Expedite works on township roads – Nundwe

Workers from China Jiangsu a company working constructing Serenje district township roads during the paving the road leading to the banks.
FILE: Workers from China Jiangsu a company working constructing Serenje district township roads during the paving the road leading to the banks.

Copperbelt province Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe has appealed to the Road Development Agency (RDA) to expedite the works on the 80 kilometers township roads in four districts in the province.

Mr. Nundwe lamented the delayed funding for township roads works saying the funds should be released soon as the rainy season come to an end.

Mr Nundwe said this when RDA Human Resource Committee led by Acting Chairperson for RDA board Likando Kalaluka call on him at his office in Ndola today.

Mr. Nundwe further said there is need to speed up works on the Sabina toll plaza which are at 5 percent as all the other toll plazas in the province are functional except for one.

“ The stretch on the Ndola – Kapiri road near Kafulafuta toll plaza is slippery and in a bad state which equally needs urgent attention, “ he said.

Chililabombwe, Ndola, Luanshya and Mufulira districts, are the districts to benefit from the upgrading of township roads in the province.

And RDA director George Manyele has disclosed that works on the 79.8 km Ndola – Mufulira -Mukombo road have commenced.

Government recently paid 20 million Kwacha to Swift Company in partnership with Nyatsi contractor to resume works on the road.

The works are phases and currently the contractor is working on the Mufulira Mukombo stretch where the road works are on- surfacing level.

Meanwhile, RDA acting board chairperson Likando Kalaluka explained that the committee is on the Copperbelt to check on RDA operations and the state of infrastructure in the region.


  1. Bufi! Mufulira Mokambo is as bad as ever. Mufulira Ndola you have to be mad to drive on it. And its election year.

  2. I don’t understand the nonsense of not working during the rainy season. This speaks to the ineptitude of these people and lack of planning. Year in and year out, it’s the same thing, are the rains a new phenomenon???? Seriously, road works should be planned appropriately, but no campaigns are a priority to you, can’t wait for you guys to be rid of. Very sad.

  3. RDA must leave township roads to local authorities. This is a total failure of systems. They can’t be all over Zambia. They shouldn’t think when they’re paid traveling allowances then they’re working. Local authorities were at one point doing what RDA is doing so it isn’t something special that others can’t do.

  4. Road projects are hastily been done now they have that drunk Mvunga at BOZ printing monopoly money ….I mean who does road construction in rainy season its like building a mud house in heavy rain …waste of resources all in the name of campaigning.

  5. Look at the beautiful tarred roads. Ala Zambia yawama. Ba upnd diaspora soon you will be begging to be allowed back into our country. Ask Larry mweetwa kiki

  6. Rather unconving. The central street in Luanshya town has been muddy since the last general election. You blame the voters for their anger?

  7. Kaiza Zulu how are u mune. Boy tell the RDA to work on Kazungula Sesheke rd and Simungoma rd that leads to Mulobezi District.We the Of supported need these Development .Come August 12 we should show the UOND that we have done it once again

  8. Those two workers are styupid, especially one on right, machine made beautiful road, but they are messing it up with those shovels. Just leave those lines, that will even make road more stronger.
    Fi PF, fya panga, fya pangulula.

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