Thursday, February 22, 2024

Zambian Breweries calls for stakeholder engagement in addressing the shortage of alcohol


Zambian Breweries PLC has called for stakeholder engagement in addressing the shortage of alcohol in some parts of the country.

Zambian Breweries Country Director Jose Moran says the company has maintained the same production and the shortage is not as a result of less production.

Mr. Moran was speaking when he met the Bars and Night Clubs Owners Association of Zambia Executive committee.

Meanwhile, Breweries Operations Director Franz Shepping said the company is targeting to increase production next year.

Mr. Shepping said Zambian Breweries will need the support of stakeholders to make this a reality.

And Bars and Night Clubs Owners Association of Zambia President Peter Mwale appealed to Zambian Breweries to engage distributors.


  1. The problem is with distributors. They should stop selling large amounts of beer to individuals. Red Sea depots around the city has had no stocks for 3 months plus, the traders go to Sheki Sheki road head office and buy in bulk and then go to different areas and overcharge bar operators. ZB needs to get new distributors who they will give strict conditions and cut off the old ones who are profiteering on Zambians.

  2. Let Zambians do something more tangible than drinking alcohol…the word alcohol is derived from believe or not Arabic …Dr Rachel Hajar, an accomplished modern-day editor, author and medical advisor, while researching an article on alcohol found additional dual meanings in ancient Arabic texts;

    1 – Al kol: Genie or spirit that takes on varied shapes or a supernatural creature in Arabic mythology.
    2 – Al kol: Any drug or substance that takes away the mind or covers it.

    Today the term alcohol is widely believed to derive from the common Arabic word al-kohl which is a dark cosmetic powder still used by Arabic women today to darken their eyelids.

  3. Zambia breweries used to be a state owned company in the kaunda Era, beer shortages were perennial in the last month of the year.
    New breweries of lagers of need to be opened in zambia, otherwise bachakolwa will go into cold turkey or switch to kachasu

  4. Brian Mpenzi – ZB just like Trade Kings have Kingsley the ZB boss right in his pocket and they use his freight company …you try going into manufacturing of soaps, detergent and beer sector and you will be hit hard with all sorts by ZRA till you collapse.

  5. Who cares?
    Let them be sobber for once, maybe the brains could function well. Lets talk about food shortages and not alcohol, bane.
    This shouldn’t even be a trending headline here.
    Forget it.

  6. Shortage of alcohol is good. May be people will think without the influence of alcohol. Mu Zambia ukutontonkanya abantu balileka.

  7. In Livingstone the main beer distributor runs bars. As a result he diverts a lot of beers to his bars at the expense of selling some to other bar owners. In addition he sells his beers at unfairly low prices since he gets his stock directly for wholesale stock. ZB needs to look into this urgently.

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