PF government must refund the Zambian people the huge sums of money used to fund the Failed Bill 10

Lusaka Province Information and Publicity Secretary Otis Bwalya
Lusaka Province Information and Publicity Secretary Otis Bwalya

UNITED Party for National Development Lusaka Province leadership have commanded the PF government to refund the Zambian people the huge sums of money they used to fund the Bill 10. Speaking through Youth Chairman Anderson Banda and Information and Publicity Secretary Otis Bwalya on Joy FM’s Talking Point Radio Program, the leadership has said that it is clear that Bill 10 was like any other project under PF government intended to benefit a few individuals at the expense of the majority Zambians languishing in poverty.

They said that from the onset, it was clear that Bill 10 was a failed project that was based on selfishness and self-centeredness meant among many goals to prolong the stay of PF government in power.

Mr Banda charged that everything under PF government including the failed useless Bill 10 is aimed at retaining power in 2021. Evident is the collaboration they have adopted with Electoral Commission of Zambia through likes of Esau Chulu, Patrick Nshindano and Emily Sikazwe who are suppose to play referees in the electoral process but have chosen to side with the PF government at the expense of the credibility and stakeholders confidence in the 2021 general elections.

Mr Banda further said that political violence is bond to continue if such institutions as ECZ can not put their foot down and assure the nation that they have the capacity to run elections in a free and fair manner without disadvantaging any political party as the case was in 2016 emerging from Esau Chulu’s greedy and selfishness.

Mr Banda also highlighted the trending new norm of using tribalism and police brutality to instill fear in Zambians going forward to 2021 polls. He bemoaned the power hunger that has encompassed PF that higher party officials including President Lungu can encourage such behavior when they surely know that a leader is chosen through assessing their skills and qualities and not tribe or recruiting cadres to act as police officers to brutalize citizens who reject the ruling party.

And Mr Bwalya who seconded Banda said that the PF government must pave way for UPND as their time is up unlike converting every law, bill or act into a tool of advancing their stay in power while creating an unconducive political environment for other political players. Responding to issues of Public Order Act and Covid 19 guidelines.

Mr Bwalya said that there is nothing wrong with these two legislations but the problem is the people using them to disadvantage other political parties while advancing their agendas. He said that the Public Order Act has been in existence before the PF government was formed and it was used with pure motives unlike today were it is abused through settling scores with other political players.

Mr Bwalya said that it is sad to witness that those who come up with these laws and regulations are the first to abrogate them while demanding complete adherence from spectators. A clear example is that of Covid 19 health guidelines where PF officials are creating crowd pulling mobilization events without adhering to the health guidelines and stopping the UPND from conducting their own activities despite qualifying to hold them through stipulated guidelines.

Clearly, one does not need special expertise to see that the country has failed in the hands of the PF government. Thus, their humble plea is to the Zambian people to give UPND through the able leadership of Hakainde Hichilema a chance in 2021 to prove to them that they are the change Zambia has been waiting for all these years. And as such, UPND still calls on the resignation of Esau Chulu, Patrick Nshindano and Emily Sikazwe to pave way for the change people are expecting through President Hakainde Hichilema.


  1. Don’t talk like that because you might open a window for the PF to pilfer more resources. How possible is it that the PF can do what you’re proposing? Don’t make hypothetical proposals in a kleptocracy

  2. This is the calibre of people aspiring to run this country??? How do you ask a GRZ to refund people for an excercise that is within its function??? Do the representation of the different abled, women and youths in parliament which Bill 10 proposed or the improved legal standing of Chiefs and their successions represent selfish interest by the GRZ??? Upnd is a bad party of evil people with no interest for the development of this country except the tribalistic and egotistic grab of power of their demigod hh. You will pay a heavy price for your selfishness and lies in the 2021 polls as the PF will expose it as they campaign!!!!

  3. If Ministers who stayed in cabinet positions illegally after the dissolution of parliament in the last elections have openly defied a court ruling to pay back the money they got illegally, how do you think the government can pay back the money spent on the evil botched bill that has been put to rest. This is not a government of laws

  4. This is just downright s1lly. Where in the world does the government refund itself for a failed bill in parliament? UPND, please be serious. Do not wonder that you fail to win elections because you waste energy on trivialities. Wake up and smell the coffee. Zambians are crying out for a viable opposition and this is what you come up with? Start talking about HOW you will deal with the Constitution.

  5. It’s really worrying in zambia the calibre of people that have access to the media and expose their ignorance. The world is laughing at us. First the reporter who posted this should know was post and what not to post… Honestly someone in his right frame of mind has who the time to speak such no sense and report with all his energy write it down, edit it and post..!!! It’s such a shame

  6. I am fed up with total mismanagement of this country and its resources. Let us just sell the remaining few parts of this country to the Chinese so that they increase their shareholding of the country from 91% to 100% and then we can share the money and leave Zambia to them.

  7. All those like ntwetwetwe of YALI and nakachinda who went with tax payers money touring the country advocating for bill 10 on behalf of their masters must refund.

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