British and US diplomats called to condemn terrorist actions at US Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 06: A pro-Trump mob breaks into the U.S. Capitol on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC. Congress held a joint session today to ratify President-elect Joe Biden's 306-232 Electoral College win over President Donald Trump. A group of Republican senators said they would reject the Electoral College votes of several states unless Congress appointed a commission to audit the election results. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Foreign diplomats in Zambia representing countries such as Britain and the USA itself international community have been called upon to condemn the acts of terrorists who threatening the peaceful transfer of power in USA.

The Zambian Institute of Governance and Civil Liberties Platform (ZIGGLAP) said it is deeply troubled with political happenings in the United States which have been sponsored by the US administration under President Trump.

“The current regime has sponsored local terrorists who besieged the US Capitol where Senators were having a constitutional session on the election of President-Elect Biden,” said ZIGGLAP Chief Executive Officer Francis Chipili.

Mr. Chipili said ZIGGLAP is concerned that some foreign diplomats in Zambia representing countries such as Britain and the USA itself international community have been dead silent on these happenings in the USA.

“These are the same diplomats who have been taking a leading role in condemning recent happenings in Zambia where two people were shot dead. These countries have also been supporting elements in Zambia who are sowing seeds of discord ahead of Zambia’s 2021 elections as part of the democratic process,” said Chipili.

ZIGGLAP has since ask Zambians to avoid taking the path being witnessed in the USA where politicians are sacrificing citizens at the altar of political expedience when these politicians lose an election.

“We urge Zambian parents to not allow their children and youth to be used. Don’t sacrifice your children,” said Mr. Chipili.

He asked Zambians to be wary of some clergy such as Archibishop Mpundu and civil society organiusations who are mobilising them for such similar actions which contribute to breakdown of law and order as well as loss of life as has happened in America.
Mr. Chipili reiterated the message by Zambia’s President that no politician, including himself, is worth dying for.


  1. Not just diplomats, even those upnd diasporans who spend all day scratching their stinky backsides condemning our country, are no where to be seen condemning the countries that they ran away to.

    • Not a single African leader has condemed the terrorists. All the European leaders stood up to condemn these Trump followers but Lungu and fellow African bootlickers are too scared not knowing what to say because they would not want to put US aid in jeopardy. At the same time Lungu and fellow tyrants in Africa don’t know the tenets of democracy so what will they refer to to condemn these terrorists? So ni watch and see chabe ba Lungu; mouth fully zipped.

  2. Really laughable and shallow thinking lacking international relations know how…you think a US diplomat will be condemning Political cadre or supporter demonstrations supported by the incumbent in the you know what a Diplomat is ZIGGLAP? Why are you even involving the British you think they want to involved in that given that China and Russia are just watching from the sidelines not sure how it concludes.
    Its like asking that boy Anthony Mwitwa in Germany to condemn PF violence in Lusaka when his boss in State House is mute….he would be on the first flight back home with all his belongings.

  3. Like we do not have enough problems in Zambia. Some people just need to learn to keep quiet sometimes.

    Boris Johnson condemned the act yesterday, as did most foreign leaders (except Lungu of course).

    Learn to flash the toilet in your own house before trying to flash that of your neighbour.

    Ukubwatabwata fye all day.

  4. Spot on! When two people die in Zambia because of excitement by Hichilema after being summoned by the police. He rushes to Human Rights! Four foolish demonstrators for foolish Trump died, and he didnt rush to Human rights! What have human rights got to do with a foolish person who wakes up and decides to fight the police! Dull Hichilema!

  5. Clearly this guy does not follow international news. A number of European countries, notably UK, Germany n France have done so already.

  6. Just because you have a dysfunctional govt where every Jim and jack from a cadre to a thug can comment on any issue does not mean they do the same

  7. What has happened in the UD is a disgrace. Thugs incited by their own sitting President to assault the processes. Regrettable lives were lost. Trump was never Presidential material at any point – he thrived on fascist sentiments and misplaced delusional nationalism, including trying to have the whole justice system in ‘his pocket’

  8. “The U.S. Embassy is deeply saddened and concerned about the deaths of two civilians today following a demonstration…      We further encourage that all Zambians be allowed to peacefully assemble and express their views without violence or interference. We urge a de-escalation of violence and tensions in order to allow all citizens to peacefully excercise their citizenship rights.” On 23 December 2020, the above-quoted statement was issued by the U.S. Embassy, Zambia. Mr Chipili, thank you for laying bare and shining a light on the hypocricy and selective criticism of some western countries. Nothing more needs to be said except “If you live in a glass house…”.

  9. Finshi bengalanda ba Lungu mwebantu? Trump stop disturbing American people’s democracy or I will apply sanctions against you?

  10. There is nothing to worry about here. America will sort this one out without asking for help from outside. That’s the difference btwn America and banana republics. There’s no rape going on as would happen in a weak state.

  11. Mr. Chipili said absolutely right! Why foreign diplomats in Zambia representing the USA didn’t say a single word when they played a leading role in condemning recent happenings in Zambia where Nsama and Joseph Kunda were shot dead!!!

  12. Such type of violence is always sponsored by the losing party and not the ruling party. Trump said he didn’t support such kind of violence. But in reality, he was the one who sponsored it!

  13. Even when US voting results were out, Trump was not ready to accept that he got defeated by Joe Biden. I think Trump is long lost brother of UPND Leader Hichilema! They both behave in the same manner. Both are a dictator and wanted the country to run according to them or else they will disturb the peace of the country.

  14. It is very strange to read that some foreign diplomats in Zambia representing the USA have completely shut their month when the whole world is shocked and condemning the shameful act. They were the same people who expressed grief when Nsama and Joseph Kunda got killed.

  15. What ZIGGLAP said here is 100% true. People should not fall into the trap of political party and participate in any kind of violence in the country, no one can win against the law.

  16. There are political parties that are selfish and use youths for personal benefits. Remember when HH provoked our youths to fight against the government and when the police arrest the youths for breaching the peace of the country, Hichilema simply disappeared! He let the youth behind to suffer and never came for their rescue. That’s why most of our youths hate HH!

  17. We are happy that Zambians are smart! We all understand the consequence of violence and we all condemn such shameful behavior. But still, there are few dull people in Zambia who damage public property, spread violence, and are puppets of UPND leader HH.

  18. Zambia is much better than the USA! We are a Christian Nation that follows peace and unity. Even we have Zambian Trump and his name is Hichilema. He is only known for spreading violence, hate speech, damaging public properties, provoking people, and so on. His jail and court visit is countless, but still, he behaves as if he is the most innocent person!

  19. Remember during election champing when UPND cadres were arrested for damaging public properties and how they blamed PF for the arrest. This is what the losing party does all the time. UPND always targeting Zambia police and PF. And, spread false news about them and try to break the image.

  20. Definitely, those youths were sponsored by Trump. No ruling party will do it. Even in Zambia no PF will support any kind of violence and try to kill Hichilema through police! Whatever HH’s PR media is showing is all made up stories to get sympathy. We should never let UPND win in any elections. HH is dangerous.

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