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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccine: Zambia opts for Russian version

Health Covid-19 Vaccine: Zambia opts for Russian version

Zambia is eager to get Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine as soon as it hits the market, Zambia’s Ambassador to Russia has revealed.

Mr Shadreck Luwita told Sputnik, adding that health ministers of the two countries were already in talks on the matter.

“The Russian government has already exchanged correspondence with the Zambian government regarding rolling out of this vaccine. We are anxiously following the process of rolling out of the Sputnik V vaccine on the market so that we can access it,” Mr. Luwita said in an interview.

Russia became the first country to register a vaccine against COVID-19.

It started rolling out Sputnik V before the end of the third phase of clinical trials.

Zambia is very interested in the medicine and is waiting for it to go on the international market, the ambassador confirmed to Sputnik.

“The two ministries of health are liaising on this matter,” the diplomat said.

He admitted that it had been difficult to schedule any official visits amid the pandemic.

“That’s why the issue of the vaccine is crucial, as it will unlock everything, which has come to a standstill,” Mr. Luwita said.

Zambia has recorded 16,770 cumulative cases and 349 deaths.

The incidence is 88.9 cases per 100,000 population, according to the World Health Organization’s latest figures.



  1. How can you opt for a vaccine that was rushed without following appropriate standards? Do you even really need a vaccine….everything is questionable with a thief like Chilufya at the ministry.

  2. The Russians skipped two two stages of human trials that are required before rolling out the vaccine to the public.They quickly rushed to register their vaccine.
    The Pfizer vaccine has passed all the testing stages and the trials were done in many countries including South Africa and DRC.
    Make sure the WHO approves of the vaccines . Don’t subject Zambians to cheap and unsafe vaccines.

    • If you were observing the Russians went back to do the two phases they had missed. The vaccine was never rolled out and right now as we speak its in the Third Phase.

  3. The Russian vaccine has been trialled longer than the Pfizer one announced yesterday. However, as you can see from the comments above, the British colonialism and its effects on the asylum seekers who have sought refuge there in diaspora, is truly working. These brain washed diasporan imbeciles in Europe and America will wipe the backside of old people who spit on them and see them as monkeys but still support the vaccines and other developments made by the same people despise them. Remember the race of those who was infected with HIV in America in 50s? We have many doctors in Russia have played a role in this vaccine and for that reason we trust it more than the one created by your racist masters there abroad. Take it yourselves.

  4. Maybe it makes sense to get a vaccine from Russia than the west. As the west’s intention is to wipe out the population of Africa so that they own the natural resources of Africa. Just to remind Africans- Russia (USSR BY THEN) has always been helping African states during their liberation struggle. We have never head of hiv-aids from Russia for Africa. Anything from the west to Africa is highly suspicious.

  5. I don’t trust any vaccine, whether Russian or American. The momment they will say it’s mandatory, then you know there’s something wrong with the whole scheme. Africans should be very, very careful. Why don’t they just decide to wait and observe what these vaccines will do to other people first? For once, leaders, don’t let your people down. They already have enough antibodies against this virus, they don’t need any vaccine!

  6. Please stop this nonsense. Please dont do this.

    Russia has been running a propaganda wanting to be the first. Nearly every nation has refused to use their vaccine because of lack of trials, data and transparency.

  7. I am sure our Zambian scientists already have something that we can use but are being ignored or at worst even being denied reagents and equipment. Anyhow, this is not a Russia or USA matter. It is an effing pandemic. Let’s go for the efficacy of whatever it is we choose. No jokes anymore guys. Please. And by jokes, I include Politics.

  8. This is one of the best news I have come across in long time. Covid19 has been a serious threat to the lives of Zambians. President Edgar Lungu had been working hard to bring relief to people. His efforts seem to be paying off now.

  9. The fact that, our government was in correspondence with the Russian government all along, while the vaccine was being developed, is the biggest proof of how it is concerned about people and commitment to end their sufferings.

  10. Thank God! The relief is not far away now. Hope the vaccine comes to Zambia as soon as possible. People need it desperately.

  11. This is the true and dedicated leadership that goes an extra mile to bring relief to people. The pandemic has brought true faces of many politicians to the fore. Now we know who really cares for people and who is only exploiting them for personal gains.

  12. The resilience embedded in Zambian DNA is the reason that the deadly virus has failed to wreck havoc like it did elsewhere in the world. Yet, we need this vaccine to add to the protection against the virus. I am very pleased to know that government has been on its toes ever since the research began! This sets the priorities of the government.

  13. Africa will have more vaccine-associated deaths than covid19 deaths. We can survive without vaccines. Say no to vaccines!

  14. The same vaccine has been stopped in its tracks in Brazil due to adverse effects. Ba zambia ati fya free. Kuiposapo!

  15. Now I know that these Zambian politicians are real and proper *****s.

    No one in his proper senses would go for this sham Russian Vaccine caled Sputnik, which is just a propaganda project for the stupid megalomaniac called Vladmir Putin

  16. How I wish we had developed the vaccine as Africans or Zambians,but alas still debating about which one is safer.
    Everything becomes safe when you are a begger.

  17. Iwe Kaiser

    What kind of advice do you give drunkard Lungu on matters of the Zambian nation?

    Looking at what is happening to my beloved country, it is fair to say you are giving chagwa matuvi advice.

    Imwe bachibwi tu PF you will pay back every penny you stole very soon.

    On the vaccine why can’t Zambia make its own vaccine? I think under drunkard Lungu its impossible because the situation is making many of us with brains escape Zambia under the leadership of PF thugs.

    Lungu must go by any means possible.


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