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I’m ready to refund the Money –Vincent Mwale


Chipangali Member of Parliament (MP) Vincent Mwale says he is ready to pay back the money he accrued in emoluments when he remained in office as Minister after Parliament dissolved in 2016.

Mr Mwale, who is also Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development, told ZANIS in Chipata yesterday, that he will pay back the money now that he knows how much he is supposed to refund the Government.

The Chipangali MP is among the 64 former ministers who stayed in office and continued to draw emoluments after parliament was dissolved prior to the 2016 general elections.

“I have always been ready to pay back the money. That was a court judgment. I will pay back now that it is clear on how much I need to refund,” he said.

Mr Mwale stressed that although he is yet to receive official communication on how to make payments, he is more than ready to pay.

“I hope to pay back the money through monthly deductions from my monthly salary, or in case I fail to manage to do so, payments can be made from my benefits, “Mr. Mwale indicated.

According to the constitutional court’s calculations, Mr. Mwale is supposed to pay back K60, 434.87.

On December 7th, 2020, the constitutional court released a schedule determining the amounts each of the 64 ex-ministers, some of whom are serving in the current cabinet, is supposed to pay back to the Government.


  1. It’s easy for you but not others. You’re comfortable but some of your colleagues aren’t. We know who’s capable of payment just by the flip of their fingers. We have an ear to the ground

  2. I have been negotiating with some lady I owe 900 for six months now. It was 1200 but I paid 300 in two installments. Now our employees are more than ready to pay 60,000. Am finished. Given Lubinda was politically inspiring when he talked about going for kaloba to pay back. Hope u know wat I mean.

  3. Yeah this one is the biggest corrupt element former MMD crook now PF..ONE HAS TO JUST LOOK AT HIS SHADY DEALINGS IN EASREN PROVINCE AND LOCAL GOVT.

  4. I am ready to assist Mwenya Musenge…can someone assist me with his cell number.. He was such a humble and hardworking minister

  5. The dollar rate in 2015 was about K5.5 so your K60,000 could buy about $11,000usd at the time, now the rate is K21 multiply this by 11,000 = K231,000 plus interest at the bank rate. This is what you have to pay in reality. Its not the peoples fault that you did something that was illegal and this is tax payers money. When tax payers default on any payments to any government institution or banks than they are charged penalties and interests so why should you be any different.

  6. ?????? do not be ready to pay back in installments.Its in 30 days,and later sue the one who mislead you for compensation.

  7. No statements. just pay bwana. And also note that if it is an illegal stay in office, there could be a criminal inclination. If some thing is termed illegal we expect summons from LAZ and others soon on former ministers. I don’t think it is a civil matter if the word illegal is attached to your stay in office after dissolution of parliament

  8. The assessment for the money to be paid back were greatly under valued, looking at the other expense, like the fuel you were using illegally for campaigning, salaries and allowances for your drivers and staff that have not been factored in the assessments, even the tea you were drinking in our offices when you should have been home, the Zesco power your offices were using when your offices should have been shut. Somebody with a legal mind needs to go back to the concourt, these guys are smiling, they can easily afford these small amounts they were given.

  9. If these guys had worked for mother Zambia, we could have understood but they have destroyed the economy of the country and they also want to benefit from illegal salaries for the illegal stay in office. Look at where MMD left the economy, and Vincent being MMD I am sure he agrees with us that his party MMD did better than the party where he is been loaned to

  10. Given Lubinda ati he will starve his family if he pays the whole amount at once but when he was busy chewing the same cash the retirees he was insulting at his office were starving. Some Leaders kuwayawaya fye.

  11. I guess every minister in this sector steals. Buying a stadium to the previous crook who was acquitted. We must check these crooks assets and evaluate how much they make (salary). If their resources are lower than their expenses equals: Houston We Have a Problem! Proceeds from crime. Criminals!

  12. If Kambwili was in government he could have defended this nonsense of paying back, remember that is what he used to do. No stories,just pay back. And the humble one who misled them is also misleading them again on the eligibility issue.

  13. In my opinion, I think the former cabinet minister are not suppose to pay back the money instead, the top leader who were in charge of them has the capacity to pay on their behalf, because they were told to hold on their offices in securing the government of that particular time. The same government which allowed them to continue being in the office must held accountable in this case. Otherwise it’s unfair to just mentioned the former ministers only to pay back the money.

  14. Has any of these frogs heard of saving for a rainy day? Pay what you owe ,,, you thought you were above the law. The same thing will happen to Lungu, He is not eligible to run but he is trying to change the narrative.
    Just wait….the end is near.

  15. They will all pay. No one has refused to pay. I have volunteered to pay for all those former ministers who are current pf members and supporters. I will foot their Bill’s. So manje upnd supporters are you still yapping about this instead of selling your manifesto? What are your policies? We just see you criticising government. What else does your party stand for? Kuwayawaya fye. No scopo

  16. Just pay back, you illegally got the money. You are thieves and that is how Zambians will call you as thieves.
    If you blame ECL, then sue him for courts to reverse being called thieves.

  17. This is an honest man because he knows Ministers have the money to pay, not Given Lubinda pretending he is broke, that was such a shameful act.

  18. Morally these chaps should have paid on their own but because they are deficient in that area, it had to take the legal route to compel them to pay

  19. Iwe junior koswe Mwale!!!

    Was that money given to you in monthly instalments?

    People from Chipata are dull ka ? That is why us Bemba people laugh at you.

  20. Kikiki supporting someone’s lack of knowledge on law thats what happens. The guy who sent you should also pay the interest and difference – read on. In 2016 this was $12,000 dollars. Just payback $12,000 kwasila thenyou will be free. Ok convert this to kwacha thats what is needed to be paid to the treasury. Simple maths states payback K220, 000.
    Well well well – disaster. I saw it coming…

  21. Lubinda is just a problem always. When I see Lubinda just know that problems have come he is always on the negative not fit to be justice minister, he cheated retirees that their money was ready for payment in 2019 bit upto now he has failed. Vote them out. No riging this time.

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