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Nkanda yatu and Kasslita designs leave an impression at MTC Windhoek Fashion week 2020



Zambian designers ,Kabaso Nkandu of Nkanda Yatu and Kasonde Nkole of Kasslita’s Designs merged their creative minds for the Windhoek Fashion Week 2020. The fashion designers revealed their showcase themed “We Are Africans” with electrifying social media teasers that had the country calling out for more. Attendants of the Windhoek Fashion Week on the 5th of December 2020 surely received the full treat of the high fashion collaboration – a blend of African print and Western style that represented a modern take on Pan-African fashion.
This was not a first for Naknda Yatu which is the leading fashion brand in men’s fashion in Zambia. In 2019, Nkanda Yatu showcased at the Windhoek Fashion Week and describes the experience as an awakening of how diverse the fashion industry has become in Africa. “African fashion is growing and receiving global attention, opportunities such as the Windhoek Fashion Week create exposure for talent across the continent and beyond”, stated Kabaso Nkandu.
While the Namibian audience may have been surprised to see the combination of Naknda Yatu with Kasslita Designs, the two designers have been known to collaborate on multiple showcases in Zambia. However, this particular collaboration was more strategic; “international showcases are impactful in representing our country, i decided to partner with Kasslita Designs to have an even bigger impact in promoting Zambian fashion”.
The fabulous garments showcased by the duo were complimented by a team of talented models, hair-stylists and photographers such as Niva Hankede, Christina Sakala and Afropologie Studio. Corporates such as Diamond TV jumped on board by sponsoring the Zambian entourage in Namibia.
More details of the showcase can be found on Nkanda Yatu and Windhoek Fashion Week social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  1. What impression? Was it a good or bad impression? Why is it that fashion designers think that they have to half dress women in order to impress?
    As for the men’s, I accept that it looks good. The designer should get a contract with the high street houses in UK.

  2. Kascol what is wrong with dark thighs. For me I love my dark skinned girls. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. If anything I know one of the ladies in the picture personally. I wont say which one because you might be watchdog waiting to report lies as usual. Nga iwe what colour thighs you like?

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