Youth Alliance calls on Youths to Massively Register during the Voter Registration Exercise


Youth Alliance for Development (YAD) has called on youths to massively register during the voter registration exercise, which begins on October 29th, 2020.

YAD Executive Director, Ziwase Mulenga, notes that it is cardinal that youths participate in the governance processes of the country.

“I’m urging all the youths to go out there and participate in this duty which each and every Zambian who is at the rightful age must participate,” she added.

Ms Mulenga has since appealed to the youth not to cause voter apathy during next year’s general elections.

“I am also encouraging the youths to vote, they should not practice voter apathy because the youths are the leaders of today and tomorrow, so if they do not vote then they are not setting a right pace for the elections to take place,” she said.

Ms Mulenga has also encouraged the young people to avoid engaging in violence during the election period.

“Youths should desist from taking part in acts that will bring harm to the nation,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Mulenga has commended the government for extending the voter registration exercise, saying it will enable more youths to get registered.

“The fact that the government has extended the voter registration exercise is a very welcome move and we are really grateful to the government, many youths will now register and participate in the governance process,” she said.

She has also commended the government for the online voter registration initiative as it will capture more youths.

The mobile voter registration exercise is being conducted by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) in readiness for the 2021 general elections and it is targeting to register 9 million eligible voters.

The exercise which was expected to commence on October 28th, ,2020 and end on November 30th,2020 has since been postponed to November 9th, 2020 and end on December 13th,2020.


  1. These NGOs and Kampyongo need arrested. A child born in 2011, is given NRC and change year of birth to 2003?
    What are they doing to future of citizens? It is better to reduce age than increase, like footballers do.
    You can’t take a 10 year old, and register him to FIFA as 16 year old. This what PF is doing.
    Go watch video those honest people from villages disclosed.

  2. HAnostra the only ones caught with fake NRC are your party supporters. Wasnt hanthony habwalya arrested yesterday for this? Don’t you feel ashamed at times to lie through your ugly brown teeth

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