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US$42 for the 42 fire tenders would have helped address the current problems facing UNZA-UPND


The US$42 stolen from the inflated price of the 42 fire tenders would have helped address the current problems facing UNZA students, says United Party for National Development (UPND) Deputy Secretary General for Administration, Gertrude Imenda.

Speaking when she featured on United Voice Radio this morning, Ms Imenda accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of indulging in high level corruption activities to rob Zambians.

She stated that if senior PF officials and ministers didn’t corruptly pocket in excess of US$700, 000 from the purchase of each of the 42 fire tenders which she said would have been bought for US$300, 000 at best, the Government would have been able to foot the US$20 million debt UNZA owes various creditors.

She said that the high corruption levels in the country have continued to rob Zambians of a better life, adding that most health centres in the country have no medicines due to pilferage of drugs at the Ministry of Health (MoH).


  1. @Tarino Orange: well said. We are a rich country but we lack leadership. What about the mukula logs that were abandoned/confiscated in Malaysia; where are we on this matter? We could have sold them and apply the proceeds towards Eurobond interest payment. In my view, we should have requested the lenders to give us room to pay only half of the amount due. The lenders have appeared difficult as we requested for suspension of the whole amount. Lizard or Crocodile-whatever the French consultant is called is not skilful at all. If the money we borrowed was invested in manufacturing sector including agriculture, the country would have been by now teeming with a lot of activities. God help us. Another opportunity missed was on Guy Scott. I don’t think we would be like this.

  2. And the billions your demigod leader hh stole through privatisation would have lifted many zambian out of poverty. You silly f00lish woman l

    By the way are there any beautiful women in only had charmaine until she was beaten by your fellow upnd cadres due to infighting

  3. I have said this so many times.

    Remove PF from government first. Then hire Scotland Yard to find where these thieves are hiding the money they stole. Grab all the houses they have built, their businesses, and check under their beds for hard currency in dollars.

    We will recover so much that we will be able repay the debt lumped on us.

    Then let us cage them for life to deter such behaviour in future.

  4. When the country was awash with Eurobond money , the PF theives really went to town stealing…..

    Lungu was bust globetrotting while his comanders were giving him cuts from the corruption and telling him the incoming avalanches of foreign investors will fix everything, while their street thugs got hooked on freehand outs……

    It is too late for Zambia now.

    We are in a deep deep hole g F or the next 10 years.

    Only now lungu has stopped stealing and is trying to work because he has realised the buck stops at his feet and there is no more money

  5. Well said @ Indigo Tyrol, added to that isolate and scrutinise all loans from China genuine ones that have been beneficial to Zambians and dubious ones that went into PF pockets, institute forensic judicial audits, claw back ALL ASSETS as you say check under their beds for hard foreign currency as was the case with late PF cadre Willie Nsanda when after his lonely death in South Africa, breaking the bedroom found huge sums of Pounds, Dollars and Rands stuck in tranks. PF are evil both in life and in death Zambians need to remove. All suffering endured by Zambia is because of thefts and corruption of PF government.

  6. @Kaisa Sulu if u have evidence against HH, why can u not deliver the evidence to the police or are u working yourself to be an accomplice?

  7. KZ you are a thick nigger with no brains.

    You talk about privatisation, this happened under another crook/ thief Chiluba’s regime.

    Mwanawasa and Sata came there was no investigation or commission of inquiry set up because there was nothing sinister about it. Your ex boss was also involved in this process as he was the lawyer appointed.

    When this happened you were still living in a hut in a compound but today with the stolen wealth you are talking and acting as if you have earned it in the right manner.

    You are nothing but a mare crook, a thief is what you will be known as.

  8. Black Scouser why are you so hurt. If your demigod is clean as he states then let him await an inquiry and stop trying to stop people from bringing evidence by taking legal action against them. Why is an innocent man trying to silence witnesses? Stop supporting people blindly. This is what happens when you support people based on tribe. You end up looking like a f00l

  9. QUOTE: “The US$42 stolen from the inflated price of the 42 fire tenders would have helped address the current problems facing UNZA students, says United Party for National Development (UPND) Deputy Secretary General for Administration, Gertrude Imenda.”
    Ba GERTRUDE IMENDA, UKULABOSABOSA FYE I think you are just wasting the readership time. Please, do the CHILUFYA TAYALI- exihibit some documentary evidence of wrong doing. Ukulatwimya fye imitima when we are supposed to be reading some sensible editorials, hence, wasting the readership time resource is the worst kind stvp!d!ty. We don’t have time to read things which don’t make sense. Please, write with evidence.

  10. KZ. Once UNDP is in power. There will be accountability and forensic financial investigation carried out.

    Have you heard about Scotland Yard. I don’t think your thick brain would know.

    Believe me the billions that will be recovered will be no surprise.

  11. Black scouser undp will never rule Zambia nor will UPND. What Scotland yard iwe ******. We have our own sovereign police force here ZP. Keep your silly Scotland yard there. Tukala twenu. Stop sniffing that cocaine there abroad

  12. I would agree with you these politicians are just the same HH undervalued government asserts and in some cases he only changed ownership to himself.
    As you know HH became rich during privatization of government asserts and now he is at the top of the world , I can only hope he explains what he is going to do with the looted wealth is he going to give it back to the government or he will keep it ,, this is the story that will never go away and he will never rest from suing Tayali and Nawakwi.

  13. Kakaiza zezulu have you noticed that everything the ruling baboons do, there is misappropriation of public funds!

    Baboons don’t plan ahead, they just eat and eat as long as there is food.

    Suddenly the country defaults in repayments of its debt (interest component only), drugs non existing in health institutions, one season roads, overpriced wheel burrows aka fire fighting engines, etc

    Baboons at play

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