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President Lungu in Eastern Province for a 6 days working Visit


President Edgar Lungu has arrived in Chipata district, Eastern Province for a six-day working visit.

President Lungu who arrived aboard a Zambia Airforce (ZAF) airplane, touched down at Chipata airport at 10.20 hours

The President was welcomed by Provincial Minister, Makebi Zulu and other provincial heads, security chiefs, and party officials.

The Head of State is being accompanied by Presidential Affairs Minister, Freedom Sikazwe and other senior government officials.

President Lungu took time to greet members of the public who thronged the airport to welcome him in the province.

The Head of State is expected to visit selected districts, inspect developmental projects, and interact with chiefs, the clergy and party officials during his visit in the area.

The President is also during his visit expected to launch 2020/2021 farming season.

Meanwhile, -President Edgar Lungu has donated 78 bicycles to village headmen in Lukashya constituency in Kasama district.

Lukashya Member of Parliament (MP), George Chisanga who handed over the bicycles on behalf of the President said the bicycles have been donated to help headmen in their mobility.

Mr Chisanga stated that the bicycles will go a long way in assisting headmen with their daily activities.

“You had requested for bicycles from President Lungu when he came for campaigns during the Lukashya Parliamentary by-elections and like he indicated, he could not give you then, because it was a campaign period but now that the campaigns are over, he has delivered,” Mr Chisanga said.

The Lukashya law maker said the President has earmarked to handover a total of 250 bicycles to all village headmen in the area.

‘We are today handing over 78 bicycles but we expect to deliver 250 in total and this will be done in phases. The President wants to work with you in delivering development in the area,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chisanga Village Headman, John Musonda praised the President for honoring his pledge of providing them with bicycles.

Mr Musonda said headmen in the area are thankful to President Lungu and have pledged to work and support him.

He assured that headmen in Lukashya are behind President Lungu.


  1. Go to hell hard working. He is a thief by profession and nothing else. Need to send special forces on a sniper mission and take him out

  2. Scouser in as much as I understand your tribal hatred and frustration of supporting a record breaking election loser, I would like to advise you to be very careful with what you say about a sitting president. Do not that that hiding away in diaspora gives direct immunity to you should anything ever happen to our Republican president. You are hurting inside. I understand that feeling. I have also been in opposition. However, let us show some maturity and responsibility in the way we blog.just personal advice.

  3. Eastern Province we need 2,500,000 Registered voters and massive turnout on an election day. Luapula, Muchinga, Northern, Copperbelt, Central, Lusaka will support. Dont make a mistate you made with Rupiah Banda. Turn out in numbers….Vote for President Lungu the way southern vote for HH

  4. Ba Lungu kuwayawaya fye.. The man is on a mission to go and campaign using on a tribal card. Very shameful.. Anyway, he’s still not eligible and jail is waiting for him for economically bringing Zambia down.

  5. He was there last month and the month before. Immediately he comes back the first Lady goes there. In the past two months she has been there 3 times while he has been twice and nkandu Luo twice. They are very serious about trying to make sure eastern province gives them a massive turnout to cancel all the southern province votes. You will see how frequently they will keep on visiting eastern until elections.

  6. I’m always amazed by men like Kaizer who can blatantly rig elections…harass and pressure election officials not to announce proper election results and then have the guts to shamelessly call HH a loser…Kaizer, you forgot what you did in 2016? If your ka thief is so popular, let him face the voters in debates and participate in free and fair elections….then you can talk.

  7. Full campaign instead of sitting and working to sort out the kwacha. Travelling all the time meanwhile no slight improvement in people’s livelihoods

  8. Let him see for himself how neglected this area is. I propose that he drives from Lundazi to Chasefu, then to Chama. From Chama he should drive to Muyombe and Mafinga then Isoka. We’ll discuss when he returns to Lusaka. I’ll be waiting for him

  9. Economy in shambles, poverty levels have increased, Kwacha loosing value everyday, We have become a laughing stock as a Country Zambia WorldWide, All investors are shunning us except those who already invested when Zambia had a Good reputation and even them, they are planning to leave coz they don’t seem to see any positive outlook of Zambia’s economy. The someone on this platform without even having a little bit of shame comments on distribution of bicycles as empowerment we don’t even know where they are getting that money while we are failing to pay dept. We are now specialized in defaulting. Some people have no shame indeed when u have failed just admit coz numbers don’t lie and people are now able to see. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk shame

  10. When I call this bum Lazy Lungu you think its an insult….I mean who goes that many days away from State House when the economy is a downward spiral. What are you going to doing for 6 days? We know you are just your old hen Ester….

  11. The people need the kind of assistance that will establish them on a path enabling them to buy the bicycles for themselves! Giving alms to people is bribery of the worst kind! Give them the know how with support and they will be grateful for always!

  12. When I call this bum Lazy Lungu you think its an insult….I mean who goes that many days away from State House when the economy is on a downward spiral. What are you going to be doing for 6 days? We know you are just running away from your old hen Ester….

  13. Desparado. Sojourn upon sojourn, in the quest to appear politically relevant, when there are pressing socio-economic matters to answer to from his empty chair at State House.

  14. But honestly with this our current economic break down the president can find time to go for 6 days and campaign.
    He has paid much attention and energy towards wining the election than improving people’s lives.

  15. He is very hard working President, in the history of this country he is the only President who has undertaken working visits to all the Provinces. Keep it up.

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