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Board of Directors of the Road Development Agency appoints George Manyele as CEO

General News Board of Directors of the Road Development Agency appoints George Manyele...

The Board of Directors of the Road Development Agency (RDA) has confirmed George Manyele as RDA Director and Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect.

Engineer Manyela has been acting as Chief Executive Officer since June 23rd, this year, he was Director Construction and Rehabilitation before his current appointment.

In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, RDA Board Chairman, Samuel Mukupa, said the appointment of Engineer Manyela came after a careful evaluation of his performance during the period he acted.

“The Board is confident that Engineer Manyela will add immeasurable value to the Agency’s initiative for sustainability and growth of the business in leading the development of the Agency’s long and short term strategies in providing a sustainable fit for purpose road infrastructure in the country, “Mr Mukupa pointed out.

Engineer Manyela is a holder of a Masters degree in Transportation Engineering from Stellenbosch University of South Africa and a bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Zambia and a fellow of the Engineering institute of Zambia (EIZ) and a member of the institute of Directors.

He joined RDA in 2006 as a Senior Engineer in Northern Province and later transferred to the Copperbelt in the same capacity, he has held other positions in the Agency.

In 2014 he was appointed as a Senior Manager –Pave Zambia 2000 project, a position he held until 2016 when he became Director Construction and Rehabilitation.


  1. Why do you accept promotions on political grounds? Soon someone is going out and that means that you go with him or else work as though you are in opposition

  2. This is a very powerful appointment and I have all the confidence in you sir.

    All those making fun of his last name remember that your leaders name is hichilema HichinyeIe

  3. How can you move forward when you always appoint from within …look at Zamtel, Zesco its always that the same rot rising to the top.

  4. The Road Development Agency (RDA) board had suspended chief executive officer Elias Mwape and director for Human Capital Elias Mwila for abuse of office back in June 2020 to date we have not heard anything in the courts, one can only conclude political involvement. Now you appoint any one from within…these are corrupt boards who are composed of cadres who just want continue lining their pockets.

  5. Tarino sorry we didn’t appoint your dull father or your tribesmen. We know that is the only way you would be satisfied with any appointment

  6. Congrats George Manyele on your new appointments as Director and CEO of RDA. This brings freshness to the badly managed RDA since the days of KMB boy late Nsanda who managed RDA from statehouse laden with toxic corruption. Mr George Manyele as a professional will create a departure from the culture of corrupt tendency that has let down Zambians on the quality of service delivery in road construction.
    Well deserved promotion and prove to Zambians expectations.

  7. It’s extremely bad manners to make fun of another citizen’s family name. That’s the name that links him to a family in Zambia. It doesn’t always have to be a name familiar to u.

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