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Northern Parts of Ndola in Water Shortage Crisis for almost a week


Water blues have hit the northern part of Ndola district for almost a week making affected residents to appeal to the Utility firm , Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company to address the crisis immediately.

The affected areas are namely Minsundu, Northrise, Chifubu, Pamodzi, Mitengo, Kanini, Chipulukusu, Hillcrest,Kansenshi, Dolla Hill, Twapia among others.

“It is unacceptable going for seven days without water especially that we are already in the rain season. And surprising enough, Kafubu water has not engaged us on the matter,” lamented some affected residents

George Bwalya, a resident of Northrise on his colleagues’ behalf said people have now resorted to fetching water from shallow wells which he added are ‘breeding grounds for bacteria that cause diarrhea disease.

Mr. Bwalya added that the affected communities are now hesitant to use their flushable toilets whenever answering the call of nature.

“This is unacceptable. We can’t continue leaving like this. Why would people start running away from their own homes because of water? We are urging Kafubu to stop playing games, we want proper services,” Bwalya said.

And Isaac Simata said some sections of Chifubu Township last saw a drop of water from taps on Monday last week, describing the situation as ‘unacceptable.’

But when contacted for a comment, Kansenshi ward Councillor, Brenda Mwamba has expressed ignorance on the matter.

Ms. Mwamba said she is not aware of the erratic water supply in her ward.

Meanwhile, Kafubu water has attributed the erratic supply of water to technical power challenges currently affecting it’s Minsundu 1 and Minsundu 2 water treatment plants.

“Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company Limited would like to inform its esteemed customers that there is erratic water supply and no water in some parts of Ndola’s Northern zone, “ the utility firm’s Public Relations Unit said.

This is due to technical power challenges affecting our Minsundu water treatment plants,” read part of the statement issued by the public relations unit obtained by ZANIS.


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    Zambia debt crisis just the ears of the hippopotamus in Africa’s perilous fiscal position

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  2. It is because we have a government packed with mostly ba Kabova who only care about their bank bank accounts and what they can get out of politics


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