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UNZA suspends 8 students for inciting the Riot

General News UNZA suspends 8 students for inciting the Riot

The University of Zambia Management has with immediate effect suspended eight students that allegedly incited others to riot over the decision not to allow students with outstanding fees to write semester examinations.

The eight have been named as Frank Chiyama, Samuel Daka, Justine Ngosa, Boyd Simukoko, and Chandra Chongo.

Other students are Langford Mbewe, Mwate Simpemba and Abraham Chilubaila.

UNZA Acting Head of Communication and Marketing Marjorie Nkamba confirmed in a statement to ZNBC News today.

Ms. Nkamba said the students have been suspended pending investigations and disciplinary hearing.

And Ms. Nkamba said UNZA Management has taken administrative action against members of Staff who abrogated the directive NOT to allow students who had not fully paid to sit for examinations.

She said UNZA Management is saddened by such riotous behavior as this goes against what the institution stands for and will NOT condone it.

Ms. Nkamba said quick action by UNZA security supported by State Police curbed the riot and averted serious damage to the infrastructure.

She has assured all stakeholders and the public that calm has returned to Great East Road Campus and all activities including Examinations have continued.

UNZA is owed about 57 Million kwacha in arrears by Students.


  1. Very f00lish behaviour coming from people that should be highly intelligent and civilised. I am called a lab technician and yet I have more sense than most of those with masters and phd. Can the law take its course on these clowns.

  2. Suspending poor students is not the panacea. Don’t get me wrong, I have no interest in UnZA. None. I have no kids at Unza. My kids have studied law at UCT and medicine in Russia. But those poor students need govt support. Don’t deny them their right to university education. Please. I beg of you. Please.

  3. Every parent and student know what they’re supposed to pay and how much GRZ puts in so they can’t blame management for taking such action. Just expel them but give them an opportunity to reapply then ask each to name at least 1 person that influenced them as a condition for readmission then you’ll know who the real culprit is. Simple

  4. In the face of National polarization brought about by PF and under deep economic & social programs, the university deserves a proactive Covid19 fund from Government to write off student areas as a solution to the problem zUNZA is faced today

  5. In the face of National polarization brought about by PF and under deep economic & social problems, the university deserves a proactive Covid19 fund from Government to write off student DEBTS as a solution to the problem UNZA is faced today

  6. I don’t blame the students, look at the buildings and you are proud to call this the highest school of learning in the country, the money spent on the fire trucks would have gone a long way, alas when the people in power cannot think beyond their pockets, this is what you get. I really hope the next administration will be serious and take those wanting to task. Stop this foolish African think of letting thieves go free, ataa


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