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Massive Investment in health care steadily contributing to the attainment of Universal Health Coverage


The political will which has been exhibited by President Edgar Lungu of investing massively in the health sector is steadily contributing to the attainment of Universal Health Coverage, Professor Lloyd Mulenga has said.

Professor Mulenga, who is the Ministry of Health Director, in charge of Infectious Diseases, has cited the procurement of the drug, Remdesivir, used in the effective treatment of severely ill COVID- 19 patients, as unprecedented and that it has motivated health workers.

In an exclusive interview with ZANIS on the Milestones the health sector has so far scored towards the attainment of Universal Health Coverage, Prof Mulenga said some countries were not eager to procure expensive drugs such as Remdesivir, which is a different situation locally.

“You know when I interact with my colleagues who are running similar departments in other countries, I count myself blessed and as I said because of less political interference. One example is over COVID -19, there is a drug which we introduced called Remdesivir, and Remdesivir is an expensive drug, it costs 120 dollars for one vial,’ Professor Mulenga explained.

He said with severe infections we give 10 vials, that’s 1,200 dollars. We presented this to the leadership of the Ministry of Health, the technical leadership also the political leadership and this went through. We received 1,000 doses which we currently have,” he explained.

Prof Mulenga noted that other leaders would think purchasing such a drug is a waste of money but on the contrary, it is a huge investment in human capital.

“Now some leaders would think that it’s a waste of money, where for us we look at it as an investment in human capital because when we treat one patient, that patient will be alive and that will lead also to fewer transmissions,” Prof Mulenga said.

He added that the Remdesivir drug further reduces the recovery rate of COVID-19 by 50 percent.

As of November 2, 2020, Zambia recorded 63 positive COVID-19 cases out of the 5,771 tests conducted in 24 hours


  1. Yes , on building health centres and education institutions , this is borrowed money well spent by lungu…a well done.

  2. I am just baffled by the sleeping UPND media team. This is the time to put the record straight that the current constitution does not bar the youths, women or the disabled from participating in any role as it is being alleged by the PF. Any party which is serious can adopt women, the disabled and the youth if they so desire. You must thwart the lie going around that the youth, women and the youth are doomed due to the burial of bill 10. Also make it clear that the public order act did not require bill 10, all what is required is Police to be professional and stop issuing ‘permits’ as they don’t have such powers. UPND media team fast asleep as usual

  3. If still haters are not happy and satisfied with Mr. Lungu’s initiative then nobody in the world can make them happy.

  4. We appreciate the hard work of President Lungu. We will not disrespect him by giving votes to the opposition party in 2021 elections.

  5. That we have a few health centers, a couple of India funded flyovers and a bridge completed in the last year should not be something to shout about on top of a mountain. This is the expected course of things. The population is growing and it has been 56 years since independence. Otherwise what else would a government in Zambia be doing?

    This is below average work, way below bare minimum that does not even kick Zambia up in development indices compared to other countries. Botswana is doing the same types of projects, including funding half the cost of the Kazungula bridge, yet they still boast $6 Billion in their sovereign fund, the Pula Fund. We are $18 Billion in debt with no means to pay it back and now begging for delayed payment accommodations. Does that mean Zambia needs no…

  6. …development in the next 10 years?
    And is all the development since 2011 in Zambia worth $18 billion? To expect citizens to clap for you and give you A+ when you are doing D- work and emptying the coffers while you are at it is an unnerving level of tone-deafness.

  7. Obviously they have no choice now but to import expensive drugs for themselves since this time there is nothing like flying out if you get sick.

  8. Like it or not, it’s got to be done. Korona virus has put to a stop medical tourism. Stock up the medicine or neglect n die.

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