Five People feared dead as hundreds are displaced following the bursting of a dam in Mumbwa

DMMU National coordinator Chanda Kabwe in a yellow reflector and his team being shown where the flood water come from up hill dam in Mumbwa
DMMU National coordinator Chanda Kabwe in a yellow reflector and his team being shown where the flood water come from up hill dam in Mumbwa

Five people are feared died while hundreds have been displaced following the bursting of a dam in Mumbwa District of Central Province.

Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe said that the area has experienced heavy rains in the last two days which has left a trail of destruction following the bursting of the dam in the area.

Mr. Kabwe said that several people have sought refuge on top of their roofs as the entire area is covered with water.

Mr. Kabwe further told ZNBC that a team of officers from ZAF and DMMU will be visiting Mumbwa today in order to access the situation.

Mr. Kabwe said the number of people affected by the flooding is yet to be ascertained.

DMMU National coordinator Chanda Kabwe checking one of the flooded house in Mumbwa
DMMU National coordinator Chanda Kabwe checking one of the flooded house in Mumbwa
Flooded houses in Mumbwa
Flooded houses in Mumbwa


  1. Lusakatimes the least you can do is get your grammar right on an article about the demise of people. Show a little respect by taking time to ensure you are publishing correct things. What is “five people feared died”? Stop publishing things with hangovers in your brains

  2. The upnd should not dare politicize the death of people as they have done with the two people who were shot. Show some respect ba upnd. We know you lack morals but please try just this once to show some maturity.

    • Sainte Flex Yes you can have mishaps but in Zambia it’s annoying to say the least.You find that an infrastructure doesn’t last not even a year or two it collapses.That is worrying and just confirms one thing.Poor workmanship coupled with cutting corners so as to attain self enrichment.

  3. There is need to strengthen community based disaster management committee establish rescue centres and conduct head count to establish those affected by the natural hazard. We need also to do more sensitization on climate change.

  4. Wasn’t the bursting of the dam foreseen by the engineers who designed it? What about the collapse of that unfinished building opposite Porter’s House along Chilimbulu Rd in Libala, was there a supervising engineer? What about the washing away of Milima Bridge within this week in Kasama? All these collapsing of dams and buildings point to one thing: the supervising institutions just certify these buildings as ‘safe’ without conducting any diligent inspection. THEY MUST BE TAKEN TO TASK!

  5. It’s nothing other than sub standard engineering works in either construction or maintenance! Depending when the dam was constructed pre or post Independence one will note that apart from silting most dam structures of the colonial era are still intact.

  6. Very good rainfal and I hope this water is being harvested in dams rather than ending up into the Indian ocean. If cry for rain and God gives a nation a good rainfall like this one and next season if it doesn’t rain you say you haven’tgot water then there is something seriously wrong with the whole nation. God expect you, as you are praying for the good rain, prepare gigantic dams where to store the harvested water when he give it to the nation. This is because as a nation calling itself a christaian country you MUST believe that God will give your nation what you are asking for. Otherwise, it’s like asking your dad for a bicycle to use to go to school and when he buys it for you, you in turn give it to your friend who may even posses another bicycle.

  7. LT do something about this spamming on this website…I bet its just one person or students in a computer room responding to each other about nothing!

  8. Who is this bully Kaizer Zulu who keeps barking everyday. Is this them same clinical officer who suddenly turned into a billionaire through his mafia connections with Lungu. Please Kaizer Zulu prepare you sanctually in Malawi. Because very soon you will all lose power. And the progressieve forces will move in to confiscate all what you have been stealing.

  9. David phiri only guilty people put in place measures to go into exile once out of power. I have nothing to hide or runway from. You claim I have stolen and that I am a mafia. Can you avail evidence to that effect? I have documents for each and every asset I own and you can get any authority to look into all my account transactions. If you find anything illegal I will stand down from my position even before elections. Now can HH agree to the same? It had to take 2 people dying for hh to just go to police . What is is scared of?

  10. Remember the trees you cut indiscriminately on daily basis. This is the result. The worst is yet to come , just wait.

  11. This is what happens when you blame God wilfully of no rain while deep down you know the real causes of loadshedding. God brings more rain than you need to show up your lies.

  12. There’s nothing as gullible as a voter!
    1. Yemu Yemu Dee came and said everything (commodities) will be cheap, such that everyone will be able to live good lives. And people believed… Are things cheaper?

    2. Piye Fool came and said everyone will alot of money in their pockets. And people believed… Do they have the money?

    3. Now this UP N’ Down guy, the man who has never smiled in his life, is saying will fix all problems…and people are believing him,, eeeh! Katwishi mukwai.

  13. Future plans for human settlements who live close to river channels should be designed such that houses are build above a contour line linked to the spill way of the dams. No houses should be built below this critical contour line. This is a challenge to land surveyors countrywide.
    Flooding occurrences have perennially affected Lusaka west of the railway line which is underlain by porous limestone formation. Lasting solution is for Lusaka City Council to construct big drainage lines: (1) one drainage line that will spill excess water to a stream in Chilanga, taking into account that the top of Mt. Makulu Hill is at the same elevation as Lusaka Railway Station and; (2) another drainage to spill excess water towards Mwembeshi River, taking into account that the Lusaka Plateau tips over…

  14. It’s PF when bad things happen
    But guy’s let’s try to forget about politics and thank the almighty God for giving us infula
    Last time we were complaining about Victoria falls
    And lets avoid buying ma plots mumbali yakamana cause season changes ka

  15. You know what people,this is what makes us different from whites,can surely someone say,how construct good roads,how build schools how construct markets etc,can you take that for a manifesto surely?people don’t we think it is the responsibility of every present party in power to do that?it is there responsibility just has the father makes sure the children have their daily meals whether with promise or not.I feel manifestos should concern more of uplifting our economy,one zambian one nation has a unity,no tribal issues, thinking on how we can come out of been called third country.stopping the dependence syndromes on these so called NGOs.does every zambian know that we can’t run our country without these Aids we receive from other countries,including China?people of Zambia,I strongly…

  16. Zambians are grieving together with the affected families and to trivialise the lost lives and mock Zambians as mere expendables to gratify political egoistic agenda by PF government is evil in itself. Zambians know which is a violent party using state machinery to kill and maim its own citizens.
    Some morons still defend this glaring shameful act by PF government and blame it on opposition and dare say PF was not there when two inncent Zambians were shot dead. Whaaa! what moronic view

  17. May God help you, my dear Zambia. Flooding can indicate some sort of a curse operating here. Please stop turning our beautiful environment into charcoal. Pile pressure on the government for alternative cooking methods. It has to be possible. So sorry for my brothers and sisters affected.

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