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Kitwe Pastor expresses disappointment with Bill 10 collapse

General News Kitwe Pastor expresses disappointment with Bill 10 collapse

The Kitwe Pastors Fellowship has expressed disappointment with the collapse of the Constitution Amendment Bill number 10 in Parliament yesterday.

Speaking in an interview in Kitwe today, the pastors’ fellowship chairperson Reverend Raddy Lewila said the members of Parliament have failed to deliver the wishes of the people that sent them to Parliament.

“The MPs did not go by the wishes of the people but on their political inclination and posterity will judge us,” Reverend Lewila said.

Reverend Lewila noted that with the collapse of the bill, the country may hold the 2021 general elections under the 2016 constituency which will subject the county to the same challenges that were faced after the elections due to the Lacunas contained in there which could have been corrected with the passing through of Bill 10.

“Bill 10 was a progressive bill which most of us church leaders supported except for a few church mother bodies, we supported it and we would have loved it to go through, it is unfortunate that it has failed, ” he said.


  1. This is simply not true. Bill 10 was never the wishes of the people. That is why it has collapsed in the first place

  2. A minister goes on PF ZNBC TV and starts saying wanyala to others. So who has nyaladi now. Take constitutional matters seriously please. Very happy that this energy and distractive bill is gone and hopefully for good

  3. Bill 10 intended to enhance and increase the powers of the Public Protector so that future generations of Zambians have an institution that will fight corruption. Upnd are happy and celebrating they deprived Zambians of that privilege.

  4. Bill 10 intended to enhance and increase the powers of the Public Protector so that future generations of Zambians have an institution that will fight corruption. Upnd are happy and celebrating they deprived Zambians of that privilege. Just like they deprived Zambians of the Bill of Rights.

  5. What they said about bill 10
    Minister of Justice said wanyala, that was on TV, claiming bill 10 would pass
    Kabwe central MP – Said they had the numbers to pass the bill
    Chief Whip – Said the Zambian people had endorsed and therefore they had the numbers

  6. FALSE PROPHET. God has head our cries. Thank to independent MPS, NDC MP and UPND for being on the side of the voiceless Zambians.
    For interest sake “How much were you (Useless Pastor) expected to rip off if this Useless infamous Bill 10 had to pass?

  7. Why are they disappointed when the whole country is celebrating. Did not realize that they are also licking their wounds. But let the truth be told to them that the women, youth and the disabled can be adopted by their parties and participate in national affairs. Dr Kaunda put Lazarus Tembo a blind musician as minister of state and did not require any bill or law to do that. It’s just political will

  8. The people spoke, the MPs have carried out the wish of the people. This is a democracy. Just because Kitwe Pastors supported the bill doesn’t mean the bill should have passed.

  9. Pastor of doom,if GOD is against the Bill whose pastor are you? small g God.The cry of the majority.I was going to leave your congregation if I was your member.Whose Voice do you listen or pray to,Hypocrite a wolf in a sheep skin.

  10. Pastors chasing brown Envelopes! You are a disappointment because one of the recommendations from LAZ, NGOs and the Opposition was that you the Church should have chaired the amendment process. Do you still remember who refused and what happened ?

  11. Pastor Raddy Lewila you have been manifested to be a fake pastor, who seek and worship the god of your belly.The fellowship of pastors are misguided zealots without knowledge may God deliver his children from such wicked men who support evil.You are wicked and you Rob and plunder the poor your judgement is so eminent the Judge is no respecter of men.

  12. Thank you Rev Lewila. Hope the people realise what has happened with them. They need someone like you to open their eyes, wake them up from the hypnotism.

  13. This is the most irresponsible behaviour of the MPs who represent people and not Hakainde Hichilema. They should have remembered that people sent them to Parliament and not Hichilema. They should have been loyal to the people.

  14. The myopic opposition has not just killed the Bill10, but also sabotaged the opportunity to bring in electoral reforms in 2021 elections.

  15. evrything has got time. kaunda defends us frm white people won the freedom, chiluba give us democracy, sata promised us more money, my quetion is that who wil fixt this country’s problems and move us forward???????????????????????????????????????????

  16. Only the first article of the bill was viable. That is enshrining Zambia as a Christian nation. Had these pastors known anything about civics, they would have asked for that one to be a separate bill. Easy and simple.

  17. It is irony that despite most of the Churches supporting Bill10, the MPs turned a blind eye to it. This is highly unfortunate in a Christian country.

  18. Thus, a selfish politician has sabotaged the progressive Bill that could have transformed millions of lives in Zambia. God Bless Zambia, now!

  19. This ***** is lamenting over the loss of kasaka money. He knows there will be no one with kasaka ka ndalama after August 2021to bribe the modern Pharisees or simply put false prophets.

  20. Ndiye busa enzosusha kuti New Testament was written in Hebrew wamene uyu bati? If you don’t even know the history of the book you use to preach from how can you support the right thing nanga! Tiyeni uko namwe…

  21. Why so much fuss about Bill 10 after elections proper consultations can be done without government interaction , let citizen speak. I feel sorry for Given Lubinda

  22. It takes only a few armed roberers to cause havoc, this is exactly what happened when Bill 10 could not go through because of the minority MPs who are in parliament to serve only Hakainde and not their constituencies that make them draw public money. It will be very dull on the party of UPND to start eguating the their derailment of bill 10 to their popularity. The 2021 will be the real test of whether or not UPND are popular. In 2016 they won on the referendum question but terribly lost the presidential elections. It is not the people that subotaged bill 10 it is Hichilema, his MPs were just following his instructions to destroy anything untill he goes to state house.

  23. But be happy that the will of the majority has prevailed!
    That is what democracy is about.
    If you had read through the whole document, you would not have supported the bill in the first place.
    One or two good things in the bill could not make the whole document acceptable!

    The rejection of the bill is largely due to the mix of good and bad clauses into one.
    The Bible says “A little leaven leavens the whole lamp”
    That is what bill 10 was.
    The good elements in the bill were spoiled by the bad elements.

  24. Where is that id1ot called Kaizar Kabwalala thug Zulu? Nowhere to be seen. Shame on you. Your evil BILL 10 collapsed. Ba Pompwe imwe you’re losing the election next year and going to prison.

  25. It is unfortunately that the majority people are blaming the UPND MPs for shooting down Bill 10. In fact we should be thanking UPND MPs. The majority people do not even understand the implication of the Bill. Watching the debate in parliament by some of our MPs, the reasons for supporting the motion were not substance. Most of those reason given could be done under the current constitution. No MP elaborated on as prescribed. That is not specific. Why would opposition support something which is vague or no value. Of course there are some good contents in Bill 10.

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