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Man Arrested for Overtaking the Vice President’s Motorcade


The 37-year-old man of Livingstone, who compromised Vice President, Inonge Wina’s security detail, by overtaking her motorcade, has been charged with 3 offences, under the Road Traffic Act.

This was on November 24, 2020, during Ms Wina’s recent visit to Livingstone.

The accused, Innocent Shula has since appeared before Livingstone Senior Magistrate, Trevor Kasanda.

In count one, Shula is charged with the offence of dangerous driving, contrary to section 1-hundred and 55 of the Road Traffic Act Number 11 of 2002.

Shula is, in the second count, charged for failing to obey a police officer’s signal, by driving recklessly and dangerously overtaking the Vice President’s motorcade.

And in the third count, Shula is charged with the use of unregistered motor vehicle on a public road without certification.

Particulars of the offence are that on the material day, Shula, who was driving an unregistered Toyota Mark X, recklessly used a public road, without regard to the circumstances of the case, condition and the use of the road.


  1. You see this is what happens when people don’t face consequences for their actions. Hh did the same and mistake we made was pardoning him. Now that has set a bad precedent as f00lish upnd supporters think this is normal behaviour and that they can get away with it. In other countries that chap would have been shot. For me if anyone puts my family life at risk I will just shoot you. End of !

  2. He could have been killed there and then ….he’s lucky to be alive….who taught him how to drive ? Some problems are avoidable and where was the police? Escort detail apa you failed bane.

  3. Some cases or offences don’t even make sense to commit, maybe the guy wanted attention, a mortacade is very visible even from a distance wether its President or Vice, why one would opt to overtake it and put himself in trouble is beyond me.

  4. Steven Musonda – Ours is a very civil country even if we have a high proportion of dunderheads. In most countries in the world (not just Africa) this man would have been dead. Quite confusing that he was an unregistered vehicle. Mentally okay???????

  5. Bane before you make a comment read what the law says about the overtaking the vice president and the president himself. What kind of offence has been committed. Not just exaggerated statements am seeing here. That’s y you are busy carrying the traffic police in your car to the station when you are assumed of making an offence.

  6. How many vehicles were in the entourage to our vice president? Security should be serious how come he even overtake the vehicle carrying her Hon, were where the side vehicles? Someone should be fired

  7. How can overtaking another vehicle be an offense regardless of who is in that vehicle. The myth that any time a vehicle overtakes a government official must be demystified immediately. Let’s not make these government officials small gods. I am PF but I don’t support arresting anybody for over taking a President or his vice.

  8. Very intolerant, then they want lenience on messing up with our economy. Since these having been arresting people anyhow, how I wish they will receive double portion when they leave office.

  9. The problem with this part of the world they take leaders to be so sacred. In developed countries leaders even carry their own umbrellas, even go to the office on bicycles but here it’s like somebody being President or Vice president is immortal souls. No. And these artificial things must be stopped, there is no offense in our penal code for overtaking these people. Let’s not cheat each other here, show me the odfence in the penal code

  10. Honestly not sure why in the third world an impression is always created that the President and vice president are always at risk, especially in Zambia. We don’t even have such a risk profile as a country. The interpretation of this is that if the motorcade of these guys is at 20km/h and even if you have an emergency you have to follow our servants behind and be at five.

  11. The guy who over took is just an innocent soul. I am sure even our leaders are not happy with the harrasment of innocent souls. The guys was not armed. Not sure why in this country things are dramatized, merely over taking becomes an issue. An ignorant guy is even saying this is the vice president we are talking about, my foot. I am law abiding and I want all citizens to be but not to be harrased on non issues. She was not at risk by her motorcade being over taken, please

  12. Bane when you see these fire engine ambulance police rtsa motorcade any emergency vehicle with siren on please give way this man is lucky to be alive you don’t compromise of emergency vehicles or motorcades the people you see driving motorcade vehicles are specialy trained they can take you out it happened in Malawi a couple in relationship and a friend were on a trip to organize a wedding they compromised the veps security and were taken out they died on the sport all of them

  13. How do you know its the vice president or the president and what if you are drunk or on drugs? If you are on drugs police lights and noise can distabe you. Ask pipo in the US with same experience.

  14. It’s just an imagined security threat which does not even exist. Too much drama here and thinking our leaders are demigods. Even these things you hear that in the US, the guy could have been shot dead for over taking are not true. I lived in these countries for a long time

  15. The whole penal code of Zambia, there is no such offense. Why do people like exaggerating issues. The other time over taking was treason, unbelievable. I wonder what it will be for this guy, Zambia the real Africa

  16. This Kosam Gumboh story can’t be true, how can they die on the sporty instead of dying on the spot. I agree that while security detail for VP is important, the guy being arrested was as harmless as all Zambians. Let the guy go home please

  17. Kaizer Zulu. HH was never pardoned. You do nt pardon a person who has not been found guilty in a court of law. The DPP entered a nolle. And as far as I know, the constitution of Zambia forbids any person to interfere with the DPP’s decisions. So, if you say ‘WE pardoned him,’ you are telling us that Lungu is a dictator who ordered the DPP to enter a nolle.

  18. I don’t know why people are mentioning ‘treason’. It was never treason in HH’s case and it is not treason here. Apart from the ‘reckless driving’ alluded to here, this can also be to do with the offence of endangering the safety of others… or disobeying lawful authority, nothing more.

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