Burial of a Deceased COVID-19 patient by Government Officers triggers Protest


Chaos erupted at the Chililabombwe District Administration following the death and burial of a man who had tested positive to the coronavirus (COVID-19) recently resulting in a protest.

The deceased was buried by government officials as per health guideline but the move angered the family members and other mourners who alleged that he was buried without their consent thus being denied a befitting send off.

The deceased’s relatives and other mourners gathered in large numbers at the District Commissioner’s office prompting Police reinforcement to prevent any possible unrest.

They, among other demands, wanted the body of the deceased to be exhumed so that they can be given a chance to bury as they disputed the fact that he had tested positive to the novel coronavirus.

However, Chililabombwe District Commissioner Roy Ngosa confirmed that the deceased had tested positive to the virus and it is government’s responsibility to take charge of COVID-19 deaths.

Meanwhile, the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has expressed concern over the escalating number of Covid-19 cases in Western Province.

Speaking at a press briefing at Saa Kuta in Limulunga Royal Village today, BRE Ngambela (Prime Minister) Manyando Mukela said since COVID-19 broke out in the country last year, Western Province had been recording smaller numbers of cases of the killer disease.

Ngambela Mukela says it is now worrying the Royal establishment that towards the end of last year-to-date the number of cases being recorded is rising tremendously.

Ngambela Mukela says the situation was very worrying and has since called on the people in the province to strictly stick to the Covid-19 health preventive guidelines in order to avoid getting infected with the pandemic.

“Covid-19 was spreading easily and faster if people did not heed to health protocols hence the need to do so as the disease was deadly such that it could affect the productivity of the province, “ he said.

The Ngambela disclosed that he invited the Ministry of Health staff to the palace to test for Covid-19.

He has consequently encouraged everyone in the province to go for testing.


  1. It’s wrong for Zambians as last time the government official was said to have died of covid-19 but there was body viewing. So, does it mean that Zambian has two types of covid-19 strains ( infectious and non-infectious) or what’s going on ?

  2. It is understandable that emotions can be very high during the death of a loved one. We do not want to do this but we have no other options due to this seriousness of this virus. Please understand the gravity of the situation and work with us to save lives. Thank you

  3. Sitali ,How are people going to understand the magnitude of the problem when the leaders are behaving as though everything is normal? They are busy campaigning with no observation of COVID 91 regulations.
    How serious is the pf govt in controlling the fast spreading infection.
    Compare Zambia with S.Africa and Botswana. These two countries have made it compulsory for everyone in public to wear a mask. Alcohol sales have been banned and a curfew introduced during evening time. Zambia?? Ni President Lungu this, that, will ! Atase

  4. How can people believe that there is pandemic when the La7y President is flying around pretending to be on working visit on the Gulfstream.

  5. This pandemic has caused us to deal with our grief of our loved ones differently. But I have often wondered why body viewing is allowed to all and sundry. I feel as though the body of the deceAsed us being defiled new. So when did the “culture” of exposing the deceAsed body for body viewing start?

  6. Kaizar Zulu, i hate u with a passion but your comment today sounds reasonable… So there is always a good part to any human being….even Idi Amin was a loving Father

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