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Government will dissolve boards of water utility companies involved in financial irregularities

General News Government will dissolve boards of water utility companies involved in financial...

Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister Dr Jonas Chanda has warned that government will not hesitate to dissolve boards of water utility companies involved in financial irregularities and other financial mismanagement issues.

Dr Chanda notes that lack of financial discipline could lead to failure to archieve developmental goals and erodes confidence among sector players.

Speaking during the tour of the Southern Water and Sanitation Company water treatment plant in Livingstone,the Minister said audits done on 11 water utility companies by NWASCO as well as the Parliamentary committee on energy and water revealed worrying reports of financial indiscipline by some boards.

He therefore assured that government will take appropriate action to secure investments in the water and sanitation sector.

“Personally, I have assured government and cooperating partners that all resources will be used accordingly and accounted for.We don’t want water utility companies that are mismanaging resources” Dr Chanda warned.

Dr Chanda said government wants total transparency with every financial support it is getting from cooperating partners and the private sector in order to serve people efficiently and effectively.

And SWASCO board chairperson Mr Richwell Siamunene assured the minister that all the monies will be put to good use in order to ensure that water and sanitation challenges are addressed in line with the company’s strategic plan.

Meanwhile, SWASCO managing director Mr Gift Monde said the water utility company is prioritizing expansion and construction of water development areas in order to increase coverage in Southern Province and thanked government for securing funding for various projects in the province.


  1. Even stealing they issue warnings because all these boards are full of PF senior officials and cadres who are even driving around in Ford Rangers for these part-time positions. If this Chanda Brother crook was serious he would just forward matters to ACC but he cant as he knows he will shoot himself in the foot.

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