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HH broke the Law, it is not President Lungu who incarcerated him-Kampyongo


Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has said that Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema should stop accusing President Lungu of incarcerating him.

Speaking when he featured on Radio Delight Kwitonta Fm in Chinsali, Hon Kampyongo wondered why Hakainde Hichilema would go around misleading people that he was incarcerated by President Edgar Lungu when in fact not.

Mr. Kampyongo said that Mr. Hichilema misconducted himself in Limulunga, Western province when he interfered with the Presidential motorcade, and in the process, committed treason.

“Hakainde Hichilema should not go around telling lies that he was incarcerated by President Lungu,” he said before adding that every Zambian knows that it was not President Lungu, but police who arrested him, and the law then had him incarcerated, and that he should not go round concocting lies about President Lungu whenever the law catches up with him.

Mr. Kampyongo said that all suspected lawbreakers in Zambia have state facilities where they are kept in isolation as is provided for by the law and no criminal proven or accused has a right to chose where they are incarcerated.

Mr. Kampyongo said that the Opposition leader should not go around committing crime thinking he would be incarcerated in a Five Star hotel because he is a Zambian just like any other and he is not above the law.

“No one is above the law and Hakainde will do well to remember that he can’t go round committing crime thinking he is going to get special treatment, thinking he will be taken to a five-star hotel, no, when he breaks the law he will be incarcerated from the very same correctional facilities that everyone else is kept when they commit a crime,” Hon Kampyongo said.


  1. A hardcore criminal never learns from his mistakes. Hh shows a lack of insight into his terrible behaviour even after the childish boy was pardoned. If hh did not break any rules then we wouldn’t have had international community pleading with us to pardon him. Rather the international community would have imposed sanctions or twisted our arms to release this criminal. We now regret feeling sorry for him. It not any surprise that he supports fellow convicts like kambwili. There is just something criminally wrong about hh.

    • We are voting for him and you know what will happen there after. Your issues of assaulting a mini bus driver, your issues of burning peoples houses in Chongwe, your firing of guns to clear Kavindeles son at a hotel, your fights and abducting people in Kafue, and many others including your misleading of your boss rendering Zambia not credit worth any more due to poor governance will all come to life at once. Zambians are voting for HH again only that this time the votes will be firmly secured, period,

    • Zambia is harsh, former notorious presidential advisor reduced to a mere blogger. Second worst performing currency in the world, depreciating by 51% in a single year, who does that. Pack on your own

  2. Kampyongo,

    Give us a break from your mediocrity! Everyday it’s HH this, HH, that. Ain’t the violent PF buffoonery tired of their own failure to run the economy & pay back the massive dept they have so far accumulated? PF bandits, make sure that you renovate Chimbokaila & Mukobeko with the loose ngwees you are left with. These will be a home for so many violent PF bandits.

    Kampyongo, how is the economy performing after the corrupt PF bandits failed to pay $43 million of foreign debt?

    Kampyongo, how much is mealie meal? Are all the civil servants & retirees been paid their wages?

    PF violent bandits usukeni imitwe ba kolokombwa imwe.

    The Skeleton Key

  3. looks like HH is PF’s foreign and national policy. yesterday it was the chief govt spokesperson talking about him now it the home affairs minister, WHO IS NEXT TO TALK ABOUT HIM? THEY TALK ABOUT HH MORE THAN THEY TALK ABOUT THE ECONOMY OF THE NATION.

  4. How does talking about HH halt the kwacha from further depreciating, how does focusing on HH improve our GDP growth, how does this talk of HH all the time bring inflation down, how does HH being central in both your cabinet meetings and outside cabinet meetings create jobs for our thousands of youths who are jobless, how does waking up and going to sleep thinking about HH improve Zambias depleted reserves, We know you beat him by a whisker in the last elections and it is haunting you and inducing fear but don’t you think for once you can focus more on serious issues. Please this country is bleeding, we are the first country to default in the covid era though our challenges started way before Covid, Can you start working

