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Anglican Church Diocese condemns hate speech, political violence and tribal remarks championed by leaders


The Anglican Church Diocese of Luapula has strongly condemned the hate speech, political violence and tribal remarks championed by certain leaders and individuals in the country.

Anglican diocese of Luapula Bishop ROBERT MUMBI says such vulgar language currently being entertained in the country can cause trouble, which the poor will be greatly affected.

The Bishop also called for the promotion of One Zambia, One Nation Motto to ensure unity, love and peace in the country.

He was speaking on the sidelines of the celebrations of fifty years of the Christ the King Anglican Church in Mansa Luapula province.

He added that there is need to intensify sensitization on National Values, Christian and traditional values for the nation to preserve it’s prestigious character that the nation has been known for.

And Bishop Mumbi has urged government to bring people closer in order to know it’s strengthens and weaknesses.

And gracing the Jubilee celebrations, Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs GODFRIDAH SUMAILI thanked the Church for complimenting government’s efforts in proving the welfare of the people in the country.

Rev. Sumaili said government is happy to note that the Anglican Church has continued to offer education and health services in the province and beyond.

She said government is concerned with the increased intolerance among people adding that this should not be accepted.

She pointed out that there is need for families and churches to teach children and the youth on the virtues of love, tolerance and hard work.

Rev. Sumaili said there is for people to change their mind on the value placed on peace in order to peace to continue reigning.


  1. Civilised what planet you live in, PF and the so called ministers are on record for promoting tribal remarks. They no longer campaign based on issues but tribe. The so called president general never reprimands them and people are tired of it. Everyday Tonga this and that then next they want to talk about the chrsitian clause in bill 10 hypocrites

  2. Why is this Bishop using riddles,why can’t he quote the political leaders he is talking about, is he also a coward? just say so and so said bla bla bla, and that we wo,’t tolerate as a church. SIMPLE.

  3. Zambians had witnessed the way HH speaks and the number of bad words he uses for the ruling party during an election campaign rally.

  4. If we go through the facebook page of Hichilema, we will see that most of his posts are related to the Holy Bible. He thinks that we are dull who will believe his fakery.

  5. I think the most vulgar language is used on the social media platform. Without checking the authenticity of the news, people just bust out in anger at the government.

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