Bill 10 minor setback – Kalulushi Lawmaker

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock, Kampamba Mulenga
Minister of Community Development and Social Services Hon. Kampamba Mulenga Chewe

Community Development Minister Kampamba Chewe says the failed enactment of Constitution amendment bill 10 of 2020 is a minor setback for the Patriotic Front party.

Ms. Chewe says the unsuccessful enactment of the bill will not derail the government from achieving its desired goals and developmental aspirations.

Ms. Chewe further states that government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu will deliver on all its promises despite the bill not being enacted in parliament.

Ms. Chewe says it is shameful for the opposition to celebrate the failure to enact the bill as it catered for all developmental sectors across the country.

She was speaking during the launch of farming empowerment funds for people with disabilities in Lufwanyama district.

Ms. Chewe added that the Constitution amendment bill 10 provided an opportunity for people with disabilities to maximize their potential in leadership positions.

She further stated that the government will however ensure that it empowers people with disabilities in order for them to contribute to economic development.

Meanwhile, farmers with disabilities in Lufwanyama have vowed to support President Edgar Lungu’s development agenda.

Kambilombilo farmers with disabilities secretary Gilbert Mumba says President Edgar Lungu has the welfare of people with disabilities at heart and deserves the much needed support.


  1. “Kampamba further states that government under the leadership of Lazy Lungu will deliver on all its promises despite the bill not being enacted in parliament.”
    So why did your govt waste millions of dollars in bribes, billboards, travelling around the country if you could do without Bill 10?

  2. Tarino must be on his periods. Haha. Your anger won’t lead to your fellow tribesman winning. Why not sell us your manifesto and plans rather than always criticising? What are your alternative ideas and solutions? Ba upnd kuwayawaya fye.

  3. Kampamba Mulenga must thank God for what He’s done for her. From cooking nshima for at a garage to now flying between Copperbelt and Lusaka. Get back to reality because you’re one of those that won’t get back to Parley next year. Not even the 1ltr saladi and 2kg bunga that you distribute monthly will help you. I wish you well

  4. I have been advising the PF to forget about bill 10 and stop talking about it completely. They seem not to realise that bill 10 is one of the weapons UPND is relying on. Fro rumours in streets it is believed that bill 10 was meant to achieve 2 things: stop HH from contesting and create room for third term. Everyone that opposed the bill was saying no to the two above. For an average ZAmbian, bill 10 is all about the two. So talking about it annoys most people. In the absence of that misconception, bill ten was certainly going through. PF are giving the opposition enough space to exploit the ill chance created by a poorly laid possibly good bill.

  5. @Kaizar Zulu – You are such a sad, disgusting bigot. Obsessed with a woman’s period now, are you? Doesn’t surprise me. Anything to try and distract the conversation from your corrupt, inept friends in power. Have fun with that. You have until May next year.

  6. Banda if we lose elections next year then let me die. However, if we win next year, then you will die. Do we have a deal ?

  7. We don’t want you to die but we want you to honour up n run butt naked from Archades to Mandahill as you promised. You promised bro.

  8. Running I will make you even a better deal . I will run naked and should be killed after if pf lose. Can the upnd agree to do the same when hh loses ?I am waiting

  9. If votes were won on social media HH will be president by now unfortunately politics is about numbers.Malawi all the opposition parties got together to oust the ruling party .in America Biden had a good campaign team comprising of the likes of Obama selling the message.For UPND supporters you are just dreaming and celebrating collapse of bill of which has no much effect to adding to numbers that’s why you are busy interpreting the law on social media,even the learned counsels have no clue on the law.we have only one Zambia don’t die for these greedy politicians.I want real change in Zambia but not the crop of politicians we have who not only bitter but want power at all costs for there only selfish egos

  10. So every PF Minister including Wina are still crying for the dead bill 10? Stop crying and deal with corruption, covid donation has disappeared no one talks about, who was the gasser? You are quite. You promised load shedding to end in November but now it’s 12 hrs load shedding, you said Kariba dam is full, but now you say we can’t have full generation of power because of bill 10. Kapalala, city markets upto now can not be constructed because of bill 10. Morning bill 10, Afternoon Bill 10, evening and dreaming bill 10. Dollar is now K21 because of bill 10. PF sort out corruption in Auditor’s report. Everything is stealing, enough is enough.

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