  5. Ndipo these people, they are in their ninth year as a ruling party, instead of starting to work, they are busy focusing on one person. They are other opposition parties in Zambia but the fear of HH has become a daily song. People and the youths in marjority are jobless, the economy is harsh and one can just choose to talk about HH. Unbelivable

  6. With time people involved in these crimes below – just to mention a few will be dealt with :
    1. 48 houses
    2. Swindling a Widow
    3. Fire Tenders
    4.Illegal forest wire fence in Eastern Province
    5. Inflated cost for Toll gates
    7.Cader supremacists
    8.Violence by cadres
    9.Inflated road construction costs.
    10. Burning innocent people houses
    11. Grabbing land from poor peasant farmers
    12. Mismanagement of Parastatals
    13. KCM saga
    14. COVID 19 funds. etc etc

  7. It is Kampyongo’s eye that has a blurr,it is his measuring tape that is broken.Using imperfect tools you’ll always arrive at the wrong results.

  8. Kampyongo, what is pursuing you? just wait, you will come and explain which law HH broke, was it traffic related or criminal related namely treason? If it was traffic related, was it HH driving? So mwiamba ukututuma, loleleni fye mukalanda bwino. Even if HH will say he has forgiven you, we who hate injustice will see to it that the whole bunch of criminals masquerading as leaders account for your lawlessness.


  10. Steven Man, You have grown old with your corruption. a young kid looking so old.. even his thinking mentality has changed. what corruption can do to people.

  11. LT…….why are you exposing your readers to these scam artists ???

    Palesa Dlamin
    November 24, 2020 At 3:07 pm

    Is LT part of these fake witchdocters ?

    You are censoring genuine contributers but letting the scam artists through ??

  12. Let us all register to vote. As we go to vote. Lets not vote on emotions. Let’s ask those standing to share their manifesto so that we vote or not vote for them based on the ideas/policies they have that affect all of us.
    1. What’s their policy on pay as you earn?
    2. What is their policy on excise tax/ duty?
    3. What’s their policy on corporate taxes?
    4. Whats their policy on Pensions ?
    5.Whats their land ownership policy ?
    6. Whats the policy on education, health?.
    7. What is their policy on agriculture and promotion of local products?
    What’s the policy on easing regulation?
    8. What is the strategy to ending smuggling,???? corruption etc
    9. What is their policy on the rule of law and ending the pathetic cardalism within their parties etc?
    I can go on.
    You can not swim to the shore with rocks double your weight tied to your legs.
    We need transparent leaders..

  13. There are no signs of Zambians voting for HH, the signs we should be are more new members joining his party and seeing people from the ruling party resigning from their party to join opposing party, and the other one is to see him wining bye elections if he is not doing the three signs then there is no change in his political career.
    H H was a youth when he started campaigning for the first office but now he is a senior citizen , he must be slowing down the best election he was going to win was in 2016 when Lungu was a novice with many problems with in his party.

  14. HH is really giving these fellas sleepless nights. Its HH day in day out but no mention as to how they will take the country out of the S**t hole they have put it in. What did we do wrong to deserve such calibre of leaders!

  15. “Time and again, the UPND has gone on a campaign drive to preach and promote, hate, violence, and tribalism. They have encouraged their supporters in their strongholds to blatantly demean and insults the head of state and this show of disrespect was exampled by their leader HH who arrogantly tried to block the presidential motorcade, an act that is treasonous in many if not all countries” if HH won an ERRECTION in 2100 he will be another Trumps. But I doubt if this he gaat can make it to state house…..hh does not anything on governing a nation all he knows is auctioning things chapwaaaaaaa.

  16. Which law did he break if even when the compromised legal system acquitted him ? Next time Bwana Minister ,check your facts before you make any careless pronouncements .

  17. What crime? Has he been convicted or has the state entered a nolle? Hon Kampyongo must know the difference between remanding someone before trial and being imprisoned following conviction, all of our ministers are so intelligent and highly educated that such a distinction must be as obvious as rain falling down. But we are told that it rains up. In the eyes of the law HH remains innocent, because he has not been convicted.

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