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Low turn up of women in voter registration


Manyinga Town Council Secretary Ketty Mukonde has bemoaned the low numbers of women turning up to register as voters during the on-going voters registration exercise.

Ms Mukonde observed that the district has not registered a lot of women despite having centers with adequate manpower, able to capture 100 people per day.

She disclosed this when North-Western Province Permanent Secretary Willies Mangimela called on her today.

‘As Manyinga we are doing very well in terms of the voters registration exercise, I am happy to report that we have the kits that are among the best performing in the country. But our concern is women are coming in small numbers as compared to men,” She said.

She noted that the district has more women who are eligible to vote than men and pledged to increase sensitization on the voter registration.

“So far since the beginning of the exercise, we have managed to register over 3,153 eligible voters as at November 13,2020.We are doing quite well our numbers keep going up because we have no challenges with the process. We have adequate staff, transport, and the kits to cater for our district,” she said.

And Northern Western permanent Secretary Willies Mangimela encouraged women to register as voters.

Mr Mangimela said women are the majority in society and hence should register as voters.

“Women are the majority in terms of our population and they are the ones who vote in numbers so let us encourage them to register,” he emphasized.

The Permanent Secretary is checking progress on the on-going voter registration exercise in Manyinga, Kabompo and Zambezi districts.


  1. We should expect a low turnout in rural areas because it’s the peak of the planting season, people are busy in the fields. This is the most controversial and strenuous registration exercise I’ve ever experienced. This is what we mean when we say we’re being taken for granted

  2. People have other priorities which are important for their daily living to be bothered by work other people have unnecessarily created for them from which, as far as they are concerned, doesn’t profit them.

  3. Voter turnout is highly unpredictable as it is affected by so many variables. It is the responsibility of each party member to urge their constituents to register. As government if we got involved we will be accused of campaigning by the perennial losers in upnd. So we won’t get involved

  4. There’s no single political Party in Zambia that has more than 1 million members. The combined total membership of all Parties can’t exceed 4 million. So voter registration and voting can’t be confined to Party members as the majority of voters don’t subscribe to any Party. More than half of the voters don’t belong to any Party although they might sympathize with one at a particular time

  5. Ba PF please register your people.Southern province is registering in thousands.
    This election will be won by HH just now coz of southern province and bantu botatwe.Ba Lungu revert to old register otherwise your people in strong holds are not registering.Wake wake ba lungu now.Ba Kaizer Zulu poseniko amano people are not registering in luapula,northern,muchinga and eastern.Sotthern province will bypass all four provinces.Send your team now to tell people to register.Let SG tell PF memebers to mobilise.Ifitu Fyapena mwalusa.Make a quick decision to go back to hold register.ECZ has dribbled you with new register.Think before it’s too late.

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