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Pray for leaders’ co-existence, elections should not divide the people – Vice President


Vice President Inonge Wina has asked the church in the country to pray for leaders to co-exist as they go about their daily affairs if Zambia is to develop.

And Mrs. Wina has urged the church to continue being instrumental and provide guidance in matters of the country’s wellbeing, adding that as the country holds the general elections next year, there is need to pray for peace before, during and after the elections.

The Vice President was speaking in Lusaka yesterday during the 29th commemoration of the declaration of Zambia as Christian nation which was held under the theme “Sustaining unity and peace I diversity by the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation”

“Am asking you to keep praying for the leaders to co-exist as they go about the daily affairs of the nation because it is through prayer that we can ask God’s guidance in taking this nation to greater heights. I also call upon the church to pray for the 2021 elections so that there is peace before, during and after the elections,” she said.

She reiterated President Eagar Lungu’s call for the country to remain united and that elections should not divide the people, adding that this is why the church should ensure that they preach peace and love discourage all forms of violence among politicians and the general citizenry.

She explained that the ultimate aim of the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation by the late former President Fredrick Chiluba in 1991 is to ensure that Christianity became a reality that reflects the lives of the people of Zambia and should be appreciated as it guarantees the freedom to assemble as Christians without fear of any consequences.

“The moral understanding of this declaration is that it is a statement of religious tolerance as being Christians does not imply that other religions shall not be tolerated, the essence of the declaration is a public acknowledgment by the people of Zambia that they are Christians. This must be appreciated by all so that the freedom to assemble as Christians should be done without fear of any repercussions.

The Vice President also noted that government has taken various measures to ensure the actualization of the declaration by mainstreaming Christian values and principles into activities of the state.

Mrs. Wina further expressed hope that observing the day will serve as a reminder of the country to be united under Christ with desire to overcome different challenges that the nation has faced such as gassing incidents and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic among others.

And in his sermon Gilgal Assemblies of God Bishop Johnson Chama has urged Zambians not to take for granted the peace that the country has continued to enjoy for over 50 years and encouraged leaders to embrace dialogue.

Bishop Chama explained that it will be difficult for the country to sustain peace and unity if leaders holding various key positions in society do not unite and accommodate opposing views.

He further warned against the use of unpalatable language especially among politicians which he says sends a bad message and can make people rise and cause confusion in the country.

“Sustaining the current peace that we have enjoyed for over 50 years requires that leaders at all levels accommodate each other, accommodating divergent views, sitting on some table with perceived enemies and dialogue and also calls for toning down in the language that we use, “ he stressed.

Meanwhile, the Declaration of Zambia as Christian nation organization committee Chairperson Billy Mfula has advised Zambians to ensure that they continue to uphold the declaration of the country as Christian nation and ensure that the peace of the lord continues to prevail.

Bishop Mfula said Zambia has continued to be recognized globally as a beacon of peace by upholding Christian values, a situation said has brought about investor confidence in the country’s economy.

“I wish to call on the peace of the lord to continue prevailing among the land of Zambia, many nations will become to Zambia to consult on how we have managed to embrace our Christians values by making Christian a bedrock of our economic, spiritual and political stance, this has brought about investor confidence as no investor can be willing in invest in the country where there is no peace,” he added.


  1. We have more important issues to pray for such as our eternal salvation and the coming of Jesus Christ to liberate us from selfish leadership which is more important tnat praying for corrupt leaders to change! let them pray for themselves. Mama Wina, start praying for yourselves because the Lord Jesus is coming soon.

  2. Okay, but please do preserve the Zambian lives through restraining the popo (police) from the use of brutal or lethal force.

  3. The problems we are facing are not about PRAYER, they are due to lack of COMMON SENSE and MORALS. How come we don’t find this nonsense in schools or football.
    Do you remember this VERDICT is that 93% of Zambians want the ICC to probe PF bandits & visionless Lungu.
    This 93% has shocked blind Dagama & now PF is feeling the heat of ICC.
    After eating the rotten carcasses, the PF bandits including those @ Nkwanzi house are now eating bones. When choked up by skeletons of self inflictions on his Jameson throat, the guy without vision is crying out loud that something invincible is on its way to get him.
    Visionless Jameson with illusions of incompetence is wailing & antagonised saying that “something is after me,…..they are coming to get me”~Lungu.
    The end of violent PF bandits is finally…

  4. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Watch “Bobi Wine uncovers plan to finish him off by the Military” on YouTube

  5. the nation will be informed at an appropriate time on the findings of the investigations which President Edgar Lungu ordered into the shooting of two people. We new it would come. Here it is, it has come that nothing will happen. We are still waiting for a report on gassing where more than 50 pipo died it can’t come, we waiting for 49 houses report nill. Markets etc. The best thing to do is to vote bwino bwino pa 12 August 2021. Chapwa.

  6. You are mouless your PF has done the worst this time. Vote of no confidence. He said he wanted the report on Monday, now it has changed “the nation will be informed at an appropriate time” When is appropriate time? IT IS NOW. Same like gassing report, nill, market burning report nill, 49 houses report nill. SO NO REPORT WILL EVER COME. WE WANT CHANGE TWANAKA BA LESA

  7. Tomorrow we are starting to count down to elections. Meaning that HH is getting closer to plot 1 every second, those that are refusing to step down, don’t worry, there is a new party coming in 2021. 2021 here we come. WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE WE WANT CHANGE.

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