Saturday, July 20, 2024

Allow all pupils to write exams-DEBS warn school authorities


School Head Teachers have been warned against chasing pupils with school fees balances from exam rooms.

Ndola District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Chrispin Chilufya says there is a need for teachers to allow pupils to write exams with or without balances to avoid inconveniences.

Mr Chilufya told ZANIS in a telephone interview in Ndola yesterday, that any teacher who will chase a pupil for failure of paying school fees should be reported for discipline.

Mr Chilufya has since called on all pupils in examination classes to pay attention to the guidelines that will be read to them in preparation for the exams on Monday.

“Reading of exam guidelines is part of the exams as it highlights the dis-advantages of examination malpractice,” Mr Chilufya said.

The Ndola DEBS has also extended a warning to teachers and parents not to support pupils who intend to involve themselves in examination malpractice.

“I want to warn all the teachers, the pupils and the members of the public who tend to be involved in examination malpractices, that we have taken a multi sectoral approach where we have involved other stakeholders like the office of the special division together with the police to help us deal with the perpetrators,” Mr.Chilufya stressed.

He has since called on the pupils to resist the temptation of involving themselves in exam malpractices as teachers have done their part in teaching them even in the crucial times of the COVID19 pandemic.


  1. PF should have paid the Exams fees to empower the kids. But in PF style they gave the money to JK, Sarafina, Dandy……kikiki


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