Thursday, February 29, 2024

President Lungu arrives Siavonga for one day visit


President Edgar Lungu has arrived in Siavonga district, Southern Province on a one-day working visit.

President Lungu is in the district, to launch the Presidential Fish Farming Initiative for Buyantanshi and Kamimbi Cooperatives and commissioning of the automated fish harvesting vessel.

The President arrived at Mundulundulu airstrip in Siavonga at 09:05hrs.

The Head of State was received by Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Nkandu Luo, Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale, Senior Government and Patriotic Front Party officials among others.

President Lungu is also expected to interact with traditional leaders in the area to appreciate their challenges.


  1. My hardworking president you need to rest too. I get worried with how hard you work. I understand that your love for this nation drives you to sacrifice even your free time to working for our people. We can only thank you and the zambian people will thank you by voting you in again for a second term.

    By the way upnd please stop contacting me and trying to get me to work for you during elections. I will remain pf until I die

  2. Wind up to your retirement by 2021 SIR. That is the way to go and you dignity and Integrity will remain unshaken. Do not be like many foolish African Leaders who are cheated by swindlers claiming they love them when what they love is the money and opportunities surrounding the Presidency.

    Please, please reconsider this. You really have an opportunity to make a name for your family.

  3. …. that, was my brother…big tribes…even in Oxford dictionary we are there! I agree with what you have said about our President Edgar C Lungu

  4. Why is he only implementing these things at the end of his term? Should have already been done, along with the roads and other infrastructure.. then maybe I would consider voting PF.. Lol ??????

  5. The road network is quite bad in Siavonga. Please help resolve the water dispute between local peasants and lodge owners. People need access to the lake for water and the Law is very clear on that but some lodge owners have fenced the whole areas thereby denying people access to the lake. Businesses must coexist with locals

  6. The L@zy man doing everything possible to do as little work as possible…he s going to dish out more taxpayers funds… this l@zy suggage!!

  7. Lungu has really been working hard these last few day, I think it has something to do with elections next year.

    • Patriotic Zambian also, how do you call this moving around as working. Okay, tell me, wherever he has been, have you ever heard that the quality of life of the Zambian people has improved after he leaves the place. With due respect, lets just be realistic

  8. You have a collapsing economy, raging debt, collapsing kwacha, inflation and one is busy visiting places mascarading to be working….why appoint DCs and provincial ministers if you will be going round doing what they should be doing?

    Confidence is gauged by one’s ability to delegate work, any superio who fails to delegate should be questionable……

  9. Why are you calling it a visit because it purely going to be campaign and an unnecessary drain on the economy which is failing to meet it’s debt obligations .

  10. Not sure if these travels are helping anybody but just for clarity when Dora was insulting in parliament by raising the middle finger, Zambia was already a Christian nation.

  11. Ala ikongole chintu ichansoni sana, ala chisuma ukubwesha. chilia yafika Eurobond bane; Defwaya Eurobond yandi.
    Ala ikongole chintu ichansoni sana, ala chisuma ukubwesha. chilia yafika Eurobond bane; Defwaya Eurobond yandi.

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