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Zambians Should not be Hoodwinked by HH’s Signing of A Social Contract-PF


PF Eastern province chairman Andrew Lubusa says youths across the country should not be hoodwinked by the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s signing of the social contract ahead of next year’s general elections.

In a telephone interview with Smart Eagles, Mr.Lubusha said it is very difficult to trust Mr.Hichilema because despite accumulating so much wealth he has failed to come up with any tangible youth empowerment program using his own money.

He said President Edgar Lungu has shown an unwavering commitment to ensure that youths across the country are empowered through various schemes.

He said the PF and President Lungu have done enough to uplift the living standards of the people.

“Mr.Hichilema has not done any charitable work which he can point at despite accumulating so much wealth. He is even failing to take care of his own workers so it is very difficult to trust that such a person can even honor a simple youth social contract,” Mr. Lubusha said.

Mr.Lubusha adds that “Youths should rally behind President Edgar Lungu and the PF because they have seen the good things he is doing for the country despite the harsh global economic conditions.”

And Mr. Lubusha said it is wishful thinking for the opposition to claim that they have made inroads in Eastern province because all their structures are non-existent.

” People have confidence in the leadership of PF and President Lungu and we are increasing the membership. We are stronger than we were and the opposition is getting weaker and we hope to increase the margins come next year,” Mr.Lubusha said.

Meanwhile, Mr.Lubusha said the ruling party in the Eastern province is happy with the turnout of people registering as voters.

“I am happy that people here are responding well as regards to the voter registration and the fact that people are able to endure long hours on the queue gives us hope that about 95 percent of the people will register as voters here in Eastern province and those are sure votes for President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, ” He adds.


  1. It is hard to respond with anything but contempt to some of these folks. The 11th Hour Presidential Bribery Schemes are not funded through the personal wealth of our soon to be neighbor in the hood. If think you have done enough, you need to move on and find another job. We expected a lot more for 9 years and $18 Billion.

  2. Yes, coz we believe you and your friends are going to deliver K5/litre fuel so we can drive nicely to Mulungushi Textiles on Dubai roads to buy quality clothes.
    Kaili you don’t hoodwink people?

  3. When any other opposition leader says something, they are quite, immediately HH says something, they will say something, fear for HH will strangle PF, what more with the evident poor performance. All countries have covid but their currencies have not depreciated by 52% in a single year like Zambia, and you hear somebody saying we are working. My foot…

  4. The way we voted for PF in 2011, kansi its just flat battery. All economic indicators are butchered, even what MMD left in positive

  5. More than 60 % of youth are unemployed and with no prospects under PF …….even after spending billions of debt money..

  6. HH, please come and change things, people are counting on you. Don’t come and crush land like PF where all sectors of the economy have collapsed.

  7. And that Permanent Secretary who whispered to me that PF cant win next years elections, I hope you are telling that to your appointing authority and your colleagues.

  8. All we know is that UPND party president has built schools, clinics and houses using resources from his entrepreneurial talents and skill.
    We also know that none in the other parties including PF party can point to an asset even a public toilet, built from personal wealth other than evidence of thefts even, from widows and orphans. KZ can agree as a trustworthy person.

  9. pf has done absolutely nothing…… we want change come 2021.. you will see.people who benefit are only cadres… things gets worse every day, very soon zambia will be like zimbabwe if we are to rally behind so called pf.

  10. HH does not blow his trumpet about the aid he has given to hundreds of young people. He is a true Christian who does not let his right hand know what his left hand is doing. There are many young people who are and have been sponsored in college and university, empowering them for life. Lungu gives them K1000 for today and tomorrow they are back again, broke. HH has been doing this for decades even when he is not President. Lungu on the other hand, stole from a widow when he was not President, but now, he is not even using his own money but what people donate to him, to buy his patronage and get government contracts.

  11. All those praising HH that non existent empowerment contract for the youths are failing to reason. There is too much self praise from HH and I can arrest assure thaT you will cry when hh wins elections. Too cruel and greed and unforgiving zambian citizen. Continue supporting this tribal inclined character cos all cabinet ministers will be tongas and Lozis . Consider your ways and be wise in your voting

  12. why is pf talking about a contract they are not party to? get a life you guys.
    @Mwatiyamva would you publish the names of your current cabinet?

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