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Contractor halts works at Kazungula Bridge again after Zambia fails to pay


The contractor working on Kazungula Bridge, DAEWOO has suspended construction works due to non payment of the debt it is owed by the Zambian government.

In a letter dated 5th December, 2020, DAEWOO Engineering and Construction Company Project Manager TAE KIM complained over the Zambian government’s delay to fullfil it’s obligation.

Mr Kim says his company had requested for financial arrangements but it has not received any feedback from the central government.

Mr. Kim said looking at the financial climate in Zambia with the Eurobond default,the contractor feels greatly discouraged.

He says the Company will now prioritize the balance of it’s running cost to pay employees’ wages.

In March 2019 , construction works at $260 Million Kazungula Bridge were stopped after Daewoo Engineering and Construction, the contractor in charge of the development shut down the site due to non payment by the Zambian government.


  1. But the priority right now are elections. PF needs to sugar coat the electorate and promise heaven on earth. Youths be given empowerment funds, marketeers empowerment funds, constituencies empowerment funds, artists empowerment funds, cadres empowerment funds, hunger abatement in bye elections areas funds. Our plates are full to think about pay kazungula bridge contractor! No time at all.

  2. Patience guys. This is a mega project any government can undertake. Amidst all that, we have experienced natural disasters like covid 19, locust invasion, floods, the list is endless. I would appeal to the contractor DAEWOO to continue working. You will be paid. You have done an excellent job.

    • Ackim Michelo I understand that all economic indicators are in the toilet and we defaulted on debt interest and we have been downgraded on credit ratings and your Lungu is crying for a rescue package from IMF. That’s the reality and not the nonsense you PF cadres yap about bane. Shall we grow in our thinking?

    • Ackim Michelo Mwila talika ifintu ifili straight forward naimwe, this is being stupid,how many projects have stowed in this government? Where is the ministry of planning and infrastructure? This is a bilateral project, abanenu they are always on time imwe lyonse no ma default ata.Muletu sebanya us move and it’s not nice to hear negatives always about your country!

    • Gibbon Clement you are telling me not to argue yet that’s exactly what you are doing here….from this we can gauge who is stupid.
      The challenge is your want to sound so well vested with information yet you are only expressing empty uncoordinated thoughts.
      No one has said all projects are running, but also to come here and say that nothing good is or has been done is a show of so much degenerative mental disorder

    • Ackim Michelo Running a government is serious business,how do you start projects that are bilateral funded and default on the way? And you are busy supporting this? This is stupidity,blind loyalty and failure to hold those untrusted with power accountable.You think Botswana doesn’t have bottle necks? They have the difference with your *****s is they respect public resources.For you education,an argument is expression of different views on a given subject or topic.DEAWO are for the fourth time complaint about erratic funding on the side of one part of the project,I totally stand with them because any organization that starts what they can’t finish is lacking planning, you don’t agree with them so who is arguing? Stupid.

    • Gibbon Clement your stupidity can been seen in your lack of understanding that such things happen in projects at whatever level. Wash your brain and start thinking straight and then come learn more about how projects are run

    • Gibbon Clement the clear thing is people like you think any one who defends development must be a cadre or someone close to the powers… A very wayward kind of thinking…. that’s why your imperialist surrogates can’t walk in the corridors of power….because they have contributed so much to your retardness and the only thing you know is opposing even something visible ….

    • Ackim Michelo kkkkkkkk defaulting is not development,call out hommy !debt default and failure to meet your obligation is not development vagabond! Buying a fire wheelbarrow at $1m is not development.Those aveco ambulances at $250 000 one is not development 6.3 million missing covid money is not development.uli chipuba Cha Shani?

  3. Ushe when you take on a project like this, do you not allocate a budget to it? Surely no sane person will allow you to carry out work for years and expect to be paid on completion? Unless we have criminals in this government diverting pre-budgeted funds from major projects. The KK international airport is one such project where funds have been diverted and the project delayed necessarily. As commander in chief I would fire the entire anti-corruption team for starters and order an audit on all major projects in the country.

  4. This is what Edgar and his supporters want him to carry beyond 2021, hasn’t he got any shame? When you fail give chance to others

  5. Get rid of this Patriotic Front – PF. It owes over $11 Billion to China alone and now running to IMF. Meanwhile minister’s steal money meant for infrastructure development. That Mukula scandal, 42 Million fire trucks tender, 48 houses! All that could have been partial payments but these thieves only think of enriching themselves. IMF do not give them nothing. Offer it to the next government. These crooks!

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  7. The contractors are South Koreans and not Chinese.They are generally upright people who don’t mess around.
    And the Chinese will not lend the PF any money just to pay a South Korean contractor.
    Chinese and South Koreans are actually rivals or competitors.

  8. PF why not just resign to save face. I am looking for a party to join but the opposition parties are also not coming out strong to tell us how we will be economically emancipated

  9. The Zambian government is the biggest murderer of businesses. Anyone who has done business with GRZ knows the frustration of not being paid. So, what everyone does is to inflate the costs so that they can take into account the bribes they will have to pay in order to get their money, which still comes in drips and drabs. GBM was minister of defence when he famously said, ‘Is it your mother’s money?’ Unless you are connected, you will not be paid for a long time. Meanwhile, your employees have to get their salaries. People are selling off assets just to keep above the water.

  10. Hau hape….Kansi His Excellence, Our God given leader, hardworking and the greatest piece of workmanship is failing to pay for a heavily advertised developmental monument. Awe ma cadres where on us last time we said this project was being heavily funded by Botswana. Awe we where called names …hehehehe lies have short legs

  11. You’ll see that the President of the country that has been defaulting will be the number 1 to claim credit and tell us that he must continue in office because he’s brought development, he can’t even be ashamed.

  12. Meanwhile La7y Lungu is on weekend…he will be the first one to shamelessly fly to this project to commission it.

  13. Lungu is the type of person who sees defaulting on monies owed as not a problem… him a bad credit rating is nothing.

    A Very disastrous leader for a country

  14. We told you na pa ma border panu apo where you charge us mu ka room ka ZRA ako we do 360-degree kulipila pa ma window until tamvela na cizwezwe tayanu! We said you can never get rich by charging us. Manje kansi uku kwinangu ni mankongole cabe. This is not good. PAY BACK THE MONEY! Ministers also, PAY BACK THE MONEY. Uko kweve nauzilatu Tayali — he will be holding press congress to take some ministers to court.

  15. What a surprise. Edgar and PF reneg on yet another promise of payment and responsibility. They have lined their pockets so much, and borrowed so badly, that there is nothing left for the rest of the country to live on.

  16. This PF Government has excelled at failing to do the jobs that the Zambian People elected them for. Someone says we will regret voting them out – I say bring the elections on quickly !

  17. Simple solution is to take money from all toll roads and pay DAEWO. In addition allow ministers to go for one month with no salary and allowances (council workers can show them surviving tricks). Put that money in the bridge! The bridge will do wonders than none of these ministers can ever do for country

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