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Sue the Minister of Labour, Absa Bank tells its 32 Managers


The long running court battle between Absa Bank and its 32 Managers over alleged breach of working conditions has now taken a new twist.

The Bank has applied to the Lusaka High Court claiming among other things that the 32 Managers who filed a notice of appeal on 20th October 2020 should sue the Minister of Labour instead.

The Bank on 9th November 2020 filed summons to dismiss the appeal and in their supporting affidavit and arguments, the Bank claimed among other things that it was not the right party to be sued.

The Bank contended that since the 32 Managers were alleging wrong doing on the part of the Minister in arriving at her decision, they should then go ahead and sue her.

The 32 Managers have however maintained that Absa Bank as their employer is the right party to be sued on a claim of breach of conditions of service.

The 32 Managers filed an opposition to the Bank’a claim on 24th November 2020 and are asking the Court to dismiss the Bank’s application so that the case may be heard on its merits.


  1. This is what I meant when I said what Bowman Lusambo did might be a conflict of interest and this is where Joyce Nonde has found herself. A Minister must not side with either party in an industrial and labor relations matter. These workers have a grievance because of the activities of the Minister, similarly the employer can also take action if they feel aggrieved.

  2. Not surprised that minister is another incompetent bum…useless as they come…only in L@zy Lungu’s govt can someone last this long!!

  3. It’s always a problem slim or screw themselves to the top! Look at Lusambo. Dora or now this Simukkoko bum, chila bushika nakasuba lwa kunya chinyanyenye ifishikwete na kumutwe.

  4. Government just came up with a populist employment code which is putting many businesses under a lot of restrain without looking at the deplorable business environment created by the PF themselves. The same government collapses the economy, because remember our economy was already in decline even before covid. How can you have a currency depreciating by 52% in a single year, and that should be deemed to be normal. I think the minister should be sued by the bank.

  5. Really defies any iota of comprehension, with such a high currency erosion brought about by reckless borrowing and you are using all your dollars to settle debts and affecting your exchange rate madly, and your inconsistences in the mining industry thereby affecting dollar in flows resulting into the kwacha making news as one of the worst performing currencies in the world, and Zambia being declared a junk state by respectable international standard ratings, can you even think of putting up such a harsh employment code towards the few remaining businesses.

  6. Absa is just a racist controlled entity given a superficial look of being inclusive by appointing a black CEO. Story izibika. We will sue them

  7. Even the Egyptians in the time of Moses protected their own, it’s only us that can sell of our own blood. Let curses locate you serpents in human images.

  8. Did the Mangers have a contract with the Minister or their Employer (ABSA)? If they had a contract with their Employer to which the Minister is not a party, then I would assume that what the Minster said is irrelevant – ABSA needs to address this situation and not cling to careless talk by a Minister.

  9. Zambians, this article is very badly written, like by an illiterate reporter. No detailed information is given about exactly what these breach of conditions of service are that these people are suing over. Nothing. But you have already gone & taken sides & taking sides. Zambians

  10. Dead Ministries can’t even help you, These are non existant ministries just wasting our tax payers money August 2021 I got my voters card you shall see.

  11. Nonde you are not a minister but opportunist and a TOTAL FALURE. It’s only this government that can tolerate scrap like you.

  12. I don’t understand this sue the Minister! Was she the one grafting their conditions of service? Nvitu vavuta konse chabe. Pa Munyoko.

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