Police will deal firmly with perpetrators of violence – IG

Zambia Police Chief Kakoma Kanganja thanking the Government for the Equipment while Home affairs Minister Stepehen Kampyongo Looks on

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says the Zambia Police Service shall not seat and watch people ferment violence while hiding under the veil of politics.

Mr Kanganja says the Police has noted with dismay a video making rounds on social media platforms alleging and purporting that there is a scheme by the Patriotic Front Government to plunge the country into chaos.

In a statement to the media in Lusaka today, Mr Kanganja said the video is bent on inciting violence among the general citizenry and also provoke people to raise against government.

He stated that the video is marred with images of dead bodies all over the streets and people hacking each other.

“I call upon members of the public not to panic but to treat the same video with utmost contempt it deserves because this type of propaganda is dangerous for our peaceful country and must not be entertained. These are indicators of genocide, “he stated.

Mr Kanganja has since implored the officers to get down to the bottom of the same documentary and bring perpetrators to book to face the wrath of the law.

This is contained in a statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today.


  1. I don’t beat about the Bush. Let us learn to call a spade a spade. We all know the people spreading that malicious video are upnd sponsored angry members. We have confidence that our men and women in uniform will deal with such scums in the most effective way and follow the law to the letter.

    Social media is being abused by irresponsible people. Some are even teaching us how to pronounce English words on the same media when we are not English. There are currently limited jobs in the country due to impact of covid on global economy. So we humbly appeal to those grown or rather old over 50s guys who still want to exploit social media with childish games that they should desist and leave such things to the younger zambian who should earn a living from social media. By 50 you should have…

  2. … be in a stable job so that such unstable jobs like social media advocates are left for the youth who are still trying to figure out who they are.

  3. This is the most useless and partisan IG we have had! Pf cadres trample the laws of the land with impunity and he has the nerve to speak? Useless! Know that your day of reckoning is at hand.

  4. Police cannot be deterred.
    Crash ’em bantalamisoka.
    Put ’em away.
    Clean the streets out’a 1d10+ deads.
    Zambia can not bleed at the hands of the dead supporter.
    Hit ’em up real hard dem puffers in their hoodz.
    Zambia is bigger than any dead.
    Y’all sodomites, your days are numbered.

  5. It can’t be so difficulty to find who killed James Lukuku? Rest in peace James boyii.
    Well, on Mulongoti we still believe it was witchcraft just for saying that someone changed name from Jonathan.

  6. This moron Kanganja he is always issuing threats like his small boss the former Katondo Street Corner Currency Dealer Stephen Kampyongo. Come 2021 Kanganja you will be thrown away behind desk – filing papers at a small Embassy like Stella Libongani.

  7. Speaking on behalf of the PF – the purchased IG. Completely unprofessional and compromised. We know what you mean.

  8. The levels of shallowness in the opposition is largely to blame for the decay in political landscape of our country. I have never seen this kind of lumpen behaviour since some small gods ascended to power.

  9. IG has no spine to fight’, or deal firmly with perpetrators of violence, members of PF, but he has a spine to deal firmly with UPND perpetrators of violence. A double standard man is not fit to be Inspector General of the police. Mr. Kanganja should be ashamed of what is saying because he practice double standards: one for PF and the other for UPND and general public. Mr. Kanganja you have failed n your duties therefore, you should resign. A cadre threatening police at the station is unbelievable and the inspector general and the president are silent about it. Mr. Kanganja is an embarrassment to the police professionals and to the citizens of Zambia.

  10. Before you even begin to flex your muscles and threaten defenseless citizens, How about you deal with “JJ” who invaded your offices and beat up your own police officers!

  11. I dont understand why Tongas should go to such length all because of wanting to put their tribasman Hichilema in state house. The IG is not wrong by saying what he said. If Tongas want war after their boy loses again next year, they will not be spared from the violence as well. Therefore, they are using very useless and dull strategies! However, let them be assured that their demigod Hichilema will lose again and there be no violence in the country! In 2011, Guy Scott surmarized it all when he said and i quote, ” . . Tonga is just a minority tribe in the Southern part of Zambia . . . . !”, when asked by a BBC reporter. So i dont understand why Tongas cannot accept that they are just a minority tribe with population almost equal to the Lambas! Do Lambas make any noise about ruling the…

  12. The comments above are hilarious!!! Anyway on a serious note, IG I conquer with you, arrest those hooligans. We value the peace in our country.

  13. Let’s embrace one Zambia one nation.l feel sorry for Stephen kampyongo,Dora Siliya,kaizar Zulu, Given Lubinda,Bowman Lusambo and others because their time to reap what they are sowing now. Tribal talk, corruption and violence are what they know best but our PF kanganja can’t react but the time will come when all those championing wrong things will be made to account for the wrong.

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