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Fuel pump prices remain unchanged-ERB

Economy Fuel pump prices remain unchanged-ERB

The Energy Regulation Board has announced that pump prices of fuel products will remain unchanged following the introduction of Statutory Instrument number 125 of 2020 on Value Added Tax (Zero-Rating Amendment) order by government.

The ERB disclosed that the order will have no effects on the current pump prices of petroleum products across the country.

In a statement issued to the media in Lusaka, ERB Board Chairperson Jane Kabwela explained that SI No. 125 has included petrol and diesel to the schedule of zero rated petroleum products.

Ms. Kabwela indicated that the SI was aimed at cushioning the impact of pump price increase and to further stabilize the price of petroleum products.

The ERB Board Chairperson disclosed that the SI, which was effected on January 1, 2021, responds to the various changing variables as a result of the exchange rate and its effects on the pricing structure of petroleum products.

She further said the order is meant to benefit the consumers as well as ensure security of supply.

Ms. Kabwela however indicated that the capped national pump prices of fuel products will remain the same.

“The Energy Regulations Board in cognizance of this positive development has maintained the wholesale and retail prices of petroleum products following the VAT Amendment order contained under SI No. 125 of 2020,” she explained.

She has meanwhile called on the public to contact the ERB offices across the country for additional information.


  1. This is where the Zambian in charge differs from all other nationalities! The Zambian in charge wears a big smile to see fellow Zambians suffering! That is Jane Kabwela, shes getting free fuel, it doesnt matter that her grand mother in Mpika rural is paying double the transport charge because of selfishness of people like Jane Kabwela! Country men and women, its cheaper to buy a litre of petrol in the USA and CANADA than in poverty-stricken Zambia, where 90 % or population are now depending on 10 cents a day! God save us! One Nigerian once remarked, “why dont you Zambians like each?”. This was after a Nigerian recommended a Zambian to take over from another Zambian in an International company! The other Zambian didnt want that! Ms Jane Kabwela the economy will not recover with fake fuel…

  2. I am not even bothered i earn in pounds. Keep your Lungu if you want. A thief for a president sure! Zambia is a scum. Ati ka flyover Bridge, what a mess!

  3. Analyse what has earning pounds got to do with anything. Because you could be earning 20 pounds a month for all we know. Ulichikopo

  4. I can’t even support anyone now. KK was just ok. Thanks KK for having the vision to educate us. We could have all just been like animals. We are indebted to your selflessness. Our education belongs to you.

  5. KZ you are either one of those that never appreciated the need for education or you didn’t have the capacity for it. The reason why Zambia is run or ruined by kabovas. We have registered in numbers and we’ll show you the door. Keep counting your money on fb, while you can, for 8 mths.

  6. It was nice being in Zambia for a week and registering as a voter. Will be back in August to vote. Stay safe all and be kind to one another.

  7. There’s a serious defect in their accountancy, this very deceitful. Government will no longer collect this tax so its component can’t still remain in the price structure. Those that were claiming input VAT will now pay the net pump which means there’s an increment. Please check your arithmetic and tell us the truth

  8. The rubber called ERB has just been instructed not to increase fuel prices because this is an election year. In order to mitigate the cost to importers they have decided to zero rate VAT so that importers also don’t increase against the failing kwacha.

  9. @Ayatollah
    you are right, this is a 16% increase in fuel price that has not been passed on to the consumer by removal of 16% VAT. However for manufacturers and other companies that use bulk fuel as an input in production, they will no longer claim the 16% therefore this will become part of their cost of production which they will pass on to consumers in their final products. The consumer eventually will still get hit !!


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