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ZAF Gulfstream cannot be sold-ZAF


The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) has clarified that the Gulfstream G-650 aircraft cannot be sold as it is against the laws that govern the Air Force as a defence entity.

Leading opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has promised to sell off the aircraft when he is elected into office in the August elections.

But ZAF Director of Public Relations and Foreign Liaison Mutale Kasoma said in a media statement that all equipment listed and appearing on the ZAF inventory is classified as military equipment.

He said such equipment is acquired for purposes of carrying out specific functions and missions or to fulfil Air Force mandates.

Colonel Kasoma said all military equipment procured for purposes of achieving functions, missions and mandate cannot be sold during the course of operational use, life span or for business purposes.

“The Gulfstream G-650 aircraft, which was acquired by ZAF through a contract by the Ministry of Defence and brought on the charge on the ZAF inventory, and is thus classified as military equipment for use by the Office of the President and Commander in Chief of the Defence force, currently held by his Excellency Dr Edgar Lungu, cannot be sold.”

“The ZAF’s mandate to convey incumbent Presidents has been in force since independence in 1964 and all six Presidents have been conveyed by the Air Force in this regard using different aircraft over the years,” Colonel Kasoma said.

He emphasized that the aircraft or any other equipment on the Air Force inventory cannot be done as it against the laws that govern the Air Force as a defence entity.

Colonel advised citizens to acquaint themselves with functions, operations and laws that govern all other Defence and Security as the are key institutions.


    • What technology has zaf put in the plane have that other nations might lay their hands on? If kaundas IFAs were sold to kamalashas nanga ichi choni chingavute nichani?

  1. Clearly this man is not very smart. He has not quoted a single law. Do not underestimate the power vested in the Presidency, that jet can be sold.

  2. Anything can be sold it just requires political ambition look at how they sold ZAF property in twin palm to foreigners and these are water catchment areas look at how they sold a protected area so precious to us the Lusaka East Forest Reserve Number 27…a few greedy people got together persuded the dull corrupt President and with his signature they were auctioned off. What an aircraft? In fact there is the Bombardier CL604 Challenger – call sign 9J-ONE. he can use that one that Gulfstream could have been used to pay off that $42 million coupon PF govt defaulted on.
    Since we are on the subject of govt jets the Bombardier CL604 Challenger was very busy at the end of the year …This aircraft was in Turkey at the end of the year …can someone look into what it was doing there? This is…

  3. .can someone look into what it was doing there? This is according to Flight Radar 24

  4. Military stuff can be decommissioned by ZAF and then sold . Even major countries do it all the time so stop lying.

  5. Yesterday in my village, hundreds of women and men received 2400 each through social cash transfer. Back dated. It was a joyous site
    They bought iron sheets, mattresses. And what about selling the jet? Am sure they wouldn’t care sold or not…it’s good and shelter that they care. So 2021 it’s here. ????

  6. Who was on this Challenger at the end of last year 2020? Flight Radar never lies…was it Lungu’s friends….what was this aircraft doing in Ankara …we need to find out who was on board of that aircraft. It can be anyone even Finlay transporting goods on GRZ property.

  7. The President can declassify the plane and sell it off. That is how President Kenneth Kaunda declassified the East Germany made military trucks called ” Ifa” and sold them in the late 1980s. Zambians nicknamed them “Infwa” ( death trap) because them killed so many people in road traffic accidents primarily. The Ifas we’re very high and we’re not balanced on the road.

    The ZAF spokesperson is being deliberately ignorant to mislead the public and justify its continued usage.

    Or the ZAF spokesperson is too young and too inexperienced to understand the concept of declassification.

  8. HH need a plane to go to AU summit this October.
    HH said it was better to buy a larger CHEAPER plane than those planes famous for drug trafficking, because they are super fast.

  9. The only reason PF and Lungu bought that aircraft under ZAF is so they could sneak in and out of the country under the radar as its a military aircraft pretending to be on govt duty yet they are doing shady deals like what the Challenger has been doing in the last 7 days. Who was on board the Challenger in the last 7 days in Turkey?

  10. Uwakamusango taleka… whn they say he sold companies but he refuses nd now he’s justifying that he’ll come nd sale… not only Gulfstream G-650 but alot will be sold… let’s think twice ba people.

  11. This man is dull. I remember a farmer even buying a helicopter which was boarded and lot no given during the time we were buying IFA and mag trucks from the same ZAF as well as Landover.

  12. The Gulf Stream 650 Aircraft is owned by GOZ but assigned to ZAF. This Asset is owned by GOZ and if HH becomes President of Zambia under a UPND Govt there is nothing to stop that Govt from selling that Plane. ZAF is 100% owned by GOZ. The GOZ bought and owns this Plane and the Govt of the Day in 2021 can sell that Plane to a New Buyer. Thats how Govt Assets are bought and sold. ZAF Spokesman shouldn’t mislead the Nation.

  13. The real experts have spoke . Who are you there in your ka 1bedroom flat in rough area of London to tell us otherwise? Fùuuuuuseke

  14. Imwe bachimbwi you totally have no clue about matters of the law regarding military procurements. Can you explain why and how the military auctions old vehicles to the public?

    The law allows the government in power to declassify military vehicles so they can be auctioned to the public all over the world. Colonel Kasoma is just PF thug without any clue.

    He himself has bought vehicles from ZAF for personal use under government auctions.

    Only a fo00l can take PF id1ots serious.

    If HH wont sell it I do it. Watch the space.

  15. HH does not research before opening his mouth. He sold so many things during privatization given another chance he will sell whole Zambia.

