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President Lungu has shown enhanced political will to ensure lives of young Zambia are preserved-Lusambo


Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo says President Edgar Lungu has shown enhanced political will towards ensuring that the lives of young people are preserved.

Mr Lusambo said President Lungu wants to see future of young people secured by ensuring that there are no new HIV infections in order to attain epidemic control.

The Provincial Minister said this in a speech read for him by Lusaka District Commissioner, David Silubanje during the 2020 Candlelight Inter-Faith Memorial Service in Lusaka’s Chawama compound held at Jesus is The King Church, on the eve of World Aids Day.

And speaking at same event, Zambia Inter Faith Networking Group (ZINGO) Board Vice Chairperson, David Masupa commended government for continuing the HIV response amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bishop Masupa further commended government for making strides in the fight against the HIV/AIDS response that is making the 2030 ending the Aids Epidemic a reality.

He said Zambia has done well in the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic as many Zambians are now receiving lifesaving drugs.

And 2020 Candlelight Inter Faith Memorial Service Organising Committee Chairperson, Michael Gondwe has paid glowing tribute to President Lungu for developing the country.

Rev Gondwe said President Lungu has modernised Lusaka City and developed the whole country.

He said the clergyman said the people of Chawama constituency are proud to have produced Dr Lungu as a Republican President.

“We the residents of Chawama are proud of our President and the event we are commemorating this evening, we therefore consider it as a national event,” he said.

Zambia joins the rest of the world in commemorating the World Aids Day, which falls on December 1, 2020 under the theme “The Future is our Responsibility: Let’s take action now.”

National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council (NAC) Director General, Dr. Connie Osborne, UNAIDS Country Director Dr. Tharcisse Barihuta, Lusaka Province Aids Coordinating Advisor Eunice Masi, the clergy from different denominations who led their members and scores of Lusaka residents attended the event amid strict COVID-19 guidelines.


  1. Where is the la7y bone himself Lungu? He is too tired as he spends weekends touring and campaigning…so next weekend the dull chap is off again

  2. Very true bro lusambo. Ala we have covered all bases. Economic development in all corners of the country and development has been taken to all groups of people young , old ,Male, female name it. An all inclusive government for sure.

    My brother lusambo you are also doing a very good job. You are one of a kind because you started politics and serving this nation as a youth. Look where you are now. You are a role model for zambian youth. We thank you

  3. Some people are so self-conscious that they are unable to make eye contact for longer than a second,

  4. Even the fight against AIDS is given by USAID…these shameless morons can not do anything by themselves yet they have wasted billions of dollars on overpriced infrastructure. They can not even repay a mere $42 million coupon a country with so much resources and land lamentably failed to pay off this pantry figure.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves Lungui and Co.

  5. Zambia twaliwamya, we have painted it, twalipyanga, we have put tiles kushele fye uku penta. we have done roads…..tu upnd tulesabaila while using roads made my PF

  6. Lusambo was a thug. What fukking qualifications does he have to be a minister. The twat never completed his GCSE’s let alone A levels.

    Iwe lab tech please upload your degree. As you bought yours from the market.

  7. Instead of commemorating this important event you are busy politicking typical of dull upnd no message to the people but insults is the older of the day and you expect well meaning Zambians to vote for your party. Keep waisting your time and spoiling your chances.

  8. You need competent people to lead a country. The general public who can trust their leader.

    We have a president who is a drunkard and a thief who was barred from practicing law.

    A president and his minions who have accumulated vast amount of wealth through stealing and corruption.

    Let’s see how lungu will pay off the billions in bonds assuming he holds power after the next elections.

    Are they even concerned about paying the debt.

  9. Diasporan upnd haters go and choke on all that hate you harbour against our president. Whether you cry or insult he remains president of the republic of Zambia. You are not in Zambia so why stressing yourselves over a country you left voluntarily? Why not take your relatives based in Zambia to live with you there if you think pf government is so bad? Let those relatives continue lying to you that things are bad here in Zambia so that they continue using the money you send. Mwali pwalala bamakaka imwe

  10. Let’s not be like that just because we are benefiting we cant continue ignoring the fact that things are not ok in Zambia and we are almost at Junk level, Inflation is double digit, The kwacha has become useless all time, food is expensive now, staple food eg is above K100, how many can afford that in a day, let’s be serious and not be jokers myself am not struggling but I feel the wrath sometimes.

  11. So the chief bootlicker speaks. I wonder whether he even knows the meaning of what he said.
    What is: President Lungu has shown enhanced political will to ensure lives of young Zambia are preserved?
    No meaning but as long as the president can read somewhere that Vuvuzelusambo is praising him it’s alright

  12. Ati…..

    “……Rev Gondwe said President Lungu has modernised Lusaka City and developed the whole country….”

    He used borrowed money ! , which he has even failed to payback……putting Zambia in a worse predicament than we were before the debt write off by the rest of the world….

    Even my garden boy back home can build those infrastructure using borrowed money…..

  13. ‘Enhanced political will.’ We forgive him because he did say that English is not necessary for intelligence, but at least use it correctly. Is Lusambo telling us that Lungu’s political will was low or non-existent before? You can only enhance what was poor.

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