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Justice Minister concerned about the low number of local courts in Sesheke District


Justice Minister Given Lubinda is concerned about the low number of local courts in Sesheke District of Western Province.

Sesheke District has nine wards of which only three wards have local courts.

Mr Lubinda disclosed the shortage of local courts to ZANIS shortly after touring Sesheke Subordinate Court, Katongo and Katima Mulilo Local Courts infrastructures.

Earlier, the Minister also expressed concern on the state of the Registry Office at Sesheke Subordinate court which was gutted by fire in November 2013.

Mr Lubinda was dismayed at the dilapidated state of the roof at Sesheke Subordinate court which he described as a danger to human life.

The Minister has since urged the Judiciary to take keen interest in rehabilitating the building before it causes harm to members of staff.

Mr Lubinda also called on Sesheke area Member of Parliament to utilize some of the constituency development fund (CDF) to build local court infrastructures in the district.


  1. I agree we need to step up finding to rural legal systems. Justice should not just be for the privileged in urban areas. We as pf are pro poor party in that our priority is to the poor people. Hh with all stolen loot cannot even donate. How do you have castleover stolen funds

  2. Lubinda is truly confused after losing Bill 10. After 20 years in parliament and 5 years as Minister of Justice, it’s when he has remembered of Sesheke!! That is desperation because he knows they are going and he will also lose that Kabwata seat.

  3. So where have you been all these years to only realize now? Minister of Justice? Busy sharing the spoils that should have been rehabilitating and building those structures?

  4. This is the reason why I hate politicians” they think everyone is dull. Today is when he has realized that that there’s low number of local courts in sesheke district, when he is in and out of sesheke every after 5 years for campaigns

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