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Body of tourist who fell into Victoria Falls gorge found

General News Body of tourist who fell into Victoria Falls gorge found

The body of a 40 year old man from Harare who fell into the 108-meter-deep Victoria Falls chasm while on holiday on New Years’ day was located on Saturday, search teams said.

While police are still withholding the man’s identity, one news outlet named the local tourist as Roy George Tinashe Dikinya.

Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority (Zimparks) spokesperson Tinashe Farawo tweeted Saturday that search teams were now trying to recover the man’s body from the deep and rugged gorge.

“A ZimParks and police search team has identified some body parts down the gorge and work is underway to find ways to retrieve the body of a 40-year-old man who fell into the gorge in Victoria Falls on New year’s day,” Farawo said.

Images emerged on social media of the tourist, who was in the company of a female friend taking turns to take selfies when he slipped into the gorge.It is suspected that he slipped and plunged down the gorge at the danger zone.He was seen wearing slippers and walking on the slippery rocky edge of the water fall.


  1. How do you seriously wear slippers on a wild tour of the falls? Anyway, death is a mystery.. he could have been wearing outdoor boots but if it was his pre-destined day of departure, it could have made no difference.

  2. He was very careless. However, a loved one has been lost and for that we say RIP and condolences. Barriers should be erected.

  3. In that moment when he slipped, when he knew there was no way out, that is the anguish that leads me to avert calling him stupid. Tragic.

  4. I have done this before, and its quite safe if you are very awake and conscious of the consequences, its good for the heart to dare. However, he needed safer shoes fit enough for the weather at hand. We definitely have barriers now on the Zambian side, I am not sure about the Zim side where the incident happened. 20 years ago on the Zambian we never had barriers either, I guess to retain the natural heritage.

  5. I was born and raised in Livingstone am now in my late twenties and I must say I have never known why people get hyped up about watching water fall over a cliff ???

  6. I was born and raised in Petauke I am now in my late fourties and I must say I have never known why people get hyped up about watching a lion an elephant or a Giraffe cos often I scamper for safety when I meet these creatures in my neighborhood travels. Livingstononian the world is diverse. Someone in Scotland has never experienced what I have and I cant stop him from admiring the very beast I dread. We all cant be the same

  7. They have said ati, he was with a younger lady, men do strange things in front of women, MHSRIP and may his death be a lesson to us dear Lord, Amen

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