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Meet The New Miss Africa Great Britain- Chinyanta Kabaso From Zambia


Chinyanta Kabaso, a Zambian model and content creator has been crowned Miss Africa Great Britain 2020. The Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Edinburgh, beat 22 other finalist’s to clinch the crown.

The virtual competition which spanned over 7 months was judged over 4 rounds of competition was live streamed on the 17th of October.

The 1st Runner Up was Nelly Ndungu from Kenya while Nmesomachi Eberendu from Nigeria was 2nd Runner Up.

Chinyanta is no stranger to fame as she is well known on the social networking circuit for her viral content using the handle @thechinyanta.

She currently works with Climate Change Scotland to educate black and ethnic minority youth about climate change.
She will now become the ambassador for Miss Africa Great Britain’s Queens For A Reason Charity Program. In September, as part of her fundraising mandate, Chinyanta raised over £1,400 for the Haringey Giving COVID-19 Appeal in London.

Chinyanta in her own words said ” I hope to become Miss Africa Great Britain so I can use this platform to empower youth in Africa and the diaspora. The future of Africa is in our youth.

My long term goal is to create a programme that teaches youth technology and digital skills so they have more opportunities for employment.”


  1. Now these are the zambians representing us well and making us proud. Imwe fi upnd diasporans why can’t you learn from this young Intelligent woman. A lot of the angry upnd diasporans have been promised jobs if their fellow tribesmen wins. Nomba the guy continues to lose election so I can understand their anger. Kiki

  2. Well done Chinyanta. Good performance, very visible, unlike here were people were given the mandate to perforom as a government but clearly have failed to perform but still insit they have worked. Bravo Chinyanta

  3. Congratulations Chinyanta! What a jewel from Bembaland, representing Zambia. Just as bright as her smile too. Natural kinky hair, smooth and precious skin. Ati “The beautiful ones are not born”, A.K. Armah would rewrite his novel when he sees this beauty.

  4. @Chale, that a child you $exualising. She looks tormbeble, but she is just 22. Imagine Kaizer impregnanting a 22 year old.

  5. Nostradamus showing us how immorally corrupt upnd supporters are. I know you are desperate for attention but please there is a limit.

  6. There is no such thing as Miss Africa Great Britain. Life is mutually exclusive. You can never be in two places at the same time. You can either be in Africa , Zambia or Great Britain.

  7. Ati she is just 22 years when you are impregnating them at 15 or 16 years old. Gone are the days pa Zed when you would find them a virgin after the legal age of 18 years. By the time they attain 18 you find a tunnel.
    Kaizer Zulu, why are you offended when this guys refers to you about sec? You are on record on these comments talking about getting laid. The other time when Miles was admitted to hospital the only advice you gave was that he should exercise, like you, so that his sex life can improve like you. So please ba KZ, we know about you & your record in lodges. Don’t pretend today because diasporans have shown you that they are better than you

  8. @Nostra yaba, bushe 22 yrs nao mwaice.. anyways, I could be her dad cacine but I was only speaking the truth: she’s nice. That smile, so irresistable, it would make a 50yr old man feel 20. No disrespect intended.

  9. Iwe Chinyanta, Focus on Chemical Engineering. Leave these cowshows to those who have nothing to contribute on earth

  10. CONGRATULATIONS CHINYANTA KABASO ON YOUR AWARD. You have broken the glass ceiling for yourself and mother Zambia. Not even the sky is the limit for you now. Go, girl, go and conquer the world. Success is for those who look for it.

  11. People are damb, no where in the article does it say that she is 22 years old, it says “she beat 22 other finalists” but we are getting people arguing with what age someone can sleep with in the comments above. Lol ?

  12. @Spider. well spotted. This is the level of illeteracy this country has. People even start debating an issue which is no true. Due to poor reading skills the number 22 in the article means age to many kikikiki

  13. Kaiser concentrate on stealing you mwankoke your day is coming we in the diaspora are running that economy Incase you have forgotten no jobs no money

  14. what’s wrong with ppl instead of you supporting and encouraging her on what she has achieved you’re busy debating on who she should be with. that’s irrelevant on some of the comments I have red are just out of proportion and context. when are we going to learn and support ppl who are putting us on the map?? stop having this ideology of negativity whenever someone achieves something. what’s so difficult just to say congratulation to someone? Well, if you don’t like someone do yourself a favour don’t put your negative insinuation. let us learn to support and encourage others so that we could have more type of ppl like her!!! You understand me you ppl with negative attitude!!!

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