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Political violence in Zambia is being Perpetrated by UPND, HH has Never Condemned Violence, Lungu tells Tonga Chiefs


President Edgar Lungu says political violence in the country can only end when the United Party for National (UPND) opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and his party commit to the process. President Lungu said political violence in the country is being perpetrated by the UPND.

Responding to a request from six Chiefs in Monze District for peace mediation between the Head of State and Mr Hichilema, President Lungu said he has always remained ready and committed to see violence end.

President Lungu told chiefs Hamusonde, Monze, Choongo, Chona, Mwaanza, and Ufwenuka’s representative that UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is the one perpetrating violence in the country as a recourse to losing general elections.

The President stated that UPND which he belonged to under late President Mazoka was not a violent party until Mr Hichilema took over the party’s leadership. “Under Mazoka, we never had violence. I have condemned the violence. I have not heard my friend HH condemning violence, “said President Lungu, urging the traditional leaders to also advise people to desist from harming each other.

President Lungu who is in Southern Province for a three-day working visit said his administration remains committed to bringing development to the region. He regretted that Southern Province had not received the desired development under past Presidents and that he will continue to work within means to bring development. He said the government will continue to improve the road network through construction of road infrastructure to aid service delivery.

The President assured the Chiefs that the Nickel- Monze Road will be made passable while waiting for funds to upgrade the road to tarmac and that he will make sure that people trying to sabotage government service delivery in the health sector are fired.

The Head of State said he is saddened to learn that there are shortages of drugs in health centres in Monze and he will engage the Minister of Health to assess the situation and ensure that essential drugs are distributed to people who need them.

President Lungu also assured the traditional leaders that the government will look into their complaints of the stoppage of the issuance of National Registration Cards. He explained that the ongoing mobile issuance of NRCs is intended to supplement the normal issuance of NRCs at the Boma.

President Lungu further assured the chiefs that he will engage the Minister of Livestock to ensure that veterinary services and drugs for cattle are made available.

On the repair of dilapidated dams and construction of additional dams, President Lungu said Minister of Water Jonas Chanda was recently in the area to assess the situation and needs.

The President said the government has already engaged the World Bank to help address the issue of dams so that people can have clean safe water for drinking and irrigation.

The President said he remains committed to promoting agricultural production in Southern Province so that the region reclaimed its bread basket status.

He said he has already engaged the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) and other stakeholders to explore ways of improving agriculture in the region.

“Agriculture is important for Southern Province Significantly, but yield has been going down. I will engage stakeholders like ZNFU, Ministry of Agriculture to boost agricultural production “, said President Lungu.

President Edgar Lungu during the tour of Bweengwa High School in Monze, Southern Province before officially launching the school on Wednesday, 9th December, 2020. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House.
President Edgar Lungu during the tour of Bweengwa High School in Monze, Southern Province before officially launching the school on Wednesday, 9th December, 2020. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/State House.

President Lungu said it was unfortunate that the area Member of Parliament for Bweengwa has not taken advantage of the K126 Million Constituency Development Fund to finance the construction of police or health posts to meet people’s needs.

The President said he was humbled that people have appreciated his personal efforts of putting up new infrastructure at Bweengwa School. President Lungu financed the construction of new structures at Bweengwa School at a cost of over K1.4 million which led to its upgrade to a Secondary School.

Earlier, Chief Hamusonde had appealed to President Lungu to address the development challenges of the people of Monze. Speaking on behalf of five other chiefs, Chief Hamusonde urged President Lungu to quell political violence in the country by engaging UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

President Lungu also met and addressed Headmen whom he said play a vital role in the management of chiefdoms as they are custodians of traditional authority and lineage.

And President Lungu has directed Monze District Commissioner Munachongo Muleya to procure bicycles for all headmen in the district to aid their work.


    • Elyo him he has never condemned Bowman Lusambo’s beating up of Kambwili but he wants to examine HH’s speck in the eye. Or do you remember Kaizer Zulu beating up Chomba Kaoma and Lungu who was leading the entourage involved was as mute as a fish? Elyo speaking to the chiefs instead of to HH mano yaku Chimwemwe fye ayakuti nkaya kusoselela kuli ba wiso when the parents were not supposed to get involved

    • Dont keep using such words like this is the bedroom of such a political party,or the house of such a political party,make politics homogenized, mix it up.mix the people,mix the development,mix the language.if we have to develop the tribe in us has to die.