  16. If one National Asset can be sold & we repay the External Debt which is depleting our National Revenue through Debt Repayment then as Accountants stipulates that you can convert a fixed asset into current Asset then why not disclassify the Property & get liquidity to settle our stressful indebtedness on our National Budget????.

    • Francis Mutale Mukosa Exactly, this is the perfect reference of what is on the ground & how they have now made a blind eye to that but want to object to this only leaves one wondering what the World we are now living in??

    • Winston Chola our opposition also needs to have clear campaign messages, why dont they talk about the deleted voter register, prisioners voting, the mismanagement of our mining sector and also tell us how they will safeguard the votes in August. Ine I think KWWF abanesu ukwamba ukulanda pa ndeke lol.

  17. Zambians are paying the costs of maintaining and flying this aircraft… . What is it doing all over the place? Is it not supposed to transport the head of state only? Security, ati shani? He is on a working holiday in the bush, meanwhile the aircraft has been zooming…. You cannot f0ol all of the people all the time….

  18. Gayzar Zulu, we are in Zambia not in London. And we are sick and tired of you and your gay friends ripping off the country. Don’t you know that homosexuality is against the law?

  19. A f00l who left zambia when the drink tarino orange was still being manufactured is the one trying to tell us zambians how we should run our country. Meanwhile in the land of his masters they are failing to contain corona virus. Who is f00lish to listen to this shallow minded unexposed kunta kinte

  20. Late Sata got elected by saying similar things. When the MMD government acquired a new presidential helicopter under Mwanawasa, Sata said that he would sell the copter after becoming president. He became president but didn’t keep his word. Acquisition of such equipment is on the advice of aviation experts. Government merely responds to such advice by providing funding.

  21. The upnd ideology is driven by hate and tribalism. Anything PF is bad, and since the PF base is bemba, it even makes it worse. So their supporters get excited by talks of vengeance and destroying anything PF have done. Mwanawasa thought he could “fix” his northern predecessor by slander and media antics but it all culminated into failure. Hh and upnd are trying to emulate Mwanawasa’s spirit of slanderous persecution of their perceived enemies. Hh is a conman just exciting his supporters for personal gain. This country has laws that bind everything together, hh can’t change those laws to suit his supporters. Mwanawasa fired Mark Chona when he realised that his fake anti corruption crusade was going no where.

  22. The general public has lost confidence in these men in uniform, they have cheapened themselves they are not apolitical and many have been disgraced in corruption scandals and morally unprofessional with their duties. Many have been dismissed others are serving jail terms and genearl incompetency of saluting to PF cadres. How can Zambians take seriously statement from a ZAF officer (cadre).

  23. Gulfstream G-650 aircraft located in Zambia open for sale
    Bidding for the aircraft shall commence soon after August 12, 2021

  24. Jimmy Kalande heard the demand for evidence he went zeee. So balandalanda fye Keaton lyashi lyamu chibuku. Pali iyi platform mwilaleta ilyashi lyamu chibuku. Nensele Mulesha my chibuku

  25. The law can be changed. Most countries do sell military equipment on decommission. There is nothing sacred about them. Zambia has no original secret security technology. The plane can be sold back to the vendors or to another state.

  26. The Plane is owned by GRZ. Whichever Political Party forms Govt in 2021 can sell the Plane if it so decides. The truth is the Govt of the Day can sell this Plane or any Govt Assets for Matter. Assets under the control of ZAF,ZPS or any Parastatals are all 100% Govt owned. Period.

  27. If it can be can be sold…period.i am an engineer specialised in aeronautical, electronics and telecommunications.this zaf person got nothing on me.he needs further training to understand how ICAO works

  28. I like the way Dickson Jere has debated on the issue taking into account the security concerns of a Head of State when in transit on foreign itinerary. If on a commercial flight or chartered one, there would be need for security detail wherever a stopover would have to be made which would be a cost. Change of flights would also require such security detail, another cost. Whether it is Muliokela or HH who is head of state tomorrow, Jere argues, they would need a more efficient machine that cuts down on the costs of refueling stopovers and attendant security detail costs. Such a machine would also facilitate the head of state’s quick return home at less cost in case he has to cut short his strip in case of an emergency at home requiring his presence. That is how learned people debate with…

  29. The Airforce spokesperson has said “Colonel Kasoma said all military equipment procured for purposes of achieving functions, missions and mandate cannot be sold during the course of operational use, life span or for business purposes”.

    The key message being that the sake can only happen when not in operational use and not for business purposes. So as long as that is the status, it can’t be sold.

    IFA trucks were sold because they were not operational anymore

  30. This idi.ot called hh…he will take the nation 10 steps backwards. ati privatization phase 2.. He will also sell Zamtel, MMD said Zamtel is not making profit… Check the records as of now.
    I can’t never vote for upnd is a draw’s like telling a car driver to fly a plane.

  31. This spokesperson is not speaking in the interest of ZAF but merely politicking. There is no asset that can not be liquidated. Shame on you!

  32. If Russia can sell their precious S400 middle system to other countries, what secrets are there on this plane that can make us fail to sell it? Even Mig fighter planes have been sold to individuals after Soviet break-up. This ZAF boy is just a PF cadre.

  33. ubufontini bubi. Stop making silly comparisons. People who are against your ideas shouldn’t be your enemies or cadres. Each and every individual has their opinions. That shouldn’t make them cadres. Fi cadre nimwebo. Sea lee

  34. You are not yet in power and you are already thinking of selling things!!!… Thieves … When zaf doesn’t have a presidential plane to fly you around.. they start hiring private planes… Govt start paying huge somes of money. Tell this man to think intelligently

  35. HH is sti in the hangover of selling Govt property and pocketing some money in the process. People praise him as an intelligent business man kanshi ni pompwe.

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