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Public urged to guard Kasenseli mine


Home Affairs Permanent Secretary, Masiye Banda has called on the public in Mwinilunga district to work with the police in safeguarding the Kasenseli gold mine.

Mr Banda said Kasenseli gold mine is a national asset that needs to be safeguarded for the benefit of everyone.

He said the investment at Kasenseli is an economic game-changer for not only Mwinilunga district but the nation at large.

“May I challenge the community around Kasenseli to play their role by ensuring that they support the police who are providing security at the site,” Mr Banda said.

Mr Banda was speaking in Solwezi today when he paid a courtesy call on North-Western Province Permanent Secretary, Willies Mangimela.

“The community has a role to play in protecting the site which is everyone’s investment and they can do that by being law abiding,” he said.

Mr Banda noted that government wants to see the growth of Kasenseli into a viable gold mine that will contribute to the country’s economic development and job creation.

And Mr Mangimela however, appealed to the ministry to consider expanding the Solwezi central correctional facility which he said is congested due to inadequate space and also build a modern facility in Kabompo district.

“We are grateful that departments under your ministry like the Zambia Police, Correctional Services, Immigration and National Registration have received a fair share of vehicles which will enable them reach out to far flung areas,” Mr Mangimela said.

He also appealed to the ministry to consider upgrading Mwinilunga police station and equip it with more officers to help protect the gold mine at Kasenseli.

Mr Banda is in Northwestern province on a familiarization tour of departments under his ministry to appreciate their challenges as well as visit the Kasenseli gold mine to assess the security situation.


  1. Timely advice. Let us protect our resources from the upnd mercenaries who are funded by their masters their abroad. A vote for hh means a vote to sell your resources to the imperialist for peanuts. Remember what he did during privatisation?

  2. Guard against whom? Only PF thugs are stealing here…I mean how do you ask the public to guard something they don’t see tangible benefits!!

  3. We even have gold in Zambia yet we keep begging for money. We keep borrowing.

    Citizens are poor.

    Ministers are very rich. And they only work for 3 months every 5 years, just before an election.

    Vote wisely.

  4. Let GRZ send soldiers there so that we can focus on more urgent issues. For instance, the Rwandese that have settled in Zambia have destroyed the grocery businesses for Zambians. These Rwandese are thriving and now living like Kings whilst our brothers and sisters are watching hopelessly as there businesses are closing. It is sad that our GRZ has allowed this to happen at the time when unemployment rates are high. Why can’t we adopt the Zambians first approach? Indeed we live in a competitive World but we still have a duty to protect our people or else we will become slaves to foreigners just like some of our brothers that work in Wholesales for Indians toil like slaves and insulted as though they are second class citizens. Our brothers and sisters may not be able to compete but they had…

  5. @Kaizer Zulu, your unpalatable online rhetoric will bring you real world consequences. You seem to treat everybody the same. With disrespect and contempt. This is a dangerous way to live. You may one day will wake up to a stranger standing over you in your bed. That’s the day you will say bwana but it will be too late. You have a false sense of security hiding behind your keyboard. Educate yourself and read on Cybersecurity. We know exactly who you are and where you live. Final notice. We strongly urge you to govern yourself accordingly. Be respectful.

  6. Iwe monde stop complaining and start working. These shops run by the ruwandese, who owns the properties and who was running the shops? It was us zambians. Than how did we allow the ruwandese to take over? Because we failed to run these grocery stores. Who is stopping you or anyone to open up your own shop and compete with the ruwandese or indians or any foreigners? Instead of complaining, why cant we learn from these guys so that we can also be successful. The answer is hard work and honesty and saving. Nobody can go wrong. If they can do it, why cant we?

  7. Ba Wako, you probably have no idea of what I am talking about. Continue napping until the time when your own children will be servants of these Rwandese. Yes, some of these guys are renting shops owned by Zambians but some have started buying those shops and houses. Do a case study in Chalala area and you will be shocked to learn that some Zambians are renting houses for Rwandese. Donald Trump became popular coz of protecting the interests of Americans.

  8. We the people, my home address is not a state secret. Majority of zambian know where I live here in lusaka Zambia. What are you waiting for ? If you are man enough come and enter my house so that you taste what a revolver can do. Silly diasporan

  9. Monde, whose fault is it? Is it the foreigners fault that they are hard working, they save money for future investments, they dont drink and party away their profits. The value of some of these shops and properties which these ruwandese are buying has gone up and who is benefitting from these high prices? Its us zambians. The only problem is we will waste our money away rather than invest it. Than again you will complain about the foreigners.

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