    • Dennis Mawelera So what am talking about here !! Is not Tribe or Race what am Referring to Is Strong hold many are times we have heard the PF talk about their strong holds and How HH should not campaign their and we have Seen most Bemba chiefs Talk against HH and most of them don’t even allow him to see them whenever he visits there Palaces and for the Record Am not Tonga Neither Bemba Am Namwanga And In our Tribe their is nothing such as Tribalism and we believe people and live with people so coming back to your question again Monze being a stronghold for Upnd ,we have also heard from Pf things like kasama and Mansa is the bedroom of pf Is that Tribal or those are Strongholds so it is Unfortunate for you to think because Monze is a UPND Stronghold and you feel am being Tribal
      Abash Tribalism one Zambia one nation …

  1. What about your so called fake colored commander Kalimanshi? Have you condemned him, he is been on TV talking violence.

  2. Clean your house first before you accuse your neighbor being dirty PF Cadres are more violent than any Cadres in the history of Zambia because they fear no one even the police some of them are even Cadres in police uniform.

  3. Why lie?? Pf is at Helm of Violence. Your boy INO made it clear on National TV that he will make sure Chawama is no go area for UPND and Bowman also made it clear Ndola isn’t a go area for your friends. Take lawless seriously Mr President. People are harassed, beaten and some people losing property by your cadres using your Name. In Matero thugs were shot who were right handymen of your party, using your name to create violence. Start with your party please. This is exhausting for innocent Zambians. Twanaka nabantu benu taking people for a fool. Denounce violence of every kind and make tribalism a hate crime punishable by imprisonment. Lets stop labeling other tribes bad or face the laws

  4. Litsen to that fat lie. Is it easy to even convince people on that when everyday Zambians knows who attacks who? Mr President Sir, that will only add salt to the wound. Your adviser missed a great opportunity to spread an effective message of Unity. Sometimes, forego politics and just be that statesman with a great desire to restore decency in politics and unite the nation.

  5. President Lungu financed the construction of new structures at Bweengwa School at a cost of over K1.4 million which led to its upgrade to a Secondary School. Was this coming from his pockets or its government money? is is a question of bad reporting?

  6. We have been saying this for years. I am glad the president has been brave enough to say this publicly. We cannot forever shy away from calling a spade what it is out of fear of being labelled tribal. The upnd is a very crooked and shady party. Join them at your own risk.

    The decent and wise people will vote pf. Do the right thing. Thank you

  7. The reason we should register to vote so that we elect a leader who will be able to end political violence not the one who is waiting for the opposition to do so. Imagine the head of state, the commander of the armed forces with all the instruments of power on him but he is waiting for an opposition leader to end political violence.

    • Lucky Cheelo You’re spot on . How does the chief commander of the armed forces wait for the opposition leader to enforce law and order in the country ? Those cadres harrasing marketeers in the council markets are surely PF cadres and he is also the president of the PF party. In short this president has a violent DNA in his blood ask lnnocent Kalimanshi .

  8. “Firstly, I want to say violence should not be allowed because when people start fighting, then there is lack of thinking. Violence is not good because this is a peaceful country and so, we don’t want violence. I strongly condemn this violence. HH in Katete (Diggers 1st February 20190
    Your excellency, you are busy bribing Tonga chiefs but you have failed to condemn your Ministers and pf senior official who have been insulting Tongas for no reason.
    You are just fueling the frame by making such nonsensical statements.

  9. This now looks like a panic attack.
    We have a President that speaks about the party and to his party members only…he has never realised that he is the Republican President and has failed to understand his job description

  10. This money he is dishing out to chiefs and headmen would go a long way to pay a fraction of retired civil servants. Since he does not care, he will rather corrupt and buy votes thru chiefs to win an election. That’s all he thinks of. Just look at the country’s economy. Shambles beyond redemption.

  11. Political shit is and has alway been by the ruling political party from mmd to pf. unip cadres were educated so adada violence can only be ended by you sir being the pilot of this country. you HH to chiefs what is the motive

  12. Reality on the ground says something else. And people know which political party is violent. have personally watched video of HH condemning violence. The president has never heard HH because HH does not appear on ZNBC.

  13. What a useless president we have. When it comes to silencing your opponents and critics, you are quick to deploy the police, but when an issue involves PF cadres, you turn your head the other way. Show some class and sober thinking mr president, otherwise your behavior right now is more like a drunk person.

  14. this is so true, the move bu the upnd camp to cause unrest in the country accusing the ECZ of being bias is promoting violence. HH should grow and stop using the ignorant youths for violence

  15. president Lungu is a pillar of peace. a president for all. he has served the nation with love and preached peace. he has always spoken against violence. its a pity that the opposition find joy in using the young people for violence. work up young people, open your eyes

  16. This is what it means making programs without a national agenda. How do you use tax payers money only to say HH has never condemned violence. I wonder where the whole big and elderly man find it so easy very simple to lie.

