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Bars and night clubs in Lusaka to operate on take away basis, social gatherings suspended


Bars and Night Clubs in Lusaka will, with immediate effect, start operating on take away basis to avert the escalating cases of COVID- 19.

The new measures will last for the initial period of 14 days subject to review.

The agreement was reached at during the meeting between LCC officials and the Bars and Night Club Owners Association of Zambia held at Civic Centre today.

Bars will be operating on take away basis on the days and times as guided by President Edgar Lungu.

As opposed to the total closure of bars, the meeting settled for operating on take away basis to allow operators clear the old stock.

Announcing the new measures, Lusaka Deputy Mayor, Christopher Shakafuswa, warned that any Bar and Night Club owners who will fail to comply with the new measures risk their licences being revoked.

And the Council has suspended all social gatherings for the next 14 days with immediate effect.

This means that no permit for social gatherings such as weddings, Chilanga Mulilo, Kitchen parties and Matebeto among others shall be issued.

Funeral gatherings have been restricted to only 50 close family members of the family.

Mr Shakafuswa also discouraged religious and political gatherings and devise other ways of reaching out to their members.

The Deputy Mayor urged authorities in markets and bus stations to ensure that commuters and traders adhere to COVID-19 guidelines at all times.

Mr Shakafuswa extended the call to vendors, adding that failure to do so may force the local authority to take other drastic measures.

And Bars and Night Clubs Owners Association of Zambia President Peter Mwale said his association pledges total support to new measures put in place by the local authority.

Mr Mwale said his association will not side with any members that will fail to comply because the measures are aimed at protecting both workers and patrons from contracting the disease.

According to the Ministry of Health daily COVID -19 update for 6th January 2021, the country recorded 850 new confirmed cases in the last 24 hours with Lusaka leading with 448 cases.

This is according to a statement by LCC Public Relations Manager George Sichimba.


  1. Is the lungu in the picture with his back to the camera enjoying a Jameson ??

    Considering all the negative economic indicators since he became president , one can be excused for thinking lungu spends his time in bars and nightclubs….

  2. Very wise decision by our able government. All those found flouting the rules will face the full wrath of the law. We are not playing this time around. My brother lusambo is back on the ground ensuring people are complying. If I can go for many months without chilling in my favourite town, KAFUE so can you. Stay home and save lives. Our friends in diaspora lacked discipline now look what is happening kuvyalo. They are dying like chickens in the abattoir

  3. The Zambia PF Services oops sorry The Zambia Police Services will be very happy to hear that one person has been shot outside the US parliament (Congress) as protesters of the losing President tried to cause chaos to ptotest their loss. So Kanganja is now in good company

  4. Bars need to remain open because closing them leads to suffering of the workers who depend on that money for survival

  5. If only people has been adhering to social distancing all this would not have happened. Kukonda hugging wawa wawa

  6. Patriotic Zambian, it is people like you with Stuupid thinking that have always caused that amazing nation not to develop. The bars, and night clubs; especially the big ones can advertise that they are selling only take away on radio and television. Employees can work with masks on and sanitize their businesses. That way they still have jobs and all are safe. It leads to less drunks in the country. Zambia needs to be sober to begin with.

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