Zambian writers challenged to tell African diverse stories

Workshop for writers

African Writers Space Zambia, has challenged the Zambian writers to show the world how rich the country is by telling local stories through their publications.

Country Coordinator, Marita Banda, notes that Zambia has many talented writers who should come out of their comfort zones and contribute to the African hub of writers.

ZANIS reports that Ms Banda was speaking during the 3rd African Writers Conference, held at Alliance Francaise in Lusaka this morning.

Mrs Banda said Zambia is privileged to host the writers’ conference with 30 participating countries after it was launched in Nigeria 3 years ago.

And African Writers Space, Executive Director, Anthony Onugba said the conference aims to showcase African works and identity.

And National Arts Council of Zambia (NACZ) Assistant Director for Literary and Performing Arts, Mwiche Chikungu, said it was

“NAC is much interested in seeing that the value of writers is appreciated world over,” Ms Chikungu stated.

Ms Chikungu has praised African Writers Space Zambia for organizing this year’s event amidst the challenges brought by the COVID-19.


  1. Timely advice. Do not follow the footsteps of the brain washed upnd diasporans who are suffering from inferiority complex. They know their former colonialists history better than their own

    We then also have an old childish man going by the name of Simon mwewa. He suffers from inferiority complex and has given himself responsibility to teach us how to speak like his colonial masters. The guy left America decades ago but is still forcing his American accents on us. We are not interested in such clowns.

  2. Zambian writers? Zambians can’t write to save their lives! Have you seen the news articles including this only LT? Terrible.

    My country has no sense of perfection. They settle for anything. For example, all popular Zambian songs have the same beat! No one appears to have enough imagination to improve the sound.

    Hopeless nation!

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