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Engineering body wants Alick Nkhata Bridge demolished


The Engineering Institution of Zambia has called for the total demolition of the Alick Nkhata bridge in Lusaka.

EIZ Registrar and Chief Executive officer Linus Chanda says following a review undertaken of the structure by the institution, it was concluded that the space where the flyover bridge is being constructed is not sufficient to meet a well-designed structure.

He stated that the safety of the pedestrians and the steep slopes were not adequately addressed, which he says would eventually lead to frequent accidents.

Mr Chanda has since recommended that a new redesigned road section should be constructed to avoid accidents.

The Alick Nkhata Bridge in Lusaka
The Alick Nkhata Bridge in Lusaka


  1. What? Demolish the massive infrastructure development? No way, what will people who haven’t been to Lusaka in the last 3 years say about LLL? Lusambo’s Lusaka LA?

  2. It will not economic sense demolishing the flyover bridge for the stated reasons by Engineer Lunis Chanda. EIZ members should look at it very critically and come with solutions. The steep slope can not be modified even the closeness to the main building can still be rectified. Even the project sponsors and architects are at fault. Having worked a retail chain the design of that shopping mall does not make location of anchor shop ideal. They should have sat with various large retail shops on design of the mall as it is that thing is likely to be a while elephant. Entrance and exit from the mall should not be from Alick Nhkata road but at the road going past ERB. Demolishing the flyover bridge should not be entertained because a huge amount of public funds were spent. Let developer in…

  3. Bishop Eddie Chomba PS, once said that, “the Alick Nkhata bridge in Lusaka is a death trap”. And he even said that, The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) all directors must be put behind bars for allowing such a death trap to be constructed just worst the taxpayers money.
    Alas what was the response from first, Paul Moonga ?? second the entire PF canders in Lusaka rose against Bishop Eddie Chombas’ observation. even the EIZ were called to verify Chombas’ claim and they concluded saying the bridge is most safest bridge in Zambia !!! Today what has gone wrong with the bridge????

  4. Please let EIZ look at the quality of the New Jersey barriers at the Flyover Bridge on Lusaka south end round about where they are widening the bridge. Whoever is building that is just making a mess of it. I don’t know if the formwork design is approved or the Engineer is sleeping. The workmanship is pathetic.

  5. it was concluded that the space where the flyover bridge is being constructed is not….
    You mean this bridge is still being constructed??? But LT reported the opening of the bridge. Are they constructing it again??

  6. EIZ was a political organisation by then and now that we have a new president he has come to change the game . We have seen alot of projects done to sub standards were a building just on construction collapse and kill people.

  7. Independent consultants need to be appointed. The actors involved in the politics are biased. They are policing, prosecuting and judging at the same time. I had driven over the bridge several times. It seemed to me that speed limit needed to be respected. It also seemed to me that it was cost effective. New bridges can be built at other points of the city. An independent consultant could do more work at less cost to the tax payers. Bridges are considered a specialized area of civil engineering. Engage with mining engineers. Engage with bridge builders. There are bridge builders in South Korea. There are bridge builders in France. There are bridge builders in China. There are bridge builders in Germany.

  8. Why is Dr Kasonde pointing us to foreign bridge builders? No confidence in fellow Africans? Or just mentally colonised school product?

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