Clergy appeals to Zambian to buy local products

Cooking oil stand

A Catholic clergy at Solwezi diocese in North-Western Province, Father Daniel Maungani has asked Zambians to support local manufacturers by buying locally produced products.

Delivering his homily during Sunday mass at St. Daniel cathedral parish today, Fr. Maungani said though Zambians are free to consume foreign products, they should first consider loving their own local product first.

He said the whole thing begin with self-love and self-esteem.

Fr. Maungani said it is sad that people always consider locally produced products as inferior and of low quality.

He said it is high time that Zambians start loving, and buying their own locally produced products thereby, creating market for the local manufacturer.

“Create markets for our own local products…not that we create markets for foreign products alone…we can consume foreign products but let us love our own products first”, Fr. Maungani said.

He said if Zambians shun their own products then others will not be interested in them.

Fr. Maungani said when other nationals see how much Zambians love their own products, they will soon starting loving them and consequently buying.


  1. What clergy, most of them are just wolves in sheep skin, as we go towards elections you will see the number of bribes that are given to churches every sunday by politicians. Only the truth faith like the Jehovas witnesses will not receive these bribes which will be dropped like manna. Ati Christian nation, my foot.

  2. Do you mean to say the clergy are not seeing the deterioration of civil liberties in the country, or it is a question of having a good visibility of which side of the bread is buttered. Don’t they watch ZNBC, don’t they see that it is only one party being featured there, why do abnormal things appear normal to them and they are quiet.

  3. UPND leader HH has properties and connections in South Africa, block that as well. HH is a citizen of this country so he must invest here…

  4. There are lucky people like me who suffered less in a pandemic. But there poor people who had affected badly and their business needs funding.

  5. Local is lekker. Some say why do I have a shop in Dubai. What they don’t understand is that the leather products in that shop are all from Zambia. I have bags selling for thousands of dollars. This is creating jobs back home and bringing forex.

  6. I will buy local but I will look at quality first. So if foreign and local goods are brought to me, I will first look at quality, second price, in that order. But now with the complete failure by the PF I wonder if local goods will still be on the market

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