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Botswana Send Chipolopolo Staring Into The Abyss


Chipolopolo on Monday night return to very familiar territory following a disappointing display and away loss in Botswana in Francistown.

Botswana beat Zambia 1-0 to reclaim third place and send Chipolopolo back to their now customary bottom seat in Group H in the 2022 AFCON qualifiers.

Mosha Gaolaolwe turned in a cross in the 4th minute to avenge Botswana’s 2-1 first leg loss in Lusaka on November 12 and give The Zebras hope of chasing for a top two finish.

Zambia should also thank the post in the 38th minute when Kabelo Seakanyeng hit the woodwork following a breakthrough run from midway inside Chipolopolo’s area.

But Zambia remained untidy in the second half where showed very little quality in their finish.

The major highlight was Fashion Sakala’s 86th minute header from a Kelvin Mubanga throw-in that scraped the beam before the referee generously added five minutes of extra-time.

It is now a mountain to climb for Zambia in their last two games.
They host unbeaten Algeria in their penultimate Group H match on March 23, 2021.

Then, Zambia will make what will hopefully not be a formality trip to Harare on March 30.

Meanwhile, Algeria and Zimbabwe drew 2-2 in the early Monday Group H kickoff in Harare.

Algeria top on 10 points while Zimbabwe has 5 points.

Botswana has 4 points while Zambia has a solitary 3 points after their third loss from four Group H games.


    • It doesn’t rain but POURS in Zambia. This result is just a sign of the status of EVERYTHING you may think of in Zambia – Economy, Politics, Education, Health, Sports, etc -all ROTTEN!!!!
      When Zambia was ZAMBIA, one wouldn’t worry about any result against teams like Botswana. the only thing we wouldn’t know was by how many goals Zambia would triumph. Now we are the region’s and continent’s laugh stock, SHAME!!!!!

    • I miss the KK Eleven. At that time both the COUNTRY and FAZ had credible leaders. Now our national team has also been turned into MWANKOLE ELEVEN!!! Cry my beloved Zambia.

  1. Yes Zambia do not loose heart as this is a normal happening and every team goes through it. Some times you plan but your enemy in this case not real enemies draws up a counter strategy. Bear in mind our friends need to lough and celebrate victories too. They too carry their national pride after all they say “Insansa Kuchinjana”. Now as Zambians lets not discourage the boys as they are on the right trajectory. Kudos to the boys for what they have achieved and this is not the end of the road. Its back to permutations again but who knows we may just make it. This is not time for name calling and assigning blame. This is not time to blame the coach because he left this and that player. This is the time to soldier on as there are more games coming in future. Remember we beat Botswana 0-1…

  2. CONTI- Remember we beat Botswana at last years COSAFA 0-1, Drew 0-0 during the first round of the CHAN qualifiers, They came to Lusaka and again we beat them 3-2 in the same CHAN tournament, this time around they came again in Lusaka and we beat them 2-1. Its just normal that them too may have a fill of a win. Good luck next time

  3. FAZ is clueless when it comes to football. It’s no longer interesting to play for mother Zambia.

    Back to probability again.

  4. I hope u were not expecting the team to qualify; otherwise I would have been surprised. The team performance is following performance of the local currency against hard currencies. In the meantime the coach gets paid in USD? My foot; for what! The most stu…pid place a foreigner can make money is in Africa.

  5. There is your Kamanga. Standards keep declining drastically under his leadership. Similar leadership results as Lungu.

    They are both specialists at failure.

    There is nothing right now in Zambia that citizens can be proud of. We have been totally stripped of any pride.

    The rot starts from the very top of leadership.

    When the leader says in public that he does not regret reckless borrowing, you know you are headed into the abyss. Head first.

  6. What was that idyot PF minister doing there in Botswana stadium? Anything PF touches will turn sour. You depressed player you fvcking PF.
    RB built that team which won Afcon, Zambia had already qualified before PF took over government.

  7. We told you that Andrew Ndanga Kamanga isn’t good for our football. He has failed and it’s showing. His preoccupation is to fight and paint King Kalu black. You can’t fight legends. His term has finished so let call for elections. Zambia won’t be at AFCON for a 3rd consecutive time under Kamanga. He must bring back the stolen computer

  8. Kwena where did kamanga come from mwebantu? cant we have National prayers for him to leave us in peace? My father who watched football from the 60s tells me that Zambia never failed to qualify for AFCON. Now we will miss AFCON for a third time!!!! Why are we being tortured like this? Some of us football is our breakfast, Lunch and Supper and someone just arrives and robs us of our staple food? National prayers please. Kamanga must go

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