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Conduct Campaigns ahead of the 2021 Elections without promoting hate speech, newly Installed Chief Urges Politicians


Newly installed Chief Mwenechifungwe of the Fungwe people of Mafinga district in Muchinga Province has called on all politicians who will be conducting campaigns ahead of the 2021 general to do so without promoting hate speech.

Chief Mwenechifungwe has warned that he will not tolerate politics of violence and insults because we are ‘one zambia, one nation’.

The Newly installed Chief said politicians who will be conducting political activities in his chiefdom needs campaign in a clean and peaceful manner that is development oriented.

Chief Mwenechifungwe said this shortly after being installed as new Chief of the Fungwe people of Mafinga in a speech read on his behalf by his sister Princess Elis Ng’ambi who is also the vice Chancellor of the Mulungushi University.

Chief Mwenechifungwe also assured everyone gathered at the installation ceremony that he shall do his best to be a good, productive and trustworthy leader in the execution of his duties.

Chief Mwenechifungwe suggested that the Immigration department should liaise with Malawian counterparts to conduct sensitisation seminars among the people living along the common border line on the importance of observing Immigration formalities for the two countries to continue enjoying the cordial relationship.

“My Chiefdom shares a long common border line with Malawians. For time immemorial, my subjects have freely interacted with Malawians. The two countries share a lot in common including culture and many other things. However, there is need to regulate the movements of people of the two great countries by ensuring that they obtain passes when visiting the other country,” said Chief Mwenechifungwe

The Chief also applauded government for blessing Mafinga district with two big hospitals.

He said that he and his subjects eagerly waiting for the commissioning of the health facilities saying these two hospitals will reduce on costs that the ministry of health was spending every month on referrals to Isoka District hospital

“Commissioning of the two newly built hospitals will help government reduce on the expenses of referring sick people to Isoka district hospital as well as my subjects going to Malawi for medical help,” said Chief Mwenechifungwe.

He also cited the electrification project in the district as milestone to developing the area.

He said the resident are grateful to the president for not leaving anyone behind in his development agenda.

“Henceforth I wish to thank the government for many things it has done for us and for the timely delivery of farming inputs. “Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much”, he noted.

And officiating at the installation ceremony, Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Lawrence Sichalwe commended the Fungwe Royal Establishment for conducting the selection process of new Chief Mwenechifungwe professionally and peacefully.

Mr. Sichalwe said this in Mafinga in a speech read on his behalf by Muchinga Deputy Permanent Secretary Jonathan Ng’onga.

Mr. Sichalwe who congratulated Chief Mwenechifungwe the 16th Patrick Bongololo Ng’ambi for ascending to the throne said he is confident that the new leader will look after the affairs of the chiefdom with utmost dignity and fairness as he provides traditional governance to his subjects.

Mr. Sichalwe thanked the organizing committee for working with the provincial and district administration and the department of Chiefs and Traditional affairs during the period after the demise of the late Chief Wilson Patani Ng’ambi that has ensured a peaceful selection of a rightful heir.

“Government is happy that in this chiefdom, the selection of a new chief following the demise of late Chief Mwenechifungwe Wilson Patani Ng’ambi, has been very peaceful and hope other chiefdoms can learn from the Fungwe people,” said Mr. Sichalwe.

Mr. Sichalwe said that the installation ceremony is a very important event because it demonstrates the significance that we the people of Zambia attach to our traditional leaders as custodians of our traditions, heritage and customs.

He said that the installation ceremony also an acknowledgement of the immense contributions that royal highnesses make in upholding and promoting our country’s traditional and cultural values.

“Our traditional leaders are key stakeholders towards the development process of our nation because they are very close to the grassroots. In this connection, as a country, we should at all costs avoid situations that trigger disunity in chiefdoms, but instead we should be preaching peace and unity,” said Mr. Sichalwe.

The Minister also announced that the two modern and state of art hospital built at both Thendele and Muyombe are 100 percent complete awaiting commissioning.

The colorful installation ceremony was witnessed by Chiefs from Malawi, Zambia, local and ordinary citizens from within and outside Muchinga.

Chief Mwenechifungwe Patrick Bongololo 2 Ng’ambi, 68, takes over from late Chief Wilson Patani Ng’ambi who died on September 27 this year after an illness.


  1. These are some of the areas that have been neglected for a long time, there’s no TV or radio reception. You have to hire bicycles to get to these areas. Sometimes they use Malawian Kwacha in Zambia because they depend on Malawi for everything

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