Nkana Make Late Trip to Angola


Nkana travelled to Angola for Wednesday’s crucial CAF Champions League match against Petro Atletico after being bailed out by President Edgar Lungu.

President Lungu on Monday donated $100,000 to Nkana, who are reportedly struggling financially ahead of the Luanda trip.

Club vice President Patrick Njovu said the money would help Nkana to fulfill the CAF assignment.

“We were given $100,000 which is K2.1million. The money has really helped and we will manage to go to Angola,” Njovu said.

Kalampa left for Angola on Tuesday morning on a chartered flight.

The two teams drew 1-1 in the first leg match of the first round played in Kitwe two weeks ago.

The return leg is scheduled to kick off at 18h00.


  1. Misplaced priorities by the President. How many times are you going to be bailing out Nkana Football Club? Last year you paid for them the wages they owed Walter Bwalya, was it $35,000? And this time you have given them $100,000? What about the poor UNZA students who were chased from the exam class because they were owing the institution, you didn’t hear their cries? Some were owing as little as K5,000, this is a shame sir.

  2. Ba Lungu this is not from your pocket but from taxpayers. Not all taxpayers support Nkana. Some support Mighty whom you have never helped, Brave Rangers whom you have never helped, Stylish Roan whom you have never helped, Sharp Blades whom you have never helped, Magnificent Warriors whom you have never helped And you want us to believe by helping Nkana you are helping Zambia? Awe twakana ni corruption fye iyi. Can all these clubs I have mentioned please go and que up at state house to receive $100,000 each?


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