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Zambians warned against hate speech


Government has warned against tribal hate speech.

North Western Province Permanent Secretary, Willies Mangimela sounded the warning in Kalumbila district during yesterday’s 56th Independence Day celebrations in a speech read on his behalf by his deputy, Emmanuel Chihili.

The celebration was held at Manyama primary school grounds under the theme: 24th October, 2020, Zambia at 56: One Land, One Nation- Building Our Future Proud and Free.

“May I take this opportunity to warn especially the young people of this nation who are the future leaders of this country to be very careful of tribal hate speech going on, on some social media platforms,” Mr Mangimela said.

He explained that if this trend does not stop, the nation will be divided and destroyed.

Mr Mangimela also urged the gathering to recall the vision and determination of the nation’s freedom fighters.

“Recall the vision and the determination of our freedom fighters, not only to attain independence but also to build a strong nation of Zambia. Our founding fathers managed to unite all the 73 tribes of this great country out of love and respect for this nation,” he said.

Mr Mangimela pointed out that this year’s theme gives a sense of belonging and encourages everyone to build the future of Zambia with a sense of pride and freedom.

He however, said he is aware that political freedom is not being fully enjoyed.

“We are also aware that political freedom cannot be fully enjoyed in the midst of high levels of poverty, unemployment and great inequalities. This is the reason government is emphasising on the diversification of the economy and full implementation of strategies in the seventh national development plan and the vision 2030,” Mr Mangimela said.

He also encouraged the gathering to always remember to pray for the nation and leaders at various levels of leadership as well as put the nation first before tribes and political affiliations.

And speaking at the same function, Barrick Lumwana Mining Company (LMC) General Manager, Paul Gillot said this year’s theme calls for partnership in fostering sustainable development.

Mr Gillot said this in a speech read by LMC sustainability Manager, Christopher Mukala.

“This year’s theme calls for partnership in fostering sustainable development on our land as one people not only for ourselves but also for the future generations,” he said.

Mr Gillot also assured the gathering that LMC will remain a key partner in government’s agenda of building a future proud and free.


  1. Why do these politicians think there is tribal hate amongst citizens? It is the same politicians of today that promote tribal conflict.

    Citizens are more interested in how they are going to feed their families. Or how we ended up with a massive debt, or how we ended up with corrupt thieves in power.

  2. KZ, just admit, the lot of you to apologize to Zambians for having brutalised an innocent family whose cause is your loathing of Chishimba Kambwili.

  3. I just saw a clip of a PF MP who has been spewing hate speech. Threatening arrest of those going to the opposition; revealing that they have and are listening to phone conversations and so on and so forth. There was a combination of threats and hate speech all bound into one. The focus was that come what may the incumbent must proceed next year. Enough said.

  4. Please start by preaching to PF top ancient leadership! Children and youths of today are not inclined to tribe. They use English from the time they were still in Diapers! It’s those who grew up in matebela who are still championing tribal hate speech! It’s Kaunda’s children who are perpetuating tribal hate speech. We hope Eagle One and company have heard!

  5. Its hypocrisy to warn against tribal hate speech while Lungu’s GRZ is dominated by easterners.Let’s call for social justice there also .

  6. Any parent who does not first address contentious issues with their own children before talking about those of other families only misleads his own children giving them the impression that its the other people that create unfavorable environments we live in. Zambian leaders especially those in “sitting” governments are always shy to first address their followers on understanding democratic governance and issues of individual rights as supported by the supreme law of the land before turning to “advising” the rest of the citizenry in the nation. Every leader in office seems to awaken in saying the right things but who is listening when experience is depicting other!

  7. The Registrar of Societies must look into the activities of Nsakwa ya ba Kaonde, that isn’t the way to promote Kaonde heritage. There’s also a cadre here that always insults people in the diaspora, I advise him to stop

  8. This is all hypocrisy, the government is on the forefront of hate speech,the Chinsali PF official called Southerners as cockroaches without any alarm from the government because this is the wird used by Rwandan Hutus , it’s so sad Zambia is sliding in the same direction with silence by key players

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