  17. But we only have one president who is the only commander in chief of the armed forces , such that at his mention of end of political violence every cadre regardless of the political affiliation trembles. so why make hh a factor.

  18. Just be truthful naimwe bakateka.
    Who beat chairmane Musonda at her residence?
    Who beat pep president Sean Tembo when he staged a protest over the over priced fire wheel barrows?
    Who beat mourners at leopards hill cementry during the burial of Clance Nalosa?
    The list of violence perpetrated by your caders is well documented.
    Be realistic for once and stop playing to the gallery.

  19. He has not even commented on the death of Mapenzi, the two opposition members who died in Roan and Kaoma. The firing of police officers in Sesheke who were trying to stop violent PF caders, recently PF caders went to brutally assault a UPND official in Chilanga Charmaine Musonda and this President was as quite as ever and he wants to blame UPND as usual instead of showing leadership.

  20. Ba Lungu awebena Bwalya. Twabwelapofye. This man fans violence every turn of the corner in Zambia. What happened to the gassing? What has he done? Nothing to tell the nation.

  21. It is not correct. Blame both parties – PF and UPND. Whenever PF outnumber UPND and vice versa there is a passage of fight or bitter words of exchange. Mr. president people have eyes and can tell you which group started the fight. As a republican president, Mr. Lungu should be fair in his speech. People read what PF cadres and UPND do.


  23. This commander in chief must tame the violent PF caders. We lost lives in bye elections of Roan and Kaoma at the hands of PF caders. And what are they doing at intercity, that place being a public place. Start creating jobs to end this PF violence. And Chiefs must start welcoming HH and stop being partisan and giving petty reasons

  24. I’d really like to respect the President but I’m troubled by his lies.He seems to live in another country.
    Zambia has scared firsts in political violence by PF,Just two examples.
    1.PF cadres entered a church in Matero and beat Civil Society.Never done before.
    2.Attacking mournets at Leopard Hills Memorial Park during the burial of UPND lady killed by Police.
    The President was mute.Blaming UPND is dishonest.We are expecting the most violent elections in Africa next year from PF..

  25. I am wondering what is happening to handlers of ECL. Does he think those chiefs will deliver the message to HH? In the first place is not taking development to Bweengwa at personal level but let govt. institutions charged with delivering development do it evenly not doing things at random for political appeasement. Mobutu tried such tactics and never worked in his favor when he needed the people he thought were with him. For sure do all those chiefs need bicycles for their daily travels. so these days when a clinic or school falls apart it is just a matter calling the DC and then message relayed to state house and the President will come and fix it. We all knowhow that violence started in our Zambian politics.

  26. Every complaint the chiefs had, ECL answer was – I’ve just told this Minister or I’ve just informed so & so to look into this and that. Suddenly he is looking into these neglected potential developmental projects at the heart of these people. The question is Why only now? Where has he been all these years of being in power? Hypocrisy. You want me to believe that ECL doesn’t know there are no medicines in hospitals & its only now he is going to start looking at it!??? Seriously, You believe this man?????

  27. Failed leadership is when the commander in chief thinks that ending political violence can only be done when an opposition leader condemns it. If HH, without the instruments of power, is so much more powerful than you then move out and make way. As for those chiefs who sat there and allowed the head of a cabinet and party that is always insulting their tribe, get away with such nonsense- I have no words for your cowardly behaviour.

  28. The chiefs have given a catalogue of their developmental needs. ECL responds to each by saying he had just spoken to this minister or that institution to do something. But where was he all these years? You believe he didn’t know there is shortage of medicine in hospitals? A real joker.

  29. Lies lies! The Zambian people now know that it is PF and its surrogates who perpetrate violence. It’s not the UPND.
    1. Who killed so many UPND supporters?
    2. Who gassed and killed 53 of their own citizens?
    3. PF police killed vespers

  30. PF cadres have beaten up of mps on several occasions including Given Lubinda Justice minister, how debase can pf party be – violent party.
    The only party that beats up Zambia police officers and it’s MPs.

  31. Who’s the commander and chief of the armed forces?? Mr President if you cannot execute you obligated duty please step out let competent people ascend. It’s pathetic how you are blaming the opposition for the violence by the people who take only your orders, you are behaving as if you are the opposition and UPND is the ruling,



  33. You have never heard HH condemn violence because you ECL, listen only to your ZNBC, whose news you publish yourself.

  34. Inonge do you know the job of ZP
    So even the president has forgotten that ending violence is his responsibility as the chief commander.

  35. Please forgive No. 1 he spent whole night with Kaizer boozing and he had to say something. Why not recite the statement carrying a PF hobby.

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