A president needs to show up wherever there’s tribal conflict and show his cards. When he sees tribal fights he keeps quiet. A political leader needs to talk talk and talk. That is part of his work work work.

  5. Everytime the Vice President (VP) speaks or says something aimed at the citizenry I wear a snigger for to me it unfolds a person occupying an office which bestows so much power on her to wield! However as much as name recognition is a factor it also seems she never took advantage of skills in leadership from her husband, brother in law and Princess Nakatindi who was married to her brother in law! She must have been very contented being a housewife! The VP would have been the most powerful woman in PF and corridors of national administration with nothing to lose riding on Lungu’s weaknesses! Currently her voice is only useful to promoting and protecting PF propaganda with its fiasco in national management! Its always the choreographed speeches during national events transcending party…

  6. contd…. politics only to pivot at the very next opportunity availed to be heard following the national assignment! Who still believes what this government says when the sweat and blood of the freedom fighters is still being made wet by the blood of their grand children as violence is the order of the day instigated by leaders! Cause to celebrate can only be justified if more than 50 % of the Zambian population can admit to their livelihood having been transformed according to aspirations they had a decade ago!

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