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Government directs Kafubu Water to cancel water bills for thousands of customers in Luanshya


Government has with immediate effect directed Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company to write off water bills belonging to four thousand households in Luanshya’s Mpatamatu and Roan Townships amounting to K16 million.

This follows a petition by Luanshya Mayor, Nathan Chanda that the bills be written off because they were slapped on people who had no water running from their taps.

Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Jonas Chanda said government will not allow a situation where citizens are subjected to pay for services they do not receive.

The Minister said this when he called on Luanshya Mayor at his office.

“All bills that where charged on people when these townships never had water must be cancelled immediately. Our people should now start a new and clean page with Kafubu Water and should ensure that they continue paying so that the water utility company’s operations are not affected in the district,” he said.

And Dr Chanda has also announced that President Edgar Lungu has authorised the release of K3 million emergency funds to overhaul sewer systems in the two townships.

He has called for quick action from Kafubu Water once the funds are availed to the utility company.

Dr Chanda said the release of funds is in line with President Edgar Lungu’s commitment to providing clean and safe water and sanitation services.

“I’m happy to announce that his Excellency, President Edgar Lungu has directed us to provide K3million to overhaul the sewer lines in Roan and Mpatamatu townships. Water and sanitation services should move side by side if government’s vision 2030 on water and sanitation is to be met, “ he said.

“This is just an emergency fund to enable us respond to this disaster that I have seen for the first time where raw sewer floats in people’s yards,” Dr Chanda said.

Meanwhile, Luanshya Mayor, Nathan Chanda has praised government for providing a solution to the problem of sewer system which is a life threat to the people.

Mr Chanda disclosed that residents in the two areas have had several diarrhoea complaints because of contaminated water.

He however said he will engage the people and sensitise them on the importance of paying bills to the water utility company.

Mr Chanda said the prompt response from government on the matter will put an end to the sewer and water problems people in the two areas and other parts of the district have been facing.

“I’m so thrilled with this quick response from the Head of State over the sewer problem our people have been facing here,” Mr Chanda said.


  1. This follows a petition by Luanshya Mayor, Nathan Chanda that the bills be written off because they were slapped on people who had no water running from their taps.

  2. There’s a general failure in Water Utilities, so it must not end at cancellation of questionable bills but go further and fire somebody. Recently the President was embarrassed at the Kitwe Presidential Lodge when caretakers complained that there’s no water but Nkana Water continues to bill every month! Why should people continue to get salaries for doing nothing?


  4. Good move.

    This is what it means to work for the people. Well done Jonas.

    But be careful. The PF do not like those that have citizen concerns at heart.

    Just look at how they treated Miles Sampa when he stood up against the racist Chinese in Lusaka.

  5. This only happens in Africa …how can a company grow and become commercially viable if they keep cancellation of this is not the first time..last they directed mulonga just before 2016 elections..those on the copperbelt should remember that after the elections ..the water bills that started coming out where very high compared to in short..they did not cancel..they made you pay for later on..I had a ghost bill myself but thanks to my spirit of not tolerating ubupuba my bill was reversed but not everyone was as fortune as me

  6. Excellent & effective lobbying by Mr Chanda. Indeed, why should people pay for services undelivered? I think, the same should apply to Zesco for their failure to supply constant electricity to households and businesses all over the country. People shouldn’t have to put up with repeated failures – you can do something about it to help your lot.

  7. That ios what happens with state controlled enterprises. You appoint a crony board that appoints incompetent managers just because they are PF and this is the result.

  8. So you direct Kafuba council to cancel their customers bill but central govt doesn’t compensate the council because it too is broke…so how do you think the council will manage the running costs of the water pumps…the cycle of mediocrity continues!!

  9. On what moral or commercial grounds would a company request money for services it has not supplied? This defies logic!

    You need to ask the officers to resign

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