First Lady urges Parents to desist from children marrying off children at tender

First Lady Esther Lungu

First Lady Esther Lungu has urged parents to desist from marrying off their children at a tender age but should instead allow them to get an education so that their future can be secured and not destroyed.

Mrs Lungu said she is aware that children do cover long distances in order to get to their respective schools , but that should not prompt parents to take their children out of school and marry them off at a tender age.

ZANIS reports that the first lady said this during her outreach programme tour at Nsefu Primary School in Mambwe District.

The First Lady noted that educating the young generation is one way both the nation and households will benefit.

“Our children are our future leaders of tomorrow. As one Bemba proverb says “imiti iikula, empanga”. When we educate our children, they are the ones who will lead and develop our nation,” she said.

The First Lady pointed out that the presidential seat cannot be occupied by one person forever.

“That is why we need this young generation to get the needed education. Therefore, do not deprive them of their right. I, as the first lady, I am also at school pursuing my degree because I also want to contribute to the economic growth and development of the country,” Mrs Lungu said.

And Mrs Lungu through the Esther Lungu Foundation Trust Fund donated items to various schools among them Nsefu Primary School, Nsefu Day Secondary School, Kawaza primary school, Katapila primary and Kapita Primary school.

The donated items include 10 computers and other educational materials that included both English and Mathematical books for Grade 8s and 9s to Nsefu Day Secondary school.

The others were two computers, 370 pieces of sanitary towels, 10 bags of rice, two bales of sugar, two sets of football jerseys and two soccer balls to Nsefu primary school.

Kawaza primary school also received two computer and 20 charging devices, and a solar panel to Kapita Primary School.

Mrs Lungu mentioned she valued education hence she is so keen on supplementing government’s efforts and helping where she can through her foundation because the world is moving at a fast pace with all the technological advancements.

The First Lady also observed that the good health of the citizens of a country is of utmost importance.

She said this when the foundation donated an assortment of medical equipment and others to Nsefu Rural Health Center.

The items donated to the Health facility include two beds and mattresses, two bicycles, five suction canisters, two digital thermometers, eight lab coats, 250 pieces of gloves, six bed sheets and six blankets, one stethoscope among others

Mrs Lungu also presented K30, 000 to Nsefu Women Association so that they can be able to sustain the different women clubs falling under them.

And the First Lady echoed the need for both men and women to reduce on the intake of alcohol as it is one of the leading factors in marital disputes and gender based violence.

Meanwhile, Nsefu Women Association Chairperson Ruth Banda thanked the first lady for the donated amount as it will help uplift the various women clubs in Nsefu ward.

Mrs Banda said that the groups in her ward have never received such a huge amount and hence, the donated amount is a huge milestone which will help the women

And Mambwe District Health Director George Mshanga expressed gratitude to the first lady for the many “goodies” that she has donated to Nsefu Rural Health Facility.

Dr Mshanga said the donated bicycles will ease on the transportation challenges that the workers face and the beds will provide the comfort needed by patients.

The DHD also observed that the health facility does experience some blackout at times and therefore, the lighting devices that have been donated will be a great boost to the facility.

He added that from the education sector, the donated computers especially, will be of great help as the world is slowly moving away from paper based activities.


  1. There are correlations and then there are causations. If you work diligently on improving the economic and standard of life for your people those thins will just fall away. Tell awisi Dalitso and let him strategize na wene Dora instead of just pandering to tribal leanings pa ma campaign.

  2. Sometimes these girls elope on their own and once some of these girls taste the forbidden fruit you can’t control them. So don’t blame parents alone, sometimes they’re helpless.

  3. Who other than the First Lady to exemplify women empowerment? The government is going an extra mile to assist girls’ education. Parents should give a thought to the future of their daughters as well as health issues arising out of early marriages.

  4. Marrying girls at tender age is no less than killing them. The only difference is that it gives them slow death. Health complications due to early pregnancies can be fatal for the mother as well as child.

  5. An educated girl is highly impactful when she assumes the role of home maker or law maker or administrator. We are depriving our talented girls of the opportunity to prove them. Getting married is not the sole aim of their lives.

  6. By marrying off girls at tender age, we are removing them from the larger canvas. And by doing so, the society is also deprived of talents in various walks of life